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This is a thread for /d/ related dreams.
Post /d/ dreams you've had.
>Tfw just dreamed about drinking milk directly from the teat of a cow girl.
Feels good man!
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I have not had one recently, but holy shit would I want one. A lot of these fetishes aren't possible in real life so if anyone has tips on how to make your dreams have a certain topic, or perhaps on lucid dreaming.

Seems like a good thread topic, I'll post some images to keep the thread rolling.

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Are shitty quest threads still allowed on /d/? Will OP deliver? Let's find out together.

You're a well endowed dickgirl in strange land filled with monsters. Where futas, femboys, manly men and womanly women live in their own secluded communities and where the strong prey on the weak.

You've gone to explore the outskirts of your settlement. Be wary of monsters and the members of other tribes.

What do you do?
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Take of my clothes and go swimming.
Go to a settlement of womanly women, where the penalty for having a penis is removal of penis. Thrill of hanging onto their acceptance despite being completely unacceptable among them gets me hard, and I try to hide it, which only makes me harder.
that is fucking cute.

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No kiddie fucker edition
Previous thread
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>No kiddie fucker edition
wow great job not leaving that shit behind in the last thread you fucking retard
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Strange, I can't see the image you posted.

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Post pics and and description/scenario, kind people will hopefully shop them
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Straight shota type scenario, Teenage girl finds boy in woods while it rains and invites him along
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Story about her struggling to maintain a good diet?
>female summoner
Damn, could've been nice

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Because this wonderful part of being a mammal shouldn't be restricted to cows.
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This is the go-to place to discuss (and produce) erotic fiction of all types, from the fap-and-go fics to porn with a substantial plot. Drawfags are also welcome- illustrated stories are the best ones! For drawing requests also check out the /d/raw thread:

Writefags, consider pastebin/titanpad rather than dumping for your stories. You can also use 1d4chan for /tg/-related smut

You are advised to tag your stories so that people know what they're looking at. This will attract more feedback from people interested in the themes you're exploring. Consider quoting the OP when delivering. This will make it easier to find (and critique!) the new stories in a thread.

People appreciate it a lot when you give them constructive feedback and criticism, so make sure to do so. We thrive on it. Don't be afraid to speak your mind about a story that caught your attention. This will help everyone in the long run.

Requests are encouraged to promote a steady flow of new content.There's nothing like a good request to get the creative juices flowing. Try to expand your ideas - a bare-bones request doesn't give us much of a good idea as to what you want. Have fun with it! Keep in mind that it might take some time to get to yours, and each writefag is interested in different kinds of things.

Remember to post pictures when possible to keep the thread alive, but keep image dumps to a minimum so that more OC can be posted.

Master smut list:

Recent entries

Unfilled request list:

Prev. Thread: >>7397606
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Hey, /efg/, won't bother you with details because I know it's not the kind of smut you like, but I need some advice. Have some ideas that might work, but I thought you're the kinda guys that come up with something better.

I need something a girl can say or do to persuade a bulldyke to follow her and a guy to some back rooms, rather than to shoo him out through the front door.
Is there a reason the master smut list changed from the Wiki to a Google doc?
Please i need to know the pic source.

In memory of a total faggot.
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Are there any biological females that browse /d/?
I'm kinda curious.
Also general /d/ discussion thread.
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I am kind of amused that there arnt any replies
They exist but they're smart enough to not make themselves known. Everytime they do the thread derails with all the thirsty white knighting faggots trying to ask them questions.
Well, a girl likely would think you're a creeper for 1.) Asking "Are there girls here" and 2.) using the words "Biological female" in said request.

Old thread.

Thread for farts and burps, enjoy! And let's try to keep it to one thread at a time.

>Keep in variety, try not to post the same artist's work heaps of times in a row.
>No furry (monster girls are A-OK though), vomit or poop (that includes toilet stuff).
>Be kind.
>Try not to post art that isn't of decent quality (that MS Paint stuff, ugh. Leave that somewhere else please).
>Please don't post pictures with girls that have grotesque looking bodies.
>Having the images mix with a couple of separate fetishes is fine, as long as the main emphasis is on the gas itself.
>Happy fapping!
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knifey eared shemales edition

Previous Thread: >>7414537

Discuss lewd games, share your projects, and have others critique them.

Post pictures (/d/ related, preferably) to inspire devs and keep the thread alive.

Check the archives before posting requests:

>/dgg/ Game Catalog:

>Official Discord

>New OP Guide:
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>Official Discord
No orificial? Who could be behind this?
>another elf edition
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Elf cum is truly the best
You know, what allways bugged me about all this kickstarter and patreon stuff is, what is being paid with that money? This is less about fenoxo and more about all of it together. If you think about it, making a game is hard work and sometimes requires money that is used for materials (such as new hardware). Games that actually use graphics and such, would probably use up those 30k without leaving much to the actual programmers.

But yes, 30k for a couple of dudes writing a textbased game is kinda over-the-top.

btw, I remember playing a textbased game years ago where you could be different races and genders. You started out in a city and had to go through a sewer to get out of it, but the game stopped there when I last played it. The visuals were fallout-ish. Does someone know what game that was and if it's dead allready?

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Last one reached its limit, so I am putting up round three. Can we reach 4? How many of you /d/eviants want to find out what your new body will look like?

As always, its just the pic bellow.
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Would you kind /d/eviants help a sista out? In serious need of some dragon girls.
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As much as I'm aware you should have some more pictures if you want to start out a thread.
Now. Do you want sexy ones, badass ones, or both?
Sexy, yes?
both sounds good.

I know that I probably should, but I have had an aversion towards saving pics in the past. Just decided to start collecting images I want.. and well.. here I am.

Thank you kindly.
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>when there are other girls on /d/ but you never mention it because it'll just start drama on 4chan
Also spoiler every /d/emale is into dragons. It's just a fact.

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A little too much for h, but probably not enough for d. So here we are.

Post sunburned characters of any gender or situation. 9999 bonus points for words drawn in sunscreen before the burn.

Considering that I am posting edits, of course you can. It's not like this is easy to find. Unless it is, and I was looking in the wrong places.
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File: 290jf029j30j92f0jfo.jpg (637KB, 723x809px)Image search: [Google]
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File: D_Goes_Fishing.png (316KB, 580x406px)Image search: [Google]
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Show me all those hung futas. Anything goes!
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