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Post NieR:Automata pics.
And by NieR:Automata, I don't mean post 2B, I mean post any hentai with characters from the game.
Bonus points for 2B x 9S
Ultra bonus points for 2B raping the shit out of 9S in the most degenerate and kinky ways.
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Gravity is greatly underappreciated.
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semen pee.webm
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Pissing inside female vagina/ass. I'll start with few webms.
H-manga pages with this fetish most welcome
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pee in sh.webm
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doc pee inside.webm
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idea for femdom story.png
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Time for another Role-Reversal and Gentle Femdom thread now that 504's gone.

As per standard protocol:
>related hentai
>monster girls
>general lewdness
>dojinshi recommendations
>anime/manga recommendations
>preferably recommendations that are on-topic
>friendly discussion
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Whoops, forgot previous thread: >>7418458
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Crush, vore, in-shoe or other kinds of being stuck. Everything in terms of unaware.
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"Kancolle, Touhou and Konosuba" Edition.

Last thread was here:

As per usual, links are here: gist.github.com/thingywhat/6a47593b849dbccb987e

Relationship advices about fictional characters, dreams, video games, as long as it's spanking...
According to http://www.strawpoll.me/12293597/r, half of us are spankees, and half of us are spankers.
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The unedited OP picture.

I'm thinking of making a pastebin with the Github's links and add the drawfag's drive to it, as well as a link to www.100gazou.com/sentinel3/main.cgi?mode=thr&no=1446
Yay or nay?
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If it's just being bored, that doesn't really compare.
Meanwhile :
>grew up alone without friends or a mother, had to make a wish to finally get a friend
>put all her points in an overlooked magic skill, dooming herself to never cast magic in the village, and was rejected from every party she joined
>was a NEET (probably not a hikki since he did go outside to get food and that's how he died), found himself stranded in a new world that made no sense with just his clothes and a constantly complaining dead weight on his back
I'm ok with it-

Like I said earlier, Aqua is always going to be segregated by her status on some level. Though having people she can depend on definitely changed her.

All three of them would no joke qualify for autism bucks IRL and that mansion would be declared a friggin group home! (And I love them for it)

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I'm gonna post whole comic. I'm curious to see if there is more stuff like this somewhere.
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Girls wearing fishnet. Bonus points for bunny costume
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BDSM Thread
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Post your pictures of gerudo Link. It's not THAT gay. I'll post a few to get the thread started
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Mods, this is going to keep happening again and again and again. Take control of your fucking board for gods sakes. This has been going on for MONTHS.

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Post your extra chubby girls here.

Previous thread: >>7349890
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last thread here: >>7318549

A thread for the biggest butts you've got. Huge thighs, hips, and legs are also welcome.

continuing the end of the previous thread: what are your favorite scenarios involving huge butts or butt expansion? do you prefer exhibitionism or embarrassment? wiry to thick, or thick to even thicker?

feel free to discuss whatever as long as it's huge ass-related, but try to include an image with most of your posts
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i did not expect the 'panty lines' tag to be as much of a goldmine as it is
File: GUYoN.gif (2MB, 704x396px)Image search: [Google]
2MB, 704x396px
I love the concept of a woman's ass being too big to fit through doorways or through stuff. It's the next step: she's too big for her panties or her pants, then she'd be too big to leave the room or go through a door. I'd love to actually see something like this IRL.
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((Let's have a new thread. I happy you anons liked the first one.))

Using the tools available you set up a makeshift pillory. You separate the spikey haired femboy from the herd and put him in the pillory against his will. You undo his pants and command the rest of the herd to have their way with him, exposing them too. They seem hesitant.

You tell your companion to get on his knees and begin to rape his mouth. You tell the rest that this would be their punishment if they didn't follow your orders. "Don't any of you do it" the spikey haired femboy yells at deaf ears. One-by-one all of the five femboys fuck him to completion.

You can tell they're starting to enjoy themselves as well as you do. Perhaps they had not liked their alpha and were happy to humiliate him like this.
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After further asserting your dominance you pack everything up and head back to your settlement with your spoils. The travel there is silent and uneventful.

In town you decide to sell your extra equipment. It doesn't fetch for much. You notice there's some property for sale. You plan to buy the property to start a whorehouse with the femboys. Surely one would be popular in a place like this (as well as make for a nice source of income).

Still you lack the funds to buy the property and hire reliable staff. To make money quickly you have two obvious options. Sell one of your stock to the local temple as a religious offering or try the local market and sell one to slavery.

You've taken a special liking to the femboy with the pink hair and twin ponytails and decide to keep him with you.
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3MB, 720x540px

I am grateful for this thread.

I vote we sell the one with the bangs covering his eyes since he does nothing for me desu. And that we sell him to the church because FEMININE PENISES FOR THE FUTA GOD
What does selling them to the temple imply? I don't want one of our slaves to go out Aztec style. But maybe we would get a blessing of some such. I think we would get a better price on the market though, have a bidding war for some of our stock and let the invisible hand of the market lead us to victory.

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