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This thread is about traps with reverse traps, an hetero couple whose genders are different from it's look, and you dont realize they're the opposite sex until the clothes are removed.
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Oh god yes bump
Bump for moar
As it turns out this is super hard to find, but a cute concept.

None of the ones I found were particularly erotic but better than nothing:

If anyone can help me with this you guys can. I watched Big the other night and now my new fetish is children or young people getting aged up into adult bodies... with sexy results. It's something about the combination of the naive, child mind and the fully developed adult body that is making me diamonds right now. Does anyone know any hentai, doujins, comics, art, stories, or even games about this? I'd settle for fanfiction at this point.

In the meantime dumping the one incredibly depraved doujin that I know fits this criteria.
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Forgot to mention, if anyone knows a name for this fetish already, let me know.

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Stockade Edition

Previous Thread: >>7430646

Discuss lewd games, share your projects, and have others critique them.

Post pictures (/d/ related, preferably) to inspire devs and keep the thread alive.

Check the archives before posting requests:

>/dgg/ Game Catalog:

>Orificial Discord

>New OP Guide:
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There's no playable version yet, so there's nothing to leak.
PE update when?
talk about games you like

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What if there were a race made up entirely of futa orc girls?
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I think such a race would be extremely predisposed towards crossbreeding.
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Such a great amount of crossbreeding would create a large amount of physical diversity in this race.
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They'd go to war in order to capture women to be used as cum receptacles.

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So I just want a consensus from people, is futa on male gay? Plus post futa on male if you want
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The only people who care are faggots who are denying their sexuality.

I like Futa on male I dont think its gay, If you're questioning you're probably gay
Do you like women with dicks or do you like dicks? There's your answer.
only people who claim their homo-eroticism isnt gay are faggots who can't accept their sexuality

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Not enough traps,
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More traps pls
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Here we go again
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Last one's past bump limit and circling the drain, so it's time for a new one.

Please don't post futa, traps or other gay content, that is not the topic of this thread.
Please don't argue with the assholes who post it anyway to be dicks. Just report off-topic posts and ignore.

I'm going to post this Lamia doujin I found to get started. I noticed previous threads had some writefaggotry going on. That was comfy (when it wasn't poorly written ntr), we should do more of that.

Previous Thread:
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There's so much "chubby" stuff around (and it's barely so). It's time for actually fat hentai. Go big or go home, as it is said.
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I don't know if this is acceptable /d/ content because I'm completely new to this so please go easy on me -- Does anyone on this board use second life? and if you do can you tell me where to get these clothes for the orange nova snaggletooth kobold avatar? I took this screenshot inside a /d/ sim over a year ago (January 3rd, 2016 to be precise, as the filename suggests). I've been searching for a really long time and I don't think these clothes are being sold on the marketplace anywhere. I've seen plenty of mesh clothing. Maybe I'm just not looking hard enough? anyway, enjoy the random dick pic I guess. Sorry to waste your time.
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Lurk more. Reading the board rules is also good.
Lurk more faggot.

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Found this sequence from a friend on discord and would like to see more tentacles causing corruptions and tfs etc. IDK source or charas or if there's more to this sequence. gonna post what I got and any other images that feature a similar theme. Heads up I don't have much and one of them is a femboi tgtf
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Any crossdressing, sissification, forced fem. But no male dom, anal, male giving bjs. Traps allowed, no futa.
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I can start us off
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Any FG
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Absorption thread? Vore but afterwards it enhances butt, tits, etc?
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