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Let's have some laughs.
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Fresh from /tg/.
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Why the fuck are caption threads not allowed. I was timed out by a mod for making a caption thread with the explanation of "Caption threads are not allowed." However, i went to http://www.4chan.org/rules#d and found no such rule.
The caption threads were gaining a lot of momentum before they started getting deleted. Mods, please talk to us. Why do you not want caption threads on /d/
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And then you look at >>7455500, filled with captions and not deleted. Why? It's a "chastity and denial" thread, not a caption thread. If you're going to delete caption threads, delete the denial threads too, because they're no worse.
>inb4 thread deleted with no response or reason as to why
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Because "low quality content" is basically the go-to explanation (although most people believe it's just a mod/janitor with a bone to pick).

Of course other threads are equally "low quality" (censorship thread, CYOA thread, deviant voice thread, a portion of the drawthreads and writefriend threads) since it's mostly amateur work. But what's the big deal when so many people like this content and don't make trouble? That's what makes it seem really unfair and unjust to single out captions - some people really like this content, low quality though it may be to others.

Anyway, if you don't want to voice your concerns here, go visit #4chan on IRC and there's sure to be a mod who'll tell you what their stance is.

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I found a thing
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and I need more like it
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Post yanderes.
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When it's too hot for /h/ and /soc/, you can always count on /d/ to fulfill your Deep Dark Fantasies. This thread is for /d/ related audio.

We are also trying to grow a community for this topic, as well as other /d/ related art (Writing and Drawing) that supplements the audio. Check us out!
Our discord is https://discord.gg/HbHtnb8
**Make sure you read the rules/announcements BEFORE you begin chatting please!**

1. Be patient. We all have lives outside of this thread, and requests take time to fill.
2. Do not harass anyone in the thread for any reason.
3. Keep critiques fair and constructive.
4. Keep very long scripts in a Pastebin link.
5. Loli/shota/guro/furry is not allowed outside of /b/. If you want a script or request done like this, please contact the performers directly via E-mail or Discord DM.
6. If the audio linked in the threads is not selected for download, please do not post steps on how to download it. Try asking the performer privately if you may have the file!

Basics: https://pastebin.com/7xYfU8WU
Pro-tips: https://pastebin.com/eqHWNDBE

Want to start but you’re not sure how?
Give us a sample of your work/voice on websites like http://www.vocaroo.com.
Just say whatever – it’s more about your vocal quality and less about the content. Heck, choose an open request in the thread to do. It doesn’t matter if it’s been done before – script writers love hearing their work done by more than one person. Be proactive, and do it if it hasn’t been done.

>>7390392 Last Thread
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>Posting a trap as the OP
This can only end well.

I request that everyone has a lovely evening!
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I have a request for an older sounding woman.

Very laid back, slow talking, aimed at being confident and authoritative until she is on the defence, then she is stuttering and shy.

https://pastebin.com/AwJ39use (embed)

Last thread: http://archive.loveisover.me/d/thread/7306549/

This thread's for humanly-possible pregnancy stuff; Hyper, futa and male pregnancy goes to their respective threads.
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Last thread only lasted 21 hours, wonder what's going on since they'd usually last 36-48 before biting the dust.

Post cute girls with fluffy chests.

The only one I really know of is the Hellhound from Monster Girl Encyclopedia so I'll be posting her, but anyone else is welcome too, I just want some cute chest floofs.
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extra points for Ana, Widow and webms
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A thread for images, greentext, games, and ideas for lewd RPG campaigns.

How have you abused magic to fuck in a campaign?
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Use arcane tomes to summon tentacles when you're in town for the day. Restores full HP.
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Speaking from experience - lewd RPG campaigns are awkward as fuck

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Thread for large scale male inflation/expansion with visible dicks
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>With visible dicks

Male inflation is pretty niche already. You're really limiting content for a thread by being so specific.
underrated bread

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Thread focusing on footjobs
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Glad I could save this thread.

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I just want more love for big boys as much as I like big girls
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Following on from the last thread, this is about Dorses. These are females who are transformed into horselike creatures and have an object relevant to them inserted into their ass to give them wood. Other than that, the floor is yours!
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Taki for example.
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Who's got it boys? Will trade.
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