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Obviously male but very effeminate. No girls w/dicks/futa/shemale
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ive been in the market for some new fap material mind if i take some from you fags?
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I'm comparing gender ratios on multiple boards.

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I'll bite
>She also has a higher chance of having a deformed baby

AND Boner gone.
MTF represent

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Covered in cream, mud, chocolate, paint, milk, oil, slime, lotion etc... Anything that makes a giant mess. Crucially, NOT bodily fluids.
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Elastic content artists/writers


http://stookam.deviantart.com <--KevlarMelon on DA



http://elastic.booru.org <-- 800+ images (please contribute)

Individual stories


Uknown Author

The Magical Orb

Elastic Panic
The first saga: http://pastebin.com/8A0NCVeK
The second: http://pastebin.com/TKihEih7

KevlarMelon's Stories
1: http://pastebin.com/zZi25kGH
2: http://pastebin.com/UVAkZUn9
3: http://pastebin.com/vXLCayir

Stretching Your Luck:

PollyWog Trilogy
Sometimes I Dream My Lover is Elastic: http://pastebin.com/jsAVLwdV
Sometimes My Elastic Lover Dreams of Me: http://pastebin.com/AdFDDWf5
By Super Fast Post: http://pastebin.com/5kwrYW3p

Sean and Elizabeth

"SFW" stories.

Eyes of the Beholder



Melty Stuff

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And BSB's character ref cause she is fun
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Chastity thread.
Last was full of people. Why not make another?
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Pipelining. only hentai I've found that has it is Euphoria, and the anime scene was way shorter (and different) then the VN scene. Anyone know if there is another anime/VN that has this?
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Bump for rarely covered yet great fetish. I hope there's a fair amount to cover
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Found another one, it's from something called mekakushi shoujo

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This is the go-to place to discuss (and produce) erotic fiction of all types, from the fap-and-go fics to porn with a substantial plot. Drawfags are also welcome- illustrated stories are the best ones! For drawing requests also check out the /d/raw thread:

Writefags, consider pastebin/titanpad rather than dumping for your stories. You can also use 1d4chan for /tg/-related smut

You are advised to tag your stories so that people know what they're looking at. This will attract more feedback from people interested in the themes you're exploring. Consider quoting the OP when delivering. This will make it easier to find (and critique!) the new stories in a thread.

People appreciate it a lot when you give them constructive feedback and criticism, so make sure to do so. We thrive on it. Don't be afraid to speak your mind about a story that caught your attention. This will help everyone in the long run.

Requests are encouraged to promote a steady flow of new content.There's nothing like a good request to get the creative juices flowing. Try to expand your ideas - a bare-bones request doesn't give us much of a good idea as to what you want. Have fun with it! Keep in mind that it might take some time to get to yours, and each writefag is interested in different kinds of things.

Remember to post pictures when possible to keep the thread alive, but keep image dumps to a minimum so that more OC can be posted.

Master smut list:

Recent entries

Unfilled request list:

Previous thread: >>7434776
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Clock is still ticking Snek!
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Reposting since I caught the tail end of the last thread:

3000 word update, new content at “Sounds like you need somebody to show you around"

Friendly Competition:
tags so far:
>kissing, long tongue, femdom, gentle femdom, drinking, smoking, large breasts, size difference

We'll see what happens!
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Anchoring for part 2 of Bel Chandra spanking story

Part 1:


If you need an outline:

Guy fights monsters with sword or gunfire
Belchandra does little help if at all during fight, preferring to laze around and chastise him for sloppy fight techniques n shit.
He comes up with a plan to separate her from her joy and pride: arms.
He does so, and outs the struggling lady onto his lap to spank her juicy blue jiggling ass red (or purple, whichever one works)
She swears and rants throughout the spanking while he simply enjoys the feeling of dominance and her blue ass.
He gets friskier as it goes on, fingering her asshole to her shock.
She bargains mercy, but he rejects and fucks her ass as punishment.
Throughout ass fuck he gropes and spanks her blue booty until he cums inside.

This is what I have in mind, but feel free to modify outline to your preference. Thank you so much for your hard work anon!

Monsters going in the back door. Female or traps okay but no other males.
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Need some bdsm. Light or heavy, anything goes.
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If it's monster sex and it's consensual, post it here! A consentacle is fine, too.
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Soukou Kijo Iris 020.gif
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malboro tifa.gif
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Goblins, halflings, gnomes, dwarves, kobolds, imps: for all those looking for a cute little monstergirl with some nice juicy curves, this is the place to share it!
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Halfling Maid 2.jpg
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Post any and all picture of wives being stolen by BIG BLACK MEN with BIG BLACK COCKS!!!
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This is a Hentai by Jinsuke and it's called The Manager on Her Knees 2: Sacrificial Wife https://exhentai.org/g/782054/73b05c06cb/

Feel free to post as many pics from this artist as I intend to periodically myself.
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old thread
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who will be there to fill the gap ?

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