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Hey, can anyone help me identify this little fellow?
Also, fungi general I guess.
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Looks like some sort of coral fungus, NE im guessing because i used to see those in NH when i lived there
Post location. You have a Ramaria species, possibly R. stricta.
Location is north-eastern Poland.

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>Dog isn't that old
>Suffers from rare seizures, about once a year at most after hitting 8
>Good diet
>Vaccines in order
>One day starts limping from front leg
>Two days with it
>Barely eats, drinks or moves
>Next day it goes into cardiac arrest and dies

What did the doggy died of, anon?
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didnt love him enough :(
Probably something like a spider bite

Good thing you checked out its hurt foot
Doggo was in a safe place and lived in a place without any poisonous critters.

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my cat chewed on one of my antidepressants and swallowed some fluoxetinum
it happened like 10 minutes ago and he isn't acting weird so far, does that mean he is going to be alright?
pic unrelated
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nvm he puked
I guess he is going to be fine
thanks for the help

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I dont really know why but i want a centipede. So tell me all about them. Care tips, what to do, what not to do, why i should get one, why i shouldnt, trivia. I want it all.
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Better ask the invert general, they have a guy with a lot of centipedes I think.
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Invert general?

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ontario dog.jpg
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>I am a debater pure and simple, and it is through debate that I have proven you wrong
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can this thread become a meme?
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I'm trying to force a meme anon, what do ya want from me?

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does anybody know this rabbit's breed?
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German Shepard
Lionhead mutt? It's fur doesn't look like the average coated rabbit but has longer hair around the face. Not enough to be am actual lionhead.

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What is the ultimate diet for a horsefield tortoise? I worry about them.
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Fresh veg. Search care sheets for specifics.
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Is there any secret vegetables that will unlock something deep within them?

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So I just saw this movie.

As far as animals documentaries go, this is one of the worst I've seen, particularly in the editing and fucking narration please stop trying to hammer in stupid morals during my cute animals shots.
Also the music is shit.

Don't go see it.
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Serves you right
>hammer in stupid morals during cute animals shots

Someone skipped subversion 101 I see

File: c4rd4r7_UxNHlTQRCu.jpg (969KB, 1200x900px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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*Blocks Your Path*
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Cicadas don't have feathers.
But fantasy creatures do.

Hey, /an/. First time posting here, I hope you can give me some insight.

I have a medium female dog that was adopted when she was very young. Since I was a child and my family wasn't really responsible, the dog grew to be territorial and agressive towards strangers. It's kinda hard to deal sometimes, but we manage. She's 10 years now.

So, some shit happened in my life and I'd like to get a cat. I live in a apartment that has enough room for both, for sure. Buuut I'm afraid my dog will kill the cat. The times when I tried to introduce my dog to other animals didn't have good results: she growled and would attack if she could.

But could it be possible that she has any... maternal instinct? Maybe if I gradually have her being around a kitty she will get used to it?

I have some friends that have kitties for adoption, and they said I could "borrow" the cat to see if it works out. If not, I can give it back.

Is it a terrible idea? If not, how can I make this happen?
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tl;dr: I have a angry dog. Can I get a cat without it being killed?
no, kill the dog and get the cat
Make your dog not want to kill things.
Maybe then...

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