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Funny Cats

(Pic related: My cat)
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Here's my cat
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Here's mine

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How much water should I give my yucca elephantipes? All I can find is that I should water it when the top layer of soil is dry, but not how much water. I am just trying not to let this fuck die.
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They are hardy plants and will survive fine if you dont give them enough water.
I usually water them once a week with a cup of water. Usually I top them off with a bit on some days along the week.
Gotcha, thanks!

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How do I get my guinea pigs to the trust me?

My boyfriend and I adopted two females a few days ago who are about three months old. We let them be for the first day to get used to their new habitat, and we've been taking them out for playtime and holding each day. We feed them vegetables and treats by hand. They seem to be warming up, but they're still very nervous and skittish, especially the one. Their habitat is in our bedroom and like if one of us gets out of bed, they'll bolt into the hidey hole. Neither of us have ever owned guinea pigs before and we've been doing a ton of research, but I'm just not sure if there's anything else that I should be doing.
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Get them armour to make them feel safe
Feeding by hand is the best. If they are coming to you and eat near your hand- great job. Put them on a shelf- they dont like from top aproach.
I say just keep on doing what you're doing now and they should definitely warm up to you in a month at the longest

I killed my neighbors dog

what are the repercussions for this? i'd post a pic of the cadaver but I don't know if that's a good idea
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there are no repercussions if nobody finds out or if you're mike huckabee's large adult son
Dogs are technically property, so if you killed it it counts as damages/theft.

If you abused it, obviously that counts as abuse.

How did you kill it?
Depends where you live. Most countries pets are property, in some they're also recognized as living beings with feelings and stuff, so it'd be worse for you.

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image (1).jpg
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something like this
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>a surprisingly substantial number of the cats you have watched in the 'funny cat videos' genre over the years have already passed away

Still spooks me from time to time
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Most of them are still alive, really. Cats can live 20+ years.
Any of the outdoor cats are probably dead though.

Now all the pets in your favorite animal movies like Homeward Bond are definitely dead though.
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Why did you have to remind me?
>tfw Mishka is dead

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So I got home from work and apparently my puppy ( a puppy I rescued from an abusive home) is limping on her leg and she's avoiding putting any weight on it. It looks weird when I pick her up it looks dead and I'm pretty scared no vet near me is open now I don't know what to do in the mean while until morning what do?
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what kind of dog is this? i'm thinking a mix of a jack russell crowe but i'm not sure
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d-does anyone else think of adopting a different dog when their dog is being a little shit?
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I think of adopting more animals when I get bored with the ones I have.

I would too if I didn't feel bad about getting rid of the ones I have just to replace them. Eh.
naw i just put him in the car or another room until he chills the fuck out

I think about when I was picking between the last two of the litter and wonder how the other one behaves.

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Hypothetically speaking, what would happen if we were to selectively breed chimpanzees (or orangutans or gorillas) for intelligence? I know this is basically impossible for many reasons but if it were possible, would it eventually result in apes with intelligence closer to that of humans?
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I doubt their genome is as slippery or loose as a dog's or cat's. Defining which one is more intelligent from the other could be difficult.

Also, if I were to do that, I'd take the Bili apes, as they are both stronger yet more calm around humans. As quote "There is little to no aggression, yet no fear, either."

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Recently gotten tired of the radio at work and have just started sneaking in my Ipod. Are there any good podcast discussing animal facts or news? I'm not looking for people talking about their cats for an hour, preferably something a bit closer to Blue Planet or Life, but purely audio.
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Palaeocast is byoddaful and has top palaeontologists discussing their research as guests

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Bothered Pepe.png
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Why is he such a retard?
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Why do these dogs look so human
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Pls post more
Why do humans look so doglike?
>short snout
>high forehead

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I have never had a pet and have problems taking care of stuff(my plants are near drought most of the time) or even taking responsibility for something. But i really love taking care of/playing with other people's pets. Would having a pet and taking care of it help me become a better person?
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>be a pet sitter
>take care of other people's pets & plants for money
not enough data

but probably not going to work out
>I have never had a pet and have problems taking care of stuff
Don't get anything that requires even a modicum of effort, which is everything. Don't even get a fish. They won't solve your problems. They won't make you want to care for them. They'll just suffer from a lack of care and you'll hate yourself for not caring for them properly.

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exactly how is there a fossil record for unicellular organisms

I don't buy it
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