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good pets
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If you're going to put in to work to keep guinea pigs properly you have as well just get a pair of rabbits instead as they are better pet for same work load. Guinea pigs aren't great pets and you have to really love them for it to be worthwhile.

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I'm considering getting a pet praying mantis. I've done a little research on how to care for them, just the basics - what kind of food to give them, the basics of designing the habitat, how to provide water, and so on. Does anyone here have any experience keeping mantises who could provide additional information or advice?

Also, general mantis thread.
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>Does anyone here have any experience keeping mantises who could provide additional information or advice?
The people in the invertebrate general thread probably do.

Why does no one bother to check that catalog anymore?
That's generalized invertebrates. OP wants to talk about mantises specifically.

I agree OP, mantises are badass. Around where I live we get these light tan ones with white eyes. They're really cool.

Decide what species I will write about for my term paper in bio 203
>full Scientific name
>Dubs decide the decide the species
>trips decide species and by the end of the semester I will post the final result
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It would fit in with the post.
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Belgica antarctica

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Found some butters in my backyard, what are they doing
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they appear to be procreating
Take a guess. Butterflies literally only do two things in their lives, and that's not a picture of them eating.
Also those look more like skippers than butterflies but I'm no expert.

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rate my dog *-*

he is a poodle pointer or a labradoodle or at least sth with a poodle in it.
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poodles are shit-tier
I like him!/10

>Implying any gun-dog can be shit tier
How pleb can you be?

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I've always been fascinated by the American cheetahs. Are there any good books or other research materials about extinct North American mammals? I know mammoths and mastodons attract a lot of attention, but I can hardly name any other of the 50 percent of the North American mammal species that went extinct around the same time.
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Thicc ass, that pic is arousing why
Animals are sexy, especially big cats.
Everyone sexually attracted to an animal should be pulled from their pc's and shot on a street.

Let's settle this once and for all.
>Who wins
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Depends on the enviroment and type of each animal.
Assuming its Lion Vs Silverback Gorilla Vs Grizzly Bear Vs Bull Shark Vs Mississippi Alligator, In my opinion the results would go:


Deep Water (10m)

Shallow Water (1m)
Alligator would be lower than lion on land imo
They only have a 180 degree danger zone around their neck that is almost completely horizontal and take a bit of time to turn around
Although If a big male grabbed onto anything in the list except a bear and possibly the gorilla it would fuck them up

Deep water its debateable who wins shark vs alligator because both would have a hard time killing each other but they could both probably take a chunk out but Id give it to shark since it would have the speed advantage
I'll give you the lion one but remember alligators not only have thicker hides and stronger bite, but the death roll will work on a shark too. Also people underestimate gorillas, if an alligator got a hold of an adult gorillas limb, the gorilla would lay into it with all its might forcing it to retreat

What kind of cat is this?
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Looks like a generic domestic shorthair to me
Brown recluse.
Dominus Fagalus

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Hey everyone, I could really use some advice. Due to pretty terrible and unforeseen circumstances, I'm currently homeless and piggy backing off of several different people for places to stay. Right now I'm staying with my mother, only problem is I have a dog and my stepfather is a massive dick who hates my guys, so he has banned my dog from staying here. I'm trying to find someone who could possibly take care of my dog until I get back onto my feet, my only problem is this: my dog hates to be without me. He's normally a very confidant and stubborn and strong willed dog, but he is extremely attached to me (and I him). He will cry and scratch at a door for HOURS until he's with me, and absolutely refuses to leave my side. I think all the moving around has been stressful for him. My question is, if I'm able To find someone who can take him in, how can lessen his stress? What can I do to make him comfortable and not as anxious? Lately he's been having accidents when I leave him alone, even though he's house trained, so I expect that it might get even worse if I leave him with someon else. What can I do?
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Why do you care what he thinks? Kick his ass and put him in his place.
He's already a cuck so he'll probably get off on it.
Maybe live with a friend for a while and let your dog really get to know him, let him go on walks with him etc so that he could stay with him when you gotta hit the road.
Also, if money isn't a problem there are daycare like things where he can stay for the day and play with other dogs so that he at least is not alone.
Unfortunately I am female and he has a good foot on me so as much as I would like to I would more than likely get my own ass kicked.

Money is a problem at the moment, I'll see about maybe trying a friend that we can spend time with

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I have zero proof of this but fuck it

>go camping first time ever with a good m8 of mine
>live in mid MO
>we hike out to a spot he knew as kid with his dad, takes like half the day
>nice little river, good for fishing
>we smoke, cook our fish, and watch some movies with my projector
>we secured our food in a hang bag near the tent
>hear a weird fucking noise in the distance, like a yowl or someshit
>m8 gets spooked, I laugh it off and tell him it's just a bobcat or something
>later in the evening
>hear a bunch of scraping whatever the fuck
>buddy hops out the tent to see what the hell is going on
>he pretty much freezes
>I take a peek
>a mother fucking goddamn mountain lion
>it's eyeing buddy, low growl kinda thing
>don't have a gun or anything
>last thing I expected to see was a mountain lion so I dunno the procedures to deal with it
>all I know is buddy is frozen looking at it, it's still making a growlish sound
>fuck it this is gonna end bad anyways, might as well TRY to not have it kill us or us kill it.
>jump out of tent, draw bowieknife
>yell at the thing
>it yowls at me but doesn't come forward
>keep yelling
>fucking fuckiy fuck this thing is gonna kill me
>it finally steps back a step
>then it turns and runs
>we gtfo in the morning and watch our ass on the way back

and that's the story of me challenging a mountain lion to a knife fight, also we really are unlucky fucks, the odds of seeing one in our region are astronomical. Made sure to contact local department to let them know the big fucker was running around.
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>going camping to watch movies
I mean we fished and shit too
>unlucky fucks, the odds of seeing one in our region are astronomical.

You should be thankful to have seen it with how rare they can be. Also you were never in any real danger. Mountain lions/cougars/catamounts/pumas wouldn't attack head on. If it wanted to kill you or your buddy, you wouldn't have known it was there until it had the back of your neck in its mouth.

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what kind of dog mix is this? Pug and something I think
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Could be part Tibetan Spaniel.
brusself griffon
Could be a brussels griffon with a short hair cut?

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hi /an/, I have a nature photo contest in my college and i need to present it tomorrow, which one do you think its better?
this pics were taken today where i live
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spider at my garden
File: 20170914_123810.jpg (2MB, 3902x2923px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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my dogo
File: 20170914_125255.jpg (2MB, 3752x2662px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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feel free to contribute with nice pics that were taken by yourself

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So I posted here a few days ago, I'm the guy who's never had a cat but took in a really affectionate stray to get him out of the effects of Irma. Picking up from there, I'll dump the history I have with this cat (Grey) if anyone cares.

So, I kept Grey inside during the hurricane obviously. The next night he seemed to want to go out and I let him out. Didn't want him to feel like a prisoner.

Didn't see him again for two days.

He came back early this morning and was chilling outside my door. He ate pretty well and hung out a while, then wanted to go out again. I let him. He left for a few hours, then I saw him wandering the parking lot and brought him in so he wouldn't get run over.

His personality has changed since we met. This cat used to be all over me when I was at work, he'd run up when he saw my car pulling in and was always trying to follow me inside. Seemed lime textbook "please adopt me" behavior. He still likes it when I pet him and he doesn't fuss when I pick him up to bring him in, but he's... hesitant. He likes to retreat into places I can't get to. He's chilling right now and contentedly looking out the window, but he'll probably be meowing to go out again soon.

So, what do I do now? I feel like I'm kind of at a point where I should be making a financial investment if I'm going to keep him, but I don't want to waste the money on litter boxes, food, toys, meds, and vet visits if he doesn't want to be a housepet. If I want to keep him, should I keep him inside and not let him out so he acclimatizes to living me in my place? Should I just cut him loose, since he seemed fine on his own before? He's a sweet kid, but if he doesn't want to be a house pet I don't want to force him and yet I'm not interested in being a crash pad he only comes back to when he's missed too many meals.

I've got no clue, I don't know cat behavior. Is it common for adopted strays to just want out after trying so hard to get in?
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Ever consider he could be an outdoor cat?
File: 20170914_082606.jpg (2MB, 4032x3024px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Well, I want him to get a sense that this is his home and where he belongs if I'm going to go whole hog on this. You think I should just get him a collar and otherwise let him do his thing? He's fond of me and he DID come back, but he was gone a long time. I just don't know if he's got a wanderlust or just doesn't want to be a pet.

Eh, you're probably right. I'm getting attached to him and he seems to trust me picking him up and sleeping near me.

Is there a way I can train or cultivate him to return daily? We're both nocturnal, so I'd be cool letting him do his thing at night, but I'd like it so he comes back each day to sleep here and be safe and accounted for.
I got you bro!
What you want to do right now is drown the hazard in the nearest creek, dam, or sizeable body of water. You have come into possession of a known Toxoplasma gondii carrier. T gondii is a parasitic protist that hijacks the brains of warm-blooded mammals and causes the disease known as toxoplasmosis. This disease has been shown to cause numerous human mental disorders such as schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, and OCD. In fact, The reduction in reaction time caused by toxoplasmosis is a risk factor for traffic accidents, with victims of the disease being 3 times more likely to crash their vehicle than non-carriers.
However, the only place where this scourge on humanity can complete it's lifecycle is within the well-known vermin, the cat. Not only is this pest responsible for billions of birds and small animals each year, taking a heavy toll on the ecosystem, it now seems that cats are responsible for an even more insidious threat. We can wipe out this disease in a single generation if we all do our part and destroy the carriers on sight. You have done well OP for removing this particular host from the ecosystem, but it is a small contribution. Only together can we end toxoplasmosis.

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post weird doggo combos
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Piebald doggo? Vitiligo?
Reminds me of my childhood dog Sabbath, she's borking im heaven now

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Here's my poor little oto. He is a good boy and also has ich. I have him in quarantine and have been dosing paraguard and salt separately.
It's been 2 days since his quarantine and I'm worried he may starve. The temp is at 84 and increasing to 90 over 4 days

Any other suggestions for treating the little guy?
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What is the name of this fish? Ive don't think ive seem a fish like that before ?

OP clearly states the fish's name is Oto

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