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does anybody know this rabbit's breed?
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German Shepard
Lionhead mutt? It's fur doesn't look like the average coated rabbit but has longer hair around the face. Not enough to be am actual lionhead.

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What is the ultimate diet for a horsefield tortoise? I worry about them.
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Fresh veg. Search care sheets for specifics.
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Is there any secret vegetables that will unlock something deep within them?

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So I just saw this movie.

As far as animals documentaries go, this is one of the worst I've seen, particularly in the editing and fucking narration please stop trying to hammer in stupid morals during my cute animals shots.
Also the music is shit.

Don't go see it.
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Serves you right
>hammer in stupid morals during cute animals shots

Someone skipped subversion 101 I see

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*Blocks Your Path*
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Cicadas don't have feathers.
But fantasy creatures do.

Hey, /an/. First time posting here, I hope you can give me some insight.

I have a medium female dog that was adopted when she was very young. Since I was a child and my family wasn't really responsible, the dog grew to be territorial and agressive towards strangers. It's kinda hard to deal sometimes, but we manage. She's 10 years now.

So, some shit happened in my life and I'd like to get a cat. I live in a apartment that has enough room for both, for sure. Buuut I'm afraid my dog will kill the cat. The times when I tried to introduce my dog to other animals didn't have good results: she growled and would attack if she could.

But could it be possible that she has any... maternal instinct? Maybe if I gradually have her being around a kitty she will get used to it?

I have some friends that have kitties for adoption, and they said I could "borrow" the cat to see if it works out. If not, I can give it back.

Is it a terrible idea? If not, how can I make this happen?
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tl;dr: I have a angry dog. Can I get a cat without it being killed?
no, kill the dog and get the cat
Make your dog not want to kill things.
Maybe then...

even if you've had lots of pets over the years i think everyone has a soft spot for one in particular. dog, cat, reptile, invertebrate, doesn't matter as long as they mean a lot to you

my family had a mongrel that i'm pretty sure had some collie in there when i was really young. a total bro dog, i miss him
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Not my pet, but I stole someone's cat when I was a kid and the memory always stuck with me.

>be 9
>come home from school on a rainy day
>find a very wet cat sitting on my porch
>short-haired calico, mostly white with a round face, imagine if those maneki-neko figurines were real cats
>she seems friendly, pet her and bring her some chicken from last night's dinner
>she keeps showing up on the porch or in the bushes knowing i will bring food
>she has a collar, i later found out her owner isn't home a lot and the owner's roommate doesn't like cats, so she's an almost exclusively outdoor cat
>one day while i'm getting her food i forget to shut the door all the way
>she follows me inside so i let her stay
>this becomes a routine, she sits on the couch with me while i watch cartoons and do my homework
>when she's ready to leave she walks to the door and i let her out
>she's smart too, never pees in the house
>it's getting colder out, one day she leaves then comes back at night
>i let her sleep in my bed then let her out before i go to school in the morning, this becomes a routine too
>owners don't seem to notice, mom likes cats so she doesn't care and even buys a bag of cat food
>really just the sweetest and most docile cat
>every day when i come home from school she's chilling on the porch, or i hear the bell on her collar jingling and know it's time for her to visit
>one day i hear the bell and there she is, running across the street
>a car comes out of nowhere and hits her
>i don't think it hit her very hard, but i think it gave her a heart attack, i'm not sure what happened exactly but she's able to run the rest of the way across the street then dies in a flower patch outside this thai restaurant
>cry and cry
>driver gets out of the car, not a mean guy, he just didn't see her
>thought she was my cat and immediately starts apologizing
>her owner's roommate sees and calls the owner
>they are mad at me for stealing the cat
>thai restaurant owner probably cooked her

Hey everyone, I found a picture and an animal that seemed rather interesting but using google reverse image search seemed redundant, as it didn't come up with any results. Would anyone happen to know what animal this is?
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A tapir is my guess.
Agouti paca. South American animal, I think. I see them as exotic pets in the trade sometimes.
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OP here, that was it, thank you so much.

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Are you baby enough for the baby club?
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If you had to evacuate would you take wild animals with you?
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Most animals know to get out of Dodge when a storms coming. Only help the ones that can't help themselves. But I won't go hunting down animals to help thou
I would take my animals. And animals that look like they need help, as long as it doesn't put my family at risk
Thanks OP. I was wondering how I'd get my chickens out if shit went down. That said I'd bring my dogs, chickens, ducks, and chinchilla. Fuck the rest, fuck my neighbors animals, and fuck any strays. Not getting caught in a flood cause of some random shit.

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Are Fish Able to Feel?

>get fish
>feed fish
>Stare at fish
>Play with fish by dragging finger across glass
>Stick finger in glass
>Fish nibbles or flees

Are we just food to them /an/ons
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I think the only thing fish think is 'good and 'danger'. Their danger sense isn't terribly bright though unless they are the kind of fish that naturally hides 24/7 like that weird wormy ocean fish that lives with thousands of its children.
>buy a 2 beta fish cause dumb
>bitches fight immediately
>give one to friend, buy a bigger fish
>bigger fish passive but could easily kill beta
>beta proceeds to "fight" the big fish
>big fish is a bitch and won't fight back and will cower when I feed until beta goes away from food
Depends on the fish, Oscars for example are smart as fuck and can be trained to perform simple acts like pulling a string to turn their own light on or off, dispense a treat.

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the full video of crocodile vs stork, very cute video, share as much as you like https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vuSemj7wnhM
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Hey /an/ I'm thinking about catching a stray cat rather than go to the pound cause of price, so I have a few questions. Is it true that you can tame a feral cat if you put them in a burrito? Is it a good sign that the tip of it's ear is missing? What questions would you ask, if you were me that is?
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The price you're going to spend on the vet bills for a feral cat are going to be a shit ton more than the adoption fee.

But sure. Pick up a cat with a tipped ear for convenience. You'll still be paying for the worms, fleas, vaccinations (assuming it doesn't already have a fatal disease) and any injuries it has.

Even after it's tamed it's still going have behaviour problems, most likely spraying and shitting all over the place.
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If it has the tip of its ear cut that means it's vaccinated with the basics and/or defertilized.
If you take a cat from the street it's not necessarily feral. Many cats are dumped when they grow up and aren't a cute little kitten anymore, when the owners take a long vacation and don't have anyone to care for them, or whatever. Never heard of the burrito thing, and I'm sure it'll be hard to get them in.
Also, cats in pet shops are relatively well off, they're not going to starve or get run over or something. In my opinion taking a cat from the street is morally better, but desu who the fuck cares.
Image related, it's my first cat
These cats live right by a walmart, in the bushes. I doubt they have a home.

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come to the dogposting discord

you can only post dogs and nothing else, have fun!

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>invite expired
good job retard with the invite

here's the actual /an/ server
This server is a lot better desu.

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>I don't believe it.
>Eight hundred guys washed out to sea.
>You're a liar!
>Nobody would live here after that!

And yet people keep living in places like that and they never seem prepared for when it happens to them again for the third time.
Why is that?
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Mostly because they're poor and when you have limited financial resources you tend to prioritize preparing for long-term, possible problems like hurricanes less than preparing for immediate, guaranteed problems like starving because you didn't buy food.
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Everyone in my family from Florida:
50 plus years living in the path of hurricanes.
>Hurricane coming
>no batteries
>no bottled water
>no sand bags
>no power bars
>no imperishable foods
>stores already wiped out
>car almost out of gas
>gas stations out of fuel
How does this keep happening?

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I just took in a 5 week old rat who was the runt of the litter. The mother stopped milking at 3 weeks, but the breeder was giving her mazuri blocks and extra food to help her out with her dietary needs. She's still pretty small, what can I feed her to help with her development while she's in quarantine (I have others too).
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I just gotta say she is cute! Congrats anon. I hope someone chimes in with some good advice.
High protein diets are essential for growing rodents and that's about all the more I know. I would suggest going to an exotic animal clinic if you have one around you. They'll have tons of great, way more reliable info for you

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