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I live in Maryland currently and know little to nothing about weather the hurricane aside from that Florida is about to get fucked. Maryland is pretty far from Florida but I saw a picture of hurricane Irma from space and just wanna know if Maryland has any chance of being fucked up by hurricane Irma?
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It's impossible to tell based on a still image. I'd suggest looking up official weather reports.
No, current projections have it skimming Southern Florida and moving towards South Carolina. It's currently a category 5 hovering over Puerto Rico and it's supposed to be a category 3 when it hits Florida so it'll be category 1-2 if it reaches South Carolina/Georgia. Honestly it's triggering me how crazy people are getting in Florida, it's not supposed to hit Florida until Sunday but schools are closed tomorrow and Friday so they can act as shelters and traffic is fucking hell with everyone trying to drive up north and stores are starting to sell out of waters.
You don't take chances with a storm like this, people learned their lesson back in 04 with that hurricane season.

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Where can I get a spider to eat the cockroaches that have recently infested my house?
Also, what breed do you recommend?
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TZ emblem.jpg
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Does anyone here watch Tierzoo? Great youtube channel that examines animals like an MMO build. Really funny and informative, explaining how viable different animals are to survive in their enviroment.
I realize this kinda sounds like shilling, but I really enjoy the channel couldn't think of anywhere else to discuss it with people, and thought you guys might appreciate it.

What animals do you think are top tier?
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fuck you and your chauvinist nostalgia spam
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Possibly minorly in that I do enjoy this person
For what am I being nostalgic?
I've literally never posted this here before
t. cheetah main

What the hell is this. Found it this morning on my window.
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Shes an orbweaver. Theyre everywhere this time of year

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doggos in sunglasses
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My dogg
is he a good boye?

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My dog is dead. Anything to cheer me up?
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Because of how important you were in its life, almost every dream your dog ever had featured (You) in it. Including its very last dream.

A new dog.
crying all day?

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Why do people have ugly dogs?
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As the owner of a couple ugly dogs:

>Adorable puppy grows into a ugly fuck, too attached to get rid of
>Ugly puppy will grow into a beautiful dog, it's just ugly duckling syndrome right?
>Wow he looks so unique/exotic/expensive I can't wait to show him off

Now I only get Shepherds and fluffy breeds.
Attraction is subjective. Or someone doesn't care about aesthetics and wants a dog that genuinely fits their lifestyle
Some just feel bad for em. In my case she was cute & grew up to be ugly lol

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Hey /an/, my doggo has cataracts unfortunately from diabetes which im treating him for. My family cant afford his eye surgery so I was wondering if it was worth trying lanosterol drops? I was going to buy them on lanodrops.com for 25 bucks. Any advice?
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Digging potatoes is a Russian national tradition. And in the garden without funny moments and funny videos to tears can not do. Someone will say that this is a funny video about how a teddy bear helps plant potatoes. And someone will say - this is the rusty video about how bears steal potatoes from the peasant. Whether it's funny or good humor is up to you.
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I'm curious about something. Go up to your cat's face, start panting like a dog, and post what happens ITT.

My cat gets really hyper and starts rolling around a lot. It's weird, and it always works. Also, try the thing where you run your fingers along the bristles of a comb, and their tongues twitch. It's funny, but not all cats do it. Pic related is my kitty.
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Three weeks is objectively the cutest kitten age. You can not debate this.


>Can walk but still wobbly
>Pinku mouf
>Eyes just open, full of wonder
>Still has round cubby cake ears

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>mfw my cat died
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>mfw my chao dies
Which one is yfw?

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Real sad kattie
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too boy

They're hideously underrated
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They're hideous
ya mum is hideous
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Softbills in general, really. I didn't even think anyone had them until I saw some sort of hornbill at a bird store. They also had a raven.

Why are softbills so rare? From what little I've read about caring for ravens, hornbills and toucans they need a big ass aviary. Is it their diet? Aside for that they don't seem any harder to take care of then a large parrot. Which is still too much of a commitment for me, but I was just wondering.

Pic semi related. Can't remember what type of hornbill they had but I'm pretty sure it wasn't a toucanet.

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Photographed this little guy in Madeira Island, Portugal, can any of you identify the species?
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Madeiran Chaffinch (Fringilla coelebs maderensis)

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