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How do I train a shiba inu by myself? How do I get him to walk at a nice pace rather than pulling?
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every time he pulls kick him in the balls
Halter collar
Reward desirable behaviour
Exercise and train every day
The fuck do you think dopey?
I tried all that but the collar. Maybe that will work.

Dog like this thread, and also TF is it's breed
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Cavalier King Charles spaniel

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Sup /an/ me and gf are getting 10 week old lab tomorrow, and we gon get her desexed at 5 months, how much exercise do u give her for the first week after being fixed, do we walk her and let her run?
Also will she be a cone head because shes a female?

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Restrict exercise. Walks are fine, but no running. Cone not necessary unless she's actively bothering the incision site.
You shouldn't fix her so young. Labs are prone to hip and elbow displaysia, and premature spaying/neutering disrupts bone development. Wait until she's fully grown or close to it.

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So, what benefits do Dog classes have over Cat classes?


Also I have to agree with his assessment in Cheetahs. They suck shit at defense.
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Cheetahs don't need defense. No predator can catch them.
False, they run out of energy pretty quickly, so a predator with more endurance could easily kill a cheetah.
But there so skinny that another predator wouldn't waste the calories and energy on trying to catch one. I reckon that a babby gazelle would give more kJ than a cheetah.

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Boohoo they're just bugs

Neglected cat dies after a month of flea infestation.
Dumb female was paid to take care of neighbor's cat while she was away. Instead she barely cared for it and it died horribly. Now some awful bish is asking for legal advice because the owner is going to sue her for the loss.
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really nigga.png
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>i visited every 2-4 days
Fuck both of these dumb redneck bitches
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>browsing Reddït
>giving a shit about cats

So I adopted a puppy about a month ago now and the person I adopted from informed me that she had been dewormed. Well just yesterday she shat in my house and I saw this. I knew my parents had pet medication at their place and I found some deworming medicine. Some of that stuff you give monthly. Will this do the trick? How long will it take to work? She's shat a couple times today and I noticed one of them looked full of these little parasites. Is the fact that she's shitting these pests out a good thing? Does that mean they're dead/dying?

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Give your vet a fecal sample and ask for the right meds. No, it isn't the monthly stuff, but the dosing is usually two treatments of the course of a month.
Burn your house down jesus christ
Either take it to the vet or give fenbendazole/albendazole. You can get it branded as "Safe-Guard" for horses at livestock supply stores very cheaply. This is the same medication a vet will prescribe for roundworms. Just eyeball the weight. It won't take much. Give it every day for seven days.

You should really consider getting a full suite of tests done for the various types of worms. Different types call for different treatment.

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No replies in the DB for this post!

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Which brand of cat food do you feed your kot? What is their feeding schedule like?

Right now my kitten is eating cheap grocery store canned food and it makes me feel like such an asshole. Currently on the look out for a high quality mid priced alternative as I don't have Orijen money at the moment. What do you recommend?
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Hi anon. If you're feeding canned, you're already doing better than a lot of owners even if it's grocery store garbage. Canned is much, much better than dry kibble.

I feed my kots 50/50 dry/wet; I have three, so cutting their diet with kibble saves some money. They get 1/3c Canidae grain-free Pure Elements and 1/3 can of a local brand per day.

Here's a power ranking I made on kibble some weeks ago.

Almost all Purina products, including: Proplan, Chows, Friskies, Fancy Feast, Kit & Kaboodle, Deli-Cat; Royal Canin (including prescription diets), Hill's, Nutro Max Cat, IAMS, Grreat Choice, Meow Mix, Whiskas, 9lives, Goodlife, Rachel Ray Nutrish Super Premium Food, Diamond Maintenance, Sportmix, Hi-Tor Veterinary Select, Joy

Nutro Natural Choice, Under the Sun, Authority, Hill's Ideal Balance, AvoDerm, Precise, Diamond Naturals, Rachael Ray Nutrish grain-free, Now Fresh grain-free, Canidae Life Stages, Eagle Pack, Adirondack, Evanger's Meat Lover's Medley, Dr. Gary's, Blackwood, Annamaet Feline Original, American Natural Premium, Horizon Complete, Muenster, Pro Pac Ultimates Savanna Pride

Purina: Beyond grain-free, Muse, Pro-Plan True Nature
Nutro: High Protein, Wholesome Essentials, Grain-Free
Chicken Soup for the Cat Lover's Soul, Taste of the Wild, Natural Balance Original Ultra, Whole Earth Farms grain-free whitefish formula, Doctors Foster + Smith, IAMS Healthy Naturals, Spot's Stew, Blue Buffalo, Castor & Pollux, AvoDerm, Organix, Simply Nourish, Good Natured, Nutrisca, Crave, Evolve, Only Natural Pet Feline Power Food, Nature's Recipe, Wishbone, Fromm, Fussie Cat, Pure Vita, Solid Gold, (c)
Halo Holistic, Pro Pac Ultimates, Victor Mers, Premium Edge, I and Love and You, Health Extension, Holistic Select, Wild Calling, Wellness TruFood and Complete Health formulas not listed below, Annamaet grain-free, Dr. Tim's Chase, Addiction grain-free, Newman's Own Advanced, Nature's Variety Pride, Wild Calling grain-free, Triumph whitefish, Tender & True Organic, Artemis Fresh Mix, Dave's Pet Food Go! Daily Defence, Supreme Source, Nature's Logic, Lotus, NutriSource, Holistic Blend Perfect Blend and grain-free Marine formula, Best Breed grain-free, Lucy Pet Formulas for Life

Earthborn Holistic Natural Grain-Free, CANIDAE Grain Free Pure Elements, Natural Balance Wild Pursuit, Whole Earth Farms grain-free (non-whitefish formulas), Blue Buffalo Wilderness, Castor & Pollux Pristine, Applaws, Wellness Complete Health: Salmon/Salmon Meal and Senior formulas, Simply Nourish SOURCE, Nulo MedalSeries and Freestyle, Wysong, Nature's Variety Instinct Ultimate Protein, Fromm Surf & Turf and Hasen Duckenpfeffer, Natural&Delicious grain-free, Canidae Pure Elements grain-free, Health Extension grain-free?, Solid Gold High Protein, Horizon Legacy, Holistic Blend grain-free chicken

Merrick, Wellness CORE, Nature's Variety Instinct, EVO, Orijen, Acana, Go! Fit + Free, Nutrience, Nulo?
Wellness core cans and kibble here

nha minh co dan ga dong tao thit rat ngon gia lai re ,giao hang toan quoc ,call 0911.331.882 de dat hang va tu van mien phi- cam ket chat luong
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what the fuck that's not even a language
I cannot understand your communist gookspeak
Chu vang nya ga voc nien thom

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Is he ok?
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>just tired and ugly
he's not.
>someone thought this is funny

Probably a dog fucker.

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>Trying to savor the feeling of shit leaving my ass 8 in the afternoon
>Spy a roach trying to catch me with my pants down
>It's actually some giant ass mutant yellow-necked fucking monster of a roach
>Asshole clenches cutting the current log lodged halfway between my anus and the inside of my ass into two
>Shimmy into my closet to look for a shoe to wallop this nigger back into Turkey
>Roach gone, likely crawled in betwixt somewhere
/an/ how do I get rid of bathroom roaches? I still need to shit. THIS IS URGENT
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Move out of New York.
8/10 green text op. I had a giggle.
Hire an exterminator.

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Wrong board you cuck
Wrong board you /pol/ack
Stop posting this!

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/an/ I found this bird near the sidewalk and I couldn't find it's nest so I took it home
Please help I don't know whag to do I've never posted here before
My phone is old so sorry about the quality
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From what little I can see I would say starling. Put it back. It's a fledgling. It's learning to fly and probably just fell out. It's parents are most likely near by and they will take care of it in the morning when these birds are active.
I already took it home anon, the nest was hard to get to and there were a lot of feathers around so I think something might have happened to them
I plan on checking again tomorrow
Here's a better photo my mom took with her newer phone

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hi i made a thread a couple of days ago because i thought my old yorkie was about to die, but now he's had a course of antiobiotics and now he's fine :3 this is him now
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Good to hear! I'm glad you two got better news out of this than you anticipated.

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