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i need quik money for weed, so i thought about selling a guitarr.
do you think a dealer will accept it in exchange for weed ?
or where can i sell it at the best price?
it is a Fender Stratocaster US 2012 in a very good state (?).

pic related
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Dealers take cash. If the dealer knows you and has expressed an interest in the guitar and knows its value, they may give you cents on the dollar for it. They are a businessperson after all.

Unless it is stolen, Ebay is the best option to sell it somewhat hurriedly for market value.

If it is stolen, firstly, you are scumbag, secondly you need to find a collector who is also a criminal. They will pay cents on the dollar.

If it is not stolen, and you can't wait for Ebay, go to a pawnshop and get cents on the dollar for it. ( will be a bit more than on the fence markets. )

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what would cause "friends" or family members to lie about shit, especially to you when you ask directly but then they brag to other friends about shit?
for instance, i asked if one of them was banging some girl on the side. i was interested but i already knew she hits up everybody and i already hit it one time. the dude straight up lied to me even called me crazy even though i saw his car in her driveway before i pieced it together. Ive known these fuckers for years.
should i just quit these people? ive been hanging around long enough to know that if there are real parties they go to i dont get invited, they are toxic people, and i only hung around because i would just otherwise stay home. why am i "that" guy of the group?
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what are the best brothels in australia?
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Hey /adv/ i got a tech question. Is it possible to port scan a .onion site?
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Has anyone else had the experience where they use to get tons of dates with girls, but then it all suddenly dried up? The reason is completely unknown to me, it all happened in the space of a few years.

I'm hoping I can improve myself by learning from others who may have experienced this.
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so long story short my brain machine broke, and im in college now. its gotten to the point where i can't brute force my way past it anymore, im literally too dumb.

my lifelong dream of a biology major is a definite no, so what easy and marketable major should I choose?
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anyone will work, it's not like you're gonna be employable anyway lol

Let's not go into specifics. But say, if I'm hypothetically suffering from a broken friendship that will take a lot of time to heal again (if ever) what should I do to lessen the pain/properly reflect?
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long walks somewhere away from people that force you to think

hope at least one of these helps, good luck

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>Be me
>Graduating from uni
>have a gf
>family went on a downhill economically
>can't even gift my gf a shitty 4 bucks T-shirt
>Want to work as freelancer but no one knows me.
>try going full time jobs in my country
>since I live in a shithole, almost every employer is asking for 3 years or so experience and they pay around 30$
>''I'll get followers so I can sell or do something in internet''
>They cut off my internet service, still paying it
and I haven't had internet since september 2016
>Im fucked.jpg

I literally want to kill myself, I tried everything but then there comes my homeland and ruins everything. I want to escape this shithole, but I need to make money first, what should I do?

I'm a graphic designer, illustrator and pixelmator
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Design video games. I heard of many graphc designers not getting jobs. It's a over used degree with not many jobs avabile left.

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Where to find wingman?

I've never had a friend that wants to help me get laid. I've had a few girlfriends that say they want to see me open up and get over my fear of one-night stands or random hook-ups, but then of course whenever it comes down to a situation where I could use a wingman they get jealous.

Now I"m single, truly single and on my own, for the first time in almost 10 years. I want to fuck around, but I feel really weird and desperate going places with the intent of making some ladies night, without some sort of person to talk to in between females. Ya know?

All the people I work with are older, and either married or completely broken by the fact they are too old to impress anyone. Too long here and I'll become someone like them.

I want to become a manwhore but feel like I need friends. I have no male friends, and my male relatives settled a while ago and are sad and fat.

wat do
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Just went through easily one of the most embarrassing moments of my adult life. It stings in an especially acute manner because it happened here at work just now, a job I took because I've been embarrassed to admit how I would like to spend my work-energy. I know partially the reason I'm making this thread is simply to distract myself from the pain of shame, overpowering shame.

I work at a massage/health clinic, and we have this extra room with a vibrating recliner that vibrates with music being played through headphones. Its a small room at the end of the hall with the Fung Shui of a teachers lounge. We charge a disgusting $50 for 45 minutes. No surprise, we get maybe one person a month that wants to try it. Usually it's a woman in their 50's and seem to enjoy it;

Super cute gal comes in, mid 20's. She comes in fresh off a run, with obvious expectations (that are already unmet). She goes back, and after the 45 minutes comes out of the room. When she comes to my desk to pay, I can sense the overpowering feeling of "I can't believe I agreed to pay $50 for this, this was a sad pathetic waste of time" I try to ask a few questions if she liked it or would recommend it, to which she said "It was good. It was good. I was. It was good". I was trying to communicate that I recognize her discomfort, and that I wanted to alleviate it but she has to say something. I ended up charging her 50% just because, she signed the receipt and booked it out of here in a hurry.

The only way I see this not happening again is to quit my job. I don't mind charging a sad older house wife for this, but someone my age who deserves (and has definitely experienced) better I don't know if I can bring myself to go through this again, it was the worst kind of shame.
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