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>Age 17-18
>Height 142 cm(4 ft, 8 in)

Why is Konata such a womanlet? Were they trying to appeal to the midget/dwarf audience?
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Holy shit I can easily overpower her and treat her body like a meat toilet.
I'd just walk around the house looking for things to bend her over and fuck her on. Imagine how fun it would be to manhandle her tiny body.
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>ishikei will never draw lucky star again

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>Fapping to female knight begging for their lives

So, how you fallen down the degenerate hole today /a/?
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Des! Des!

Why is she so cute?
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She was better when she looked like a mojo.
>you'll never run your fingers down her long seaweed like hair

why do they think this is an improvement ?
Because she best girl

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Strange that SHE, of all people, becomes MC's girlfriend.
fuck off fake spoilers fag
you will sob if you continue this anime, self inserter

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So whats his Endgame?

Does he know the full story behind the Void centuries. It seems like it.
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same as Luffy

become the pirate king, he just has less scruples about the method
His endgame is getting cucked by luffy taking away one piece from him.
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inhyuk-lee- (1).jpg
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Anyone thinks in the end he gets 3 Devil fruits?
op paramecia
op logia
and Marcos op Zoan

The three skulls on his flag hint this.

Sounds op as fuck tho

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Tell me, anon. What's your plan to make them give up on music without going to jail?
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A movie produced by Warner Bros. A worldwide success in Brave Souls with millions and millions of downloads.
Pierrot producing Thousand Year Blood war characters for it.
Now a second mobile game that looks more fun than Brave Souls.
Novels coming out left and right.

The anime is coming back you've got to know this by now.
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There's also a chink game coming out next year.
If the anime returns then I hope they stick to the canon ending so I can see animated Kazui and Ichika.

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>Why are you here Fumi?

western dub
>Did you think bugs were only for boys? Your cock is pathetic.

>I'm working on a research project.

Why do they do this?
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>How are you anon?

>well meet stranger, I am not worthy of your presence but still I want to know how are you faring sir?

western dub
>the patriarchy is attacking me again, did you say something white pig CIS scum? What do you think you are doing? RAPE RAPE. BTW I am Susan my pronouns are papi, luffi and wendigo. Better remember them or you going to jail nazi.
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>western dub is shit
Wow. You learn something new every day since 20 years ago.

Remember this piece of shit?
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>Permanent hiatus
I liked that series, fucker was basically demon Rance.

>new chapter never
Probably the worse hiatus in shonen

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Onsen Musume Anime When?
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Literally Locodol

Danberu Nan Kiro Moteru questions your love of cute girls and lifting weights. Can you answer?

We missed last chapter, thread died, so this Thursday we get TWO chapter raws! Let's see 'em, right?


Translation Site:
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Previously, Chapter 26 - A Date with Machio
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at first i had to see it to believe it
but now, im with >160357440

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Just finished Vol. 4 and it was glorious.

Season 2 when?
I need my daily portion of suffering.
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It sold like 1500 copies. Face it, anon, s2 never. Just await for vol.5 full translation and maybe SukaMoka one day.

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Can vampire ninjas go to heaven?
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How can Saras be so perfect.
Long straight black hair and nice breast size.
No, fuck you.

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What is my name /a/?
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