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Does this get any better after episode three, or am I just wasting my time? I'm about ready to drop this.

So far, the writing in this show has been extremely sloppy. To start with, the character dynamic completely flips in the first two episodes. It starts out with the main character being the reluctant straight man, harassed by an eccentric girl who wants to stab him, to him being the one chasing an emo girl, who just wants to be left alone to atone for her sins. You just establish one type of interaction and change it in the course of an episode. The show even acknowledges this point, but acknowledging it doesn't make it any better. Then there's female lead, who literally stabs the protagonist in the first scene of the series, but is portrayed as being afraid to kill anything there after. I mean, what? You can't try to paint her as this damaged, timid warrior, when she was stab-happy from the moment we saw her. But this scene may be the last straw. He goes all the way to her apartment to stop her from basically committing suicide by yomu, then takes her at her word when she says "don't follow me" and decides to go home and cook eggs? What the fuck is the point of this scene? I know he's just going to end up going after her anyway. Why the fuck did we need a scene of him at home as if this is some sort of inner struggle for him? It's not believable or compelling.
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Only good thing about it is its animation
Maybe watch the entire series before you blog?
>expecting good writing from kyoani

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Say something nice about Crona (male)
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but Crona's a girl
But traps are cuter anon
I like her friend maka

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Hi /a/
Rate my satanias?
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This was my second attempt ever first one was my 3rd try
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This is my most recent satania
I name it, "melon bread in paradise"

how does /a/ feel about traps ?
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>draw a girl
>call it a boy
>it's really a girl
Reverse traps are great but regular taps are shit.
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Bakemonogatari aired 10 years ago.
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No it didn't you retard.
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It was ~8 years ago retard.
>Medaka Box aired 45 years ago

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No replies in the DB for this post!

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Would Togo be a good mother and wife?
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I dunno but she has a real problem with mexicans plugging in their phones in her laptop.
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She has the most punchable face in the series.

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Universe 2 is getting a little cocky. Time to fix that.
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I think you're looking for Facebook.
Shut up otherfag

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Chrollo is back ready to meet the clown.
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I hope Illu-nii is on the boat as well.
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punished spider.jpg
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Reminder that the Black Whale is a ship and not a boat.


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Is there a comfier anime in existence? Watching this show puts me in an amazing mood.
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go back there
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>Disappearance comfy
SoL moments for the show get pretty comfy, but there's a lot of tension too.

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Post anime characters you wish could have been voiced by June Foray

it'll help me cope. She was my favorite.
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>Couple months before of her 100th birthday
Granny lolis are always good, right?
You can have her from any point in her career to voice someone.
What an amazing career (and life).

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I am retarded. Ama.
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venerate the most noble and supremely powerful god... ______!
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Reminder that Caulifla is Beautiful

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What did she mean by this?
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She meant she wants to violently rape Nomura.
they probably want to rape each other
Wouldn't it make them have happy sex? I'm confused.

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Season 3 when?
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Why does KyoAni love Chuunibyou so much?
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because the ass is big
Because they want to see how shittier it can get.
I don't. It's really boring. I've only watched about 6 episodes.

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