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Which anime girls were made to take multiple dicks?
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I want to doubleteam Pochaco with a friend.

your waifu

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How come there never are any Kingdom threads?
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No retarded tropes like your usual shounenshit and the chapters presented itself seemingly neutral on its development, and finally since its somewhat historical in nature, no over the top speculation can be done and the one doing it will look retarded instead.
Maybe because it's a horrible manga to read along with official releases and is only somewhat fun if you read it all at once (e.g. within a week or two). Otherwise it's just slow, uninteresting, with a too large cast of characters and an ugly artstyle that will never improve. It's just a campaign after a campaign after a campaign and it looks the same as it looked 100 or 200 chapters ago. What's even the point of reading it?
Because /a/ is known for its shit taste.

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But in the end what was his plan? I remember he was able to defeat Alucard and put him out of the scene for years, pretty amazing, but all this for what?

I saw it many years ago, so I do not remember. Afterwards, He lets himself be killed by Integra.
he saids that he wanted to cause more wars irc
His english voice was perfect.
>I will... but... not... yet.

So great.

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Been listening to this all day.
Comfy thread.
Post comfy themes.
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Am I the only on that misses the Stride sequences?
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So is this /a/ or /co/?

inb4, "it's shit"
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So, that's a copy of nausica with uglier characters and culturally appropiating Japanes culture or what.

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Hey there. Dumping a 2016 anthology. You might know the author for Sunabozu. It doesn't seem like OP can bump their own threads with image dumps, so keep an eye on the impending 404 for me.

うすね正俊が長きにわたって描き続けたシリーズ『COMBAT DOLL』全4作!! デビュー直後に描いたアクション短編『HUNTER』、『サムソン』、『バイバイ ブローバック』も収録!! うすねファン必携の作品集登場!!
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When I'm not drinking, baby
You are on my mind
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gay kys really kys
no u

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Holy shit, I was not expecting this nigga to be alive
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someone need to finish the job
You think Sei will do it? To protect his mother?
New chapter when?

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This is our only hope against the wrath of dyke Satan. Say something nice about her!
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I would kill my entire family if it meant every madoka poster would die too.
Fuck off with your saviour complex, lesbian world isn't that bad.

What are some excellent character designs that were wasted on shitty anime?
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I really want to fuck a loli catgirl right now.
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Anon that is lewd!
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More like gaymers.
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Chiaki a best. I hope she wins.
Massage her feet while she plays vidya.
I like that they ended the episode with a REEEEEEEEEEEEE

So is the thing where people bitch about yuri when any female is mentioned some recent meme or is that another vocal minority?
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That's the most "I like 'anime' but I've only 3 shows" picture I have ever seen.
the exact same person doing the same thing he has been doing for the past four years, yes

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name a character introduction better than this one. you can't.
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the entire anime is pure kino. the adaptation is better than the manga
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This nigga eyes so slanted they pointing up.

I loved the series. I'm too much of a brainlet to dig deeper into the story though.
It's not a deep story though it's more about the characters and their struggles and what it entails being the best and i think it does a great job telling it to you straight.

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The promised Neverland chapter 49
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