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Will the return of the Madman happen now that Toga has arrived?
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first for FUCK FAGGOTS
>using 100% on a person w/out a defense quirk or already high durability
If toga sucks deku's blood, she gets ofa and deku loses his power, right?

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Have you accepted your Lord and Saviour today?
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probably the guy with the most powerful ability in manga history

(Saitama not counting)
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Waifus should be purged
All of them and do their waifufags who constantly fight
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JM soon
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>I know we don't talk much, but as your Captain... who is more attractive, me or Annie?
EH canon.

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It's eight of clock!

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The 3rd of October can't come soon enough.
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Koume share the bed with La Pucelle, they had a fun night and lovely wake up.

They become lover and la pucelle get kinda surprise that Koume like to be on top with cowngirl style and leg locking
Morning koume <3

so should we call her /m/egumin now?
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Please stay the fuck off of /m/, we have enough problems as it is.

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Did you prefer the manga or anime ending?
>bokurano was a decade go
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Why don't Megukas have last names?
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You might want to recheck your source
Why is OP so stupid?
Their last names are first names.

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>Best girl in fluff is the oldest girl
How often does this happen?
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CUTE psycho!
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link to spoiler images please
Why people like Chrollo so much, he is bland as fuck and has no charisma, one of the worst spider. Please explain.
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jee i wonder... why do they like the strongest spider

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anyone else see this?
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I saw it.
It was shit but I loved the opening.

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Hello darkness, my old friend.
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Was thinking the samething.
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Reminder that biscuit is best

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I love Erio. She's a qt3.14.
S2 never, and it's a shame that we'll never see her daughter animated.
>her daughter
Wait what?
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>he doesn't know
Every girl got an parallel ending written for them, even the aunt. Erio's is the established real end, but the author didn't want fans of the other girls to be upset so he gave them one too.

Itoko and Erio have a child together and she's just as sparkly as her mom.
Itoko then becomes a salesman and works on creating a successful commercial household product that can replicate the sparkle effect the two give off so his daughter won't be given any funny looks for her sparkles.

It's a series where every girl won.

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Why are anime girls so dumb?
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because the numbers are in english
Baka was designed to be stupid
that's a cute baka

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Actual thread.

Hifumi is me except a cute girl.
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Hifumi is me but not as cute
Hifumi a shit

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