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The smile of perfection.
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Best girl.
>Biggest Fucking Bitch
>Tripolar Cunt
>The real pervert girl in the closet behind of harucrap
In TLR Yami was an antisocial Irritable Hypocrite Agressive Bitch and in TLRD
Yami is the literal Biggest Daughter of Bitch, Heartless Ungrateful Hipocrite, Violent Irritable Tripolar Cunt
What she can do now being a GENERIC TSUNDERE LIKE NANA
6th Worst Girl

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Should I read the manga in order of publication date or according to the numbering system (1, 1.5, 2) ?
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That's like asking if you should play MGS3 before MGS1. Release date is always the correct answer for your first read/watch/play.
1 and then done.
Go ask /wsr/ like you should, here I'll even provide you with directions, good luck in your journey!

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It's out, yo!
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Fuck she was great. Too bad she ended up a one note joke
She should've been Darkness' servant
You mean Boobs?

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>Luffy needing to find the One Piece in time for the prom
>Zorro, the token nigger
>Usopp the token funny nigger
At least Hollywood won't have much trouble getting Nami and Nico right. But I already feel disgusted.

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No Cattleya?
those are different characters right? they wouldn't
Cattleya is the worst. Terrible outfit. Boring character. Glasses. Unrealistically huge tits. Mom face. I hope they fix her.

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I never watched anime until I was like 19 because I was mostly into gaming growing up. The first show I watched was a recommendation from a friend called oreimo. After oreimo I fell inlove with the art for about 3 years where my interest eventually died off with mushishi and k-on. So here's a question. What age did you start watching anime and do you remember your first one?
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Hell no, can't remember that stuff. I do remember finishing my first Anime and then just searching "hentai" on the anime site I was using to find some actual hentai

What the hell happened in the last episode?
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He went back to his people.
He'd rather be remembered as "that cool kid" than "that kid who died".
He's actually the puppeteer from Sumire 16 in his own highschool days. After that he learned that he wanst to bring other kids the happiest school days possible but as he got older he lost his coolness and had to use a puppet instead.

Can someone explain to me the point of this show? It's a short, it's complete shit and has basically nothing to do with the original.
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holy shit, someone made a thread about this show
I only watched the original show a couple of months ago and I'm baffled why this exists.
I'm a fan of it. No one else is apparently.

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Fat tits, ass and think thighs.
>50kg without the breasts
>48kg without the breasts and the hairclip
>47.85kg without the breasts and the hairclip after shaving her head
>44kg if the shave is extended to her entire body
>88kg if she puts the other foot on the scale as well
Good analysis.

There are three Gabriels.
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And I have to wear my mask to protect my nose already.
I recommended this show to people and some of my friends walked in during this scene and called me an autistic virgin loser faggot with bad taste. Fuck you /a/.

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The ending does kind of undermine the entire fight, but I much prefer this to the original Super Saiyan Anger asspull. It helps that the seeds of this were planted in advance and the internal logic makes sense.

I quite liked the idea of giving the Lord of All his own time variant as a friend to play with.
That was a bit overkill compared to the Zamasuverse.
I still don't understand the ending. Where did Trunks and Mai go at the end? His universe is gone. Did he just go to a different one? Maybe the one where Cell killed him, or something?

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Will he be Deku's Vegeta by the end of the manga?
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>Thinking he's comfortable enough with her to do that
They have yet to really speak to each other anon. Of course he was gonna contact Kiri.
all he did was send a notification pin to all his contacts though

come to think of it, does midoriya have everyone's number? even people he doesn't interact with? (i.e. kouda)
i think it was a class group chat

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Don't miss it.png
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I just erased half of neo-/a/.
Jokes on you, several have come close, but I haven't found the one to call my waifu yet.
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It's been decided /a/
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Sort of tangentially related to this translation/pronunciation thing, but:
>1. A song or instrumental composition concerning, accompanying, or evoking daybreak
>2. A poem or song about lovers separating at dawn.
Wait, what did I miss?
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I love Momo!

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