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They don't make Elves like they used to.
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They were never good
Dirty knife ears
kinda dropped it because of how annoying she was

does she get better?

Can you solve the greatest mystery in the entirety of Detective Conan?
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I liked it when they commented on how Conan-kun had a perfect attendance.

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Kaiki is a cuck
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You're an idiot.
>3-4 different threads on monogatari
Dammit I love this series but just post in one fucking thread

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>Can Carry a conversation about idols well
>Has nico nico nii'd for hundreds of men
>Will always perform for you

Is there a more perfect love live girl?
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Yes. Maki
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yes here she is
She is unthicc

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How does he work.

Please no spoilers
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He can see 10 seconds in to the future
He can erase a chunk of time where everything that was foreseen to happen will happen except for Diavolo who can act outside of 'fate' during his erased time.
Exactly. For once not a joke or pleb reply.
Well, all the possible memery has just been undercut by an actual correct answer, so...

Vento Aureo thread?

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they hyped this guy as u3's strongest yet he was one shot by base form cabba

do they honestly just give no fucks anymore or is u3 scrap
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the show is trash
>thinking a transgender robo sharkman would be strong.

>Named Niggerishi
>Made by a Jap

I'm not sure what you were expecting.

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mentally retarded.jpg
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No replies in the DB for this post!

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Nostalgic seitokai no ichizon thread.

Topic of discussion for those who've read the sequel manga: is kagami a real yandere or is she acting either conciously (trying to scare people out of being in the harem) or unconsciously (as a coping mechanism)?

Personally I feel like it's the last option. She's been shown to be grateful to the new student council part of the harem at least since they're basically her first real friends other than asuka and they helped her mom reconcile with her family and gave her a better life. Considering how kind kagami is (even while blackmailing someone to leave the student council she chose someone who would benefit from it) I have a hard time believing she would follow through on her death threats against her friends if push came to shove.

I think it's more likely that pretending to be yandere is a coping mechanism for dealing with the cognitive dissonance she has with both having a fundamental hatred of harems and her realization that she loves being in the harem since many of them are her friends. This way, she has an excuse to remain in the harem while not violating her personal moral code. What do the two other people who've actually read it think?
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Yes, that one was on a different day and dead. I'm legitimately trying to get a discussion going and don't want to type out my thoughts twice.
If nobody's interested, then nobody's interested. Stop blogposting

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So the anime Keijo has ended for a bit, but anime sites and the wiki page have stated that 4 "specials" have been made but I can only find the first 2 raw at that.
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it happened.png
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>Keijo special

Great news.
>Ended for a bit

A little optimistic there, aren't you newfag? While waiting, I recommend lurking more.
What is it?

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Would she have followed him into the bathroom?
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>tells the girl he likes he's taking a dump
>comes back and tells her that it was a good dump

Deku is weird.
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She doesn't know what she got herself into.
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Any predictions for the chapter

>We're the Mahou Shoujo Tai!
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Underappreciated series.
I guess that in the end, they really were tweeny witches
mahou shoujo kino tbqh

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I can't. I'm buying clothes.

This is a japanese boy going out on a date with his boyfriend!
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That's a boy anon

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>Can carry a conversation well.
>Has fucked hundreds of old men.
>Will always pay you back.
Is there a more perfect girl in yosuga no sora?
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I guess you can count fucking her brother hundreds of times as hundreds of men then sure

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I'm gonna be straight with this, fuck the bat, crab, snake, monkey, snail and every other shit girl in this show.



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when I watched the first Bake series her episodes felt like a filler.
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