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How do the Japanese understand India so well?
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Japan is great at being racist towards the rest of Asia.
Why not?
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>written as a song to his fiance who was killed in an earthquake

Is this the saddest ED of any anime?
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I'm pretty sure that was a rumor, anon-kun
I wanna believe
Me too.

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Chuuni about to go full Chuuni against Giga. Also Spoilers Pics Soon

Previous Thread: >>160287179

> Saitou is this week’s cover.

> Histoire: This is surprising…First and foremost, it’s extremely risky to work together. And the fact that Eliten 10’s side isn’t working together is the very proof of that! They’re convinced…That the best tactic is to emphasize the concept of "I", and that they can smash any collaborative work with ease.
>In a Régiment de Cuisine, it’s extremely difficult to find the right balance of your own cooking and assisting your teammate.
>But Subaru Mimasaka can do that!
>He’s without a doubt, currently the biggest strength to lead the Rebels to triumph!
>Saitou: They say when it comes to the sword, the best way to learn is to mimic…Your ability to perfectly copy my movements is astonishing!
>But…even I who is pursuing Bushido isn’t referring to myself with “Sessha” (When Mimasaka copied Saitou, he said Sessha. It’s a common way Samurai used to call themselves, which simply means “I”)
>Saitou: Isn’t your image training lacking?
>Rindou: No you occasionally use it.
>Tsukasa: Right, he says it.
>Momo: You do–
>Megishima: You do say it.
>Saitou: Megishima, even you…
>Saitou says that their knives aren’t equal and offers his knive to Mimasaka.
>While aspiring to become a Samurai, he started to value useless aspects of a Samurai, and became intoxicated with himself.
>Mimasaka: I appreciate it. Now my (Sessha’s) trace is nearing perfection…
>Their cooking progresses.
>They apply a sauce made of soya sauce, mirin, and red wine.
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>[Mimasaka’s flashback:]
>Mimasaka is training.
>Mimasaka: Damn…I didn’t think the load would be this much. In the Régiment de Cuisine, I don’t know who my opponent is going to be. So I need to be prepared, and do the image training for all of them.
>But tracing multiple chefs at the same time is a heavy load for my body.
>…That shouldn’t serve as an excuse
>Mimasaka is thinking about Soma and Takumi and is determined to work hard to return the favors.
>Person in black dress: Hey! You have to turn off the lights and go back to your room…
>Mimasaka: Oraora it’s Rindou senpai-! It’s Rindou senpai!
>I will devote my all for the best taste…that’s Eishi Tsukasa’s cooking.
>No matter what, I will kill you Yukihira.
>Hey Bucky let’s talk with Momo~! Bucky is sooo cute~!
>It…it’s not like I did it for you…Please reflect on your behaviors.
>Who…Who are you calling cute…! You idiot!
>Don't…don't misunderstand it!
>I don’t care about you…don’t think that I want to get along with you or something!
>It…it's true okay!

>[Flashback over]
>Mimasaka: Now the arranging begins!
>Both are holding Sushi on their hands, but it’s Saitou who finished first.
>Saitou created “10 Tsuna Sushi, Kodamaru Sushi ”
>They are smaller than what Alice once created and there are 10 different types of Tsuna Sushi.
>10 minutes are left and Mimasaka starts his arrangements.

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To continue where I left off >>160344444
Stop. Go to /e/ if you want to image dump.

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I really hope Araki draws this thing better in the future. Redesigning it was a mistake.
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Maybe not, maybe it shows perfectly Jobin's state of mind, we just don't know it yet.
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Vento Aureo was a mistake

>you will never marry her granddaughter

How does this make you feel?
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No replies in the DB for this post!

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The enormous slave kingdom, known as the Abyssinia, is the only unexplored place in the world. Nobody knows how deep down goes this titanic land, inhabited by strange and wondrous creatures and full of mysterious ancient relics which purpose is unknown to modern man. Generations of bold adventurers have been drawn by the cryptic depths of the Abyssinia. In course of time those bold enough to explore the dangerous land came to be known as "Slave Traders."

In Ooga Booga, the town at the edge of the Abyssinia, there lives a little orphan named Anon, who dreams of becoming as great a slave trader as her mother was and solving the great mystery of the land. One day exploring the murky land she stumbles upon a little boy, who turns out to be a negus...
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First for best Dad
I want to sniff Nanachi so hard I lose my humanity, help.
I want to sniff Reg so hard I lose my humanity, help.

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FAG gets the love it deserves.
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Fucking FAG enablers
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ayeka 2.jpg
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You like himes, /a/?
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Ryoko 173.jpg
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I prefer this.

I'll admit that Ryoko is the best character in the show, but I was always an Ayeka person.

Ojou and Ojou-loli were best
All the other girls were also pretty good
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>every girl is best girl
>god tier harem mc
shame i didn't like the ending that much, i wanted the girls to accept the harem route
LN translations when.
They sort of did in manga part 2, but the bastard goes nuts making a second harem. Ojou-loli is end game though.

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Why does this monster look so familiar?
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I dont know what manga that is but it looks like the monster from Mononoke
No face from Spirited Away?
Reminds me of engorged No Face

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I ask because I saw clips of some pretty awful shit in animes. Some dude was capping people in the brain with a Luger unless some people came out to face him, some girl was stabbing a girl while she was handcuffed to a couch, and some other shit had an alien girl or princess or whatever slicing a little girls head off! What is this shit? Do the Japanese get off on massive amounts of violence for no reason, or is there something I'm missing?
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Japan is actually a land of peaceful herbivores who love watching cute girls doing cute things...in high school with no men allowed.
Stop being an ass. I'm not a dumb weeb, I know it's not the same as the animes, but hole fuck why is a lot of this shit like snuff films. Shit I just remember there was one where some boys were holding down a dog and killing the dog, where the girl who was being forced to watch blew them all up. The fuck is that all about?
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If you see a lot of blood splattering everywhere, it probably means someone saw someone's panties and his nose is bleeding.

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Make or request /a/rt
Previous thread >>160270682
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File: Annie Mirai again.png (3MB, 1681x1064px)Image search: [Google]
Annie Mirai again.png
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Requesting Annie dressed as Mirai eating pocky
File: 1474410531047.jpg (583KB, 1920x1080px)Image search: [Google]
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Requesting Alleyne with an AK-47/74 or Dragunov.
A pose like one of the first four images in the imgur link would be neat but I'm not picky at all with what I get. Thank's in advance..

AK's and SVD's for reference
File: The faces of evil incarnate.png (2MB, 1601x1910px)Image search: [Google]
The faces of evil incarnate.png
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Requesting chibi of Kirito dressed as Squidward Lucifer complete with evil cartoon lightning. Ignore the Inaho, it's done.

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I don't understand why /a/ hates Apoc and the homonculus.
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It's a leftover meme from when nobody had actually read it and just regurgitated what they heard others say about him.

Why was Memeru Oshii's Ghost in the Shell film so bad? What are some other examples of anime adaptations that butcher the source material? Hard mode: No more Oshii.
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you misspelled masterpiece
gr8 b8 m8 r8 8/8

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1) Put it on and browse fourchan. If I stop paying attention to 4chan and start watching the show, it's good. If I leave it on for a half hour and don't even know what happened, it's bad.

2) Listen to the soundtrack in advance. If I like the soundtrack I will like the show.

100% success rate.
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Evangelion fails both these tests
One guaranteed way to select good anime:

1. Watch only CGDCT
Just because you pay more attention to shit when it slowly comes out of your anus doesn't mean the amateur scat collection is better.

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