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itt: favorite anime clich├ęs

>He's fast!
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>another greentext thread
>OP is a phaggot
I don't know if it's a cliche but I noticed this in a handful of shows recently
When there's a new student introducing themselves to the class and they do so in a nonchalant or disinterested way the teacher always goes

"shinpuru da ne"

and they always say it in the same. It's happened often enough that it makes me think it's not a coincidence

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Weedman saves the day tommorow.
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>Implying weedman in anyway useful

Stop it anon
Not before Miaya Gekkogahara scores another kill.

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Is there any adjective that could describe this girl called Nene?
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Human based moebot

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Five hours to go, get hyped here!

I wonder who joins next, and what will Mari say this time. Placing my bets on Ruby and Hanamaru jumping on Aqours, next episode Yoshiko.
And who wrote the name on sand? Weird bet on Mari here.

Also please some kind anon give links to livestreams I always miss them.
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Following the trend, I can guess that ep. 4 would focus on the first years, but they wouldn't join suddenly.
Ruby might join, but I really hope Maru will have more screentime.
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>Also please some kind anon give links to livestreams I always miss them.
Check the archive.

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Do you like the Sailor V manga?

I liked it more than the Sailor Moon manga.
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I still need to read this. I will love to see more of Venus as Shizuka Itou.
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I love some of the reaction faces in this

How's this week's episode?
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I hear poker.
New event is looking good.
RE:ZERO is better.

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We await this man's return.
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I wonder what they are thinking about?
>hey which witch would you bang
>yo I really gotta take a fat steamy shit

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>No male mc
What the fuck
Show was literally designed to have male mc with harem
Biggest disappointment of season
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>make harem show
Generic forgettable crap.
>change MC to female
Fantastic show, AotS.
Search your feelings you know it to be true.
>Friendship=Romance Ship

It is just as bad as how most harems end, as a friendship end.
Fuck off.
You already have HxH and look at how awful it was

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>Arima was the OEK and Kaneki took his place.
>Kirishima family saved again.
>Milf looking better than ever.
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What was the point of the Kirishima family coming? I'm not sure anymore.
Eto is kill
Ayato meatshield.

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Where would you even put this?
My chinpo!
Bumping because it's the thread we'll need once the active one will reach image limit in a few minutes

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This is a japanese snail.
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What is this?
Draw a cow, call it a snail.

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Fuck off
Erina where?
I already have one, but if I have to pick, Kotori

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a short by Tsutomu Nihei
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Already looks like shit
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read the guide
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Sweet Jesus! Also looking forward to this rerelease! Happy days, anon
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tatsumaki is stunning

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What does /a/ think about kuroko?
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If the genders where reversed she would be considered a villain. Her date rapes on Misaka being played for laughs are the ultimate double standard

subarashii, desu
she's immune to the dick

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