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Help! I have a crush on Rin, and I took her home when she collapsed from overwork.
What do?
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Take her back to work. That game isn't going to make itself.
Anon, i am rising your salary
Lick frosting.

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I like you anon, please go out with me.
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Sorry Im MGTOW
I'm gay

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Who has the best taste?
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How legit is this pic? Anyway It's ether Robin Williams or Keanu Reeves since they are the only two that have a top tier work among their favourites.
I bet it is Wing.
Keanu and Leo

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Would you watch a show about cute muscle girls lifting cute weights?
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What does a cute weight look like?
Come on, Anon, there are more interesting things muscle girls could be doing.
don't make me draw it

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rape victim.jpg
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Would you impregnate a yandere?
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As long as she doesn't has the weird idea of killing our child so it wouldn't steal my affection.
the one in OP in particular definitely doesn't.

Dayum man. Is this the fattest anime butt? How can anyone compare?
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That is a middle school child's butt.
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Minami thread?

Bossu is my daughteru.

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Remember the golden days ..
Why is there not more anime with MC who fight with wits, trick and gadget.
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Alderamin is literally airing right now.
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Adlet got stuck in a shitty story with shitty characters excepts Han and Bunny.

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Explain this
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Worst girl won as usual.
> shitty tsundere is a violent bitch
> MC manages to cool her down a bit over time
> eventually he gets the feeling that she might like him and asks her about it
> tsundere bitch just goes tsundere bitch about it and denies it
> MC takes it like a normal person, moves on and goes about seeing another girl he likes
> tsundere bitch can't assimilate what just happened
Feels good

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I think it's time for you plebs to experience the greatest love comedy of the 80s.
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40 min until Kino No Tabi Nico Live Drama
with Aoi YĆ«ki as Kino
Get your vpn ready cause you will need it
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So, apparently you could see Aoi recording this live if you are in Japan.
Anyway, genuinely excited to hear Aoi as Kino.
Really? It isn't prerecorded? Neat!
Re-reading now I am not so sure. I think it's just being screened live in Ikebukuro and I misinterpreted.
"Live broadcast" in this context is a bit ambiguous.

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Teru-chan, asobimashou.

Teru-chan asobimashou
Teru-chan, asobimashou
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I can feel the heat.
I want to lick that sweat.

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Weekend Waifu and Husbando Drawthread #5

Remember to relax and take it easy.


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Mai Natsume Reference.jpg
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I would like to request Mai Natsume. Anything would be appreciated, though I would like to see her holding a miniature panda in the palm of her hand and petting it with her other hand while smiling and blushing.
Panda reference: http://i.imgur.com/jdl2KBx.png

Another idea is Mai in her bikini with her hands behind her head like this:
File: Chelsea.jpg (1MB, 3517x1786px)Image search: [Google]
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Requesting Chelsea, please!

I'd love to see her in casual clothes, with simple and cute shorts, and preferably no headphones. Though if you feel like drawing her in her general outfit without her headphones, that's fine also.

Or alternatively, her wearing gym clothes. Optionally she could be doing something sports related, like doing stretches, but simply being cute and sporty is fine, too.

Or anything cute while she's wearing only her shirt or some nice t-shirt, and underwear.

Anything else cute or cutelewd is also fine if you have something in your mind.

Please and thanks!
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Rias Reference Image #14.jpg
2MB, 3500x4708px
Requesting Rias dressed in a graduation cap and gown, holding her high school diploma if possible.

Or cosplaying as Lalaco Godspeed.
References: http://imgur.com/a/KgB8S

Or Rias wearing a Demonica from Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey. Preferably with the helmet off, either tucked under her arm or being held off to the side.
Demonica references: http://imgur.com/a/Q1FGq

kisekae reference: http://i.imgur.com/SYSE2B4.png

Thank you and have a nice day.

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Miracle of the universe
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so hard.jpg
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>gap more gone horribly, horribly wrong
More like abomination.
>gap more
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CnzlfQ4VUAE7xoS.jpg large.jpg
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>badly done gap moe

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So apparently archmages are Jews now
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What else did you expect?
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quality thread

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Hard mode: No High School settings. Middle School is acceptable.
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>Medieval-ish fantasy setting
>MC is a young noble lord that has lived a easy life but has never really had ambition for anything. Spends all his time reading, honing his sword skills or talking bullshit with the blacksmith at the castle
>one day wanders about doing nothing much at a town close by when he hears shouting from a small apartment
>MC has nothing to do so might as well take a look
>At the doorstep and elderly man storms out right in front of him
>Enters and is greeted by a tired looking peasant woman in her 30s
>Behind the lady there is a bed with young girl, aged around 10 gazing curiously at the visitor, and as their eyes meet the girl flashes a beautiful smile
>Girl is paralyzed from waist down because of accidental fall some years ago and the lady, revealed to be her mother can't pay the rent after his deadbeat husband left them
>MC is from a rich family so he offers to pay the rent
>Starts visiting the paralyzed girl daily and as months pass they form a deep bond even though they're polar opposites (Girl with broken body who is always smiling and cheerful and wants to do things .vs. MC who has strong capable body and sharp analytical mind but is always gloomy, cynical and unmotivated)
>Girl is like a little sister MC never had
>After 3 years the girl falls ill. She spends days in high fever and even then she remains positive, soothing the MC who breaks down in tears after hearing from a doctor he brought in that the girl doesn't have much time
>MC spends the girls last night holding her hand and at dawn her frail body draws it's last breath
>MC has a mental breakdown and comes to the conclusion: either there is no god, or the god is a sadistic villain for trapping such a bright little girl in a broken body
>Makes his way to castle and locks himself up in the blacksmith's shop and starts hammering a chunk of metal
part 1/x
>normally being in such an emotional state would mean that any project you start is doomed to fail but for some reason MC hammers away with tears in his eyes, his insides turned to turmoil of sadness and rage
>He keeps hammering, the door is locked so no one enters. The sound of hammering has an odd vibe to it, like a 100 hammers all striking in a perfect harmony deep underground. Sound is muffled but it makes people near the blacksmith's shop nauseous with eerie resonance and people claim that there is something dark and malevolent inside that shop. Dogs bark, horses steer away and children start crying for no apparent reason near the shop
>This goes on for 2 days, the MC starts talking gibberish and laughing manically, pouring his heart into the blade. The sound of hammer meeting the blade grow more intense and frightening with every strike. Then a short pause, followed by a repulsive shriek, like an legion of lost souls blowing their horns at a battlefield long since forgotten
>MC has finished his work, the shrieking sound was caused by him quenching the blade in a cold water mixed with his tears
>MC's body falls down from exhaustion and he spends 3 days in a comatose state before waking up back at his family home
>After waking up he walks to the courtyard with trembling legs and notices that people look at him like a some sort of monster. Even his own kin seems reserved around him.
part 2/x
>MC picks up the gruesome artifact he poured his emotions in. Every great sword has a name, he suddenly realises, just like in some of his books. And then it occurs to him: the sword is called The Pale Sister. The small girl in a small apartment only ever left the house if MC himself was carrying her and thus never spent much time in the sun. Her skin was of beautiful light shade, almost like ivory, as is the colour of the blade.
>MC decides that he is done living as a nobleman. He is broken emotionally because he blames himself for not being able to do more for crippled child. What is the point in wealth and strength, when he couldn't use them to save even one tiny frail girl? He picks up the sword and swears that he is going to dedicate his life to fight for those that can't do it themselves. He leaves his home for good at nightfall, with only sword, bag of gold and clothes on him
>MC's sword starts talking to him at night. It seems that strong emotions can draw spirits, and his rage was enough to awaken ancient spirit of rage that got accidentally trapped in the blade while observing the MC's fury. Later on a more gentle, familiar voice talks to MC from the blade too. The sweet and pure girl's soul was on it's way to purgatory but was drawn by immense sadness of MC and wanted to comfort him one last time before heading away and her fate was to be bound just like the spirit of rage before her. It's left slightly ambigious whether or not it's real or if the MC has just gone insane, talking to his blade and mumbling about spirits
Sorry for long post just wanted to get it out there. Doubt I'll ever actually write this shit so may it serve as inspiration to someone who might. If I botched the language forgive me I'm drunk and it's late and English is my 2nd language
part 3/x , x=3

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