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Is nobody watching this show or something?`
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I watch it to fall asleep to
Ehm, rude
I'm reading the mango when i feel like it.

What went wrong?

History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi thread
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Not enough Miu's nipples.
It just didn't catch on. It was a very good manga, but it just failed to gain a big enough readership. It's the reason for the amount of fanservice increasing as the story goes on and every other chapter becoming a "must read". Ultimately it resulted in the very abrupt end of the manga
Too many Master fights rather than disciple fights. The ecchi got out of hand. Artwork changed. Kenichi.

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This is a face.
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No that's a muppet
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It's not scary at all.

i want the full size of this picture.
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Here you go but Bluesy belongs to me.
>didnt get to see her midriff at all

this didnt please my dick at all.

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Why did this get so shit? It's just turned into
>muh powerlevels bullshit
instead of how it started as a survival horror. Is it because the Ajin author started writing it again?
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>the imotou meets justice faggot mask
>she mind controls him
>that king wannabe just shot himself in the foot
It was shit from the beginning.
It's just getting more and more retarded. There isn't even any sense of danger anymore because they're all so fucking overpowered. I haven't seen someone jump off a building in like 25 chapters

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This is Sugimoto Reimi.

She has no boyfriend and her three sizes are 82-57-84.
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Dead girl, dead show.
no height?
But she's dead.

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Is just me or airing "past" and "future" the shittiest idea ever? Why not just make it in separate seasons?
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Because they build upon each other with Despair E1 picking up right where Future E1 ended.
To troll anime-only viewers.

Because they gonna end arc hope academy before danganropa V3 (next game)

Also is fun 2 anime cours ( despair and future) if you Fan of the game series

Read the guide: buyfag.moe
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who /Jalter/ here?
>3 threads made at the same time
You rack disciprine

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Steam release is proceeding smoothly. It's only a love story, yes. Last stream focused on Euro Front material.

For any friends new to the setting and story, do not mind asking questions. Though do be aware that what may be considered spoilers are commonly discussed.
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inb4 autistic slav cries about no yugoslavia front
inb4 autistic pierce continues to contribute nothing of value
inb4 muv luv devs confirmed more cut OST tracks
Well the first one is bound to happen. That is for sure.
>no Helga goods.

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What the FUCK was his problem?
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He was in a shit show.
He is a penguin in an unnaturally warm climate. Even tropical-tolerant penguins likely do not appreciate 24/7/365 cicada weather.

BELIEF was here, Hope is a loser
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>Girl with two talents
>She was one of the six who beat Junko
How huge is Komaeda's Hope boner
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What did she mean by this?
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Who is the traitor?

"Where is weedman?" Edition

Also will Naegi get laid before he dies?
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how many.jpg
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Someone should update the chart
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Say something nice about Seiko
I hope she survives
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Best girl ~

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ITT: Chicks with 10/10 bodies
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delicious DFC
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natsumi v.jpg
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Are you ready /a/?

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No, I'm not.
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We are on our way to making a dream a reality.
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What is wrong with her nose?

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>Kill Mikan
>Kill Chiaki
>Kill Asahina
>Kill Chisa

Killing best girls wake me a truly despair inside
>she died a virgin
What a fucking waste

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