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Let's talk about large buoyant watercrafts
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What do you think of mine?

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What are some of the best completed manga of all time?
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Dorohedoro in the near future.
Sengoku Youko.
You already posted the best, familia

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ITT: Characters you want to severely bully. The kind of shit that will give them problems for life.
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This baka.

I'm not into hard bullying, except with this stupid fairy.
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Her mind is already broken though.
I'll break her chuuni and leave her with nothing

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So I just got done watching Yosuga no Sora. I hadn't had a chance to watch it and finally did. I'm not one for incest, but out of all the possibilities I still liked Haru and Sora best. What does /a/ think?
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Sora and Haru is the true route, all others are Haru running away from the truth. It's naturally the best.
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I learned that it's also canon how Sora's pregnant. Then again they did fuck three times in one episode, so what do you expect?
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No, she didn't get pregnant (or at least she wasn't aware of it by the end) in the sequel.

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Would you impregnate your loli?
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Yes. Pregnant lolis are the best.
That shouldn't be possible though
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Whats the point if she can't breast feed?

But if it was oppai loli..

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Who remembers this anime?

Backlogged this gem when it aired and I finally got to watching it, this could a AOTS right now
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Misaki is love
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Hard to forget when the best girl won.
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Aoyama didn't win so fuck off.

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Other thread is improperly formatted so use this instead.

Cornucopia of Resources / Guide
Read the guide before asking questions.

Previous Thread:
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Kill one, fuck the other.
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kill left fuck right
I want to marry Satellizer.
Fuck both, kill self

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Why can't nips come up with a way to make their characters suffer that doesn't involve getting raped a bunch?
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Though I suppose sometimes it's fun.
How about NOT getting the D?
There are worse things out there than not getting to fuck someone you like, though I can remember a number of anime girls turning evil because they didn't get the D.

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>Filthy gyaru heroines getting more and more popular

How do we stop this?
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Just embrace it
Fuck that all these sluts are trash-tier.
You know they are pure in the end

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I need more robutts in my life.
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Is the Armitage series worth watching? I've been wanting to watch something cyberpunk lately.

The first series was. never saw the second.

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Now that the dust has settled, can we agree that this was just decent?
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I liked it
I had its moments, but I didn't bother with S2
It was great. Maybe it wasn't your cup of tea, but for most it delivered.


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because it destroys the Earth and she is a good girl
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Why are American characters in anime always portrayed as blonde?

I've looked into out statistics and less than 10% of the population is blonde. Our most common hair color is 'charcoal black'. Same deal with the British, when was the last time you saw a blonde British person? But you look at anime and they're all blonde.
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>>when was the last time you saw a blonde British person?
We have a lot of blondes here.
For the same reason all the blacks wear afros, is a stereotype
It's because being blonde is a quick and easy way to distinguish a foreigner in anime. Or it would be, if they all weren't a bunch of crayola people anyway. I assume it started in simpler times and it's just hung on as a stock trait for Americans in Japanese pop culture.

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What would you do in this situation?
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Explain further
Let her ride my horsey.
You lost me

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