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Fire Punch Manga

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/a/, I've been reading this since the start and it's just getting more fucked by the chapter.

Someone explain this thing to me. It's incredibly meta and indirectly fourth-wall breaking without addressing the reader. And then it's also a dystopian story about the human condition, suffering and endless violence.

Help me out, please.

It's pretty much garbage. But the art's not bad desu.
>It's pretty much garbage.

I'm not very smart so I haven't quite figured it out yet. But what makes you say so?
Last chapter was hard for me to read

I cant handle stuff like that
Because the story is absolutely all over the place without any sense of seriousness. You don't really care about anyone, because the mangaka surely doesn't, so their characterisation suffers and everything feels like a giant meme. He needs a proper editor or a author to help him out.
You can't tell me the writing isn't great though. The dialogue is out of this world. Especially the director's recent explanation of the working's of everything, and the emphasis on the fact that this is a revenge story. It feels pretty in your face.

Yeah, that was what broke my mind too. It felt like that one scene from Seven, where the Sloth murder was revealed. But this time on a grand scale, and much much longer.
>You can't tell me the writing isn't great though.
Seeing how the story evolved, yes. It's garbage writing. Just because some of the dialog appeals to you, it doesn't make the entire plot good.
I remember when the first chapter got released everyone liked it but as it went on people dropped it for being too edgy or whatever.

I still find it good and last chapter was pretty great
But the plot wasn't intended to be three dimensional. The characters, most notably the director, literally point out that the story is a one-dimensional, straight storyline.

It seems more like this manga is trying to reflect the simple plot right back into the universe it created and see what comes out of it. And so far, batshit insanity.

Same desu.The last chapter felt like commentary.
Nah, man. It's like the author saying
>I-I was only pretending! It's meant to be shit!
But you saying it's shit doesn't make it shit. It's just simplistic and focuses on meaning rather than context.

I feel like it's trying something new.

It's also only 15 chapters in and the concept still has promise.
It fucking fell on its face out of the gates. I was looking forward to a revenge story and we've got this wacky nonsense with 'the director'. Really went and pissed in my corn flakes with that one. Really feels like the author has no idea what he's doing
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See it as a statement against cliche revenge plots or as simple, somewhat twisted comedy. I think it's hilarious, I love it.

I hope director-chan will save San to use him as a personal battery herself.
This mango is like an angry girlfriend who lets you fuck her just when you're about to leave her.
Another manga that fell victim to the entire "subversions are the best thing ever" cliche. It feels like all new manga are trying to subvert your expectations, leading me to feel like if you subvert the subvertion and play it straight instead, it'd be a better manga. Looking at you Goblin Slayer and all the other series falling victim to the same thing.
Why didn't he bury himself in the snow or find a pond to jump into?

He was on fire for 5 years, man
first it was edgy, then it was a meme out of necessity, otherwise it'd be shit. Right now it's meh.
Because the fire is magic and will keep burning until he dies.
Fucking speedreaders.
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