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Why does she trigger Brolyfags so much?
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Best girls.
Kale is a goddess.
Reminder that Son Goku is beautiful.

Is there an anime where the protagonist is pretty much a female version of kenshiro?
A Femshiro if you will...
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Only a doujin
Is an original character or is just rule 63?
probably something from the age of Ikkitousen there used to be a ton of things like that (Action - Ecchi - Martial Arts - Seinen), go to any base site with tags and work from that if you find anything postapocalyptic

Just watched this movie, ghibli became kinda shit didnt it
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is that so.jpg
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Read the guide before asking any questions


Get mad at Makoto and whatnot
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Also Smugtaba

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So an anon dumped here some of the manga in a thread and picked my interest. After reading what's available, I loved it and want to read more. There are 8 volumes and only two are translated. But it seems shit's been abandoned since 2015. Does anyone know anything about this manga?
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No replies in the DB for this post!

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We all like loli idols and that's okay, but it is wrong to lewd loli idols?
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Gravure is part of being an idol so it's a-okay to lewd them.
It's literally what they're for.
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>About to die
>Better shovel as much popcorn into my mouth as I can before I go
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Everyone is with someone and he just had his corn
>You will never have someone cosplay you
Popcorn is humanity's friend. How can he abandon a friend?

Why is she so lovely?
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Because nobody watches this show

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I just borrowed this from the library, what does /a/ think of it? The art was absolutely stellar, how come I've never heard of it or the mangaka? Sorry for the shit photo.
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It's an excellent read.
It's decent but most people that read it when it came out in English are no longer here. It sort of drifted into obscurity.
You broke my neck, asshole.

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How do we stop him?
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Before schrodinger use someone like shiki with the mystic eyes of death perception or use ice magic and transform him into statue post shrodinger he is unstoppable
he has 1 life now after cornering the cat's soul outta him so with a nice silver bullet
unless the last scene was followed by a double suicide because what would make some sense after all this devotion, no heirs from her part and him returning in this vulnerable state.
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We hire a professional and dont fuck around with stupid shit

Holy shit why didn't any of you tell me Taiga's ass was amazing?
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Best TM girl.
that's a good reason to rewatch deen's fate
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DEEN did nothing wrong I mostly just want to watch Fate route though

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Can't think of anything worse then this thing. Made out of pure terror. Your fear will make it stronger. Will literally wipe you out of your friends' memories.
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>Youtube filename
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Did the best girl win?
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the absolute state of japanese animation right now
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It's a good state.
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would you massage loli feet?
imoutos are great

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