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When will AS109 and Asanagi to give her the love she deserves?
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Memesuba fad is over so never
I am sorry, but you seem to have posted about a generic seasonal "hype" show outside its designated season.
Please refrain from posting about it unless it gets another season/ova/movie.
Thank you for making [a/ a better place.
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There's this image of her that I found last year(>>>/h/4703782) that may or may not come close to what you're asking. I've never been able to find the source however, which is pretty weird.

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Akira Toriyama, circa '96:

"What would a female Super Saiyan even look like? There's no way such a thing could be done."

Akira Toriyama, today:

"Female Super Saiyans look exactly like how everyone and their fucking mother figured they would look like. Duh."
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Akira Toriyama, circa '95:

"Who is the best DB character? Gohan, without a doubt."

Akira Toriyama, today:

"Who is the best DB character? Gohan, without a doubt."
I think Toriyama was just looking for an excuse to have a female Super Saiyan's tits grow ten sizes and didn't think it would look good on Pan.
He was 100% correct then. Pan is a wood-tier waifu. Caulifla is sex incarnate.

Itt: Mangas that no one hates
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No it can't be, but it has to be, even if don't believe it, that's reality. I can deny it and say otherwise but the truth will always face me, the truth is that liking Astolfo is very gay, I accept it.

Traps are indeed gay, speciallly if you want them to peg you.

I'm sorry mama, but tonight I'm being fucked by Astolfo.
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I swear Astolfofags are some of the most cancerous trapshitters around, and that's saying something.
Traps aren't gay faggot. That'd make me gay and that's impossible.
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Rest in peace, Zetsubou-sensei.
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No replies in the DB for this post!

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You wish you could be as beautiful as Guts
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As long as anon loves me I'll be alright

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Would you have made the sacrifice?
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if it allowed me to rape casca into retardation then yes
No, but only because I very seriously doubt my soul would escape punishment for that choice.

It may take 5 thousand years, but eventually it's going to find its way into the eternal meat-grinder of the abyss. No thanks.
>Activate behlit
>Transformation changes you so much mind and body that you aren't even the same person
>Effectively have ego death
>Evil version of you decides to be an evil deceptive prick due to being a demon.
Sounds like a great plan, the behlit changes you mentally in some ways 100 percent, even if the new you thinks you are the same person the original you is pretty much dead.

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>people still think Death Note is better than Code Geass
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both are gayshit
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Ehm, in my opinion deathnote is better, it has been years since death note and until this day i still hear about it, i havent heard of code geas in a long time (if we take out the "new season").
>Comparing anything from CG to first part of Death Note

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Let's continue the discussion on Mitty 2.0
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also Ozen
What exactly is the force field? Where does it come from?
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The answer lies at the bottom of the abyss!

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What did he mean by this.
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boxing reference, most famous boxing champs were black, so that's why he says the afro increases punching power

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ITT: characters who did nothing wrong
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Light yagami killed many people innocent
L did nothing wrong and get killed by Rem who did nothing wrong she killed L to save misa who rem love
Light was the hero that we all needed but didn't deserve.
Light did nothing wrong up until trying to kill L, and then fucked up big time killing the FBI agents
He should have just been content with murdering dudes with supernatural powers and leaving the authorities completely baffled and in the dark, instead of taking the bait and then unnecessarily drawing attention to himself respectively.

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Are you ready for worst girl's anime, /a/?
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she has....this fan art?
Why does Kurestina have tits now?
This isn't fanart, its Kagari, a totally "non-Kurisu" character!

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So what are your thoughts on Oda and tomorrow Studios making a Live action One piece adaption? The studio is the same one doing the Cowboy Bebop live action and this is expected to be the most expensive tv series made. beating out shows like Fraiser, Camelot and ER.
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They'll have to remove the wackiness and silliness if they hope to share the great story that One Piece can offer westerners. It'll be a challenge for sure but I don't think it's impossible.

Supposedly Oda gave them the license to do it under the condition it doesn't betray his fans/supporters. I wish this were a great sign but judging by the state of the anime... well...

I don't know how they'll cast and adapt Usopp. His entire character is comical cowardice and gags, it wouldn't translate well at all.
make all the white characters black and have nami be the strongest crew member because YAAAAAAAAAAS QUEEEN SLAY

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Why did it take until Part 4 for the JoJo anime to stop having a shit artstyle?
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You mean start you nu-anime loving newfag
Araki started to learn how to draw.
And then promptly forgot

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What are your favorite badass mc's who command respect and are extremely powerful

pic related
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Hirasawa Yui
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