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Will Vegeta job to her?
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True Reminder Guys
Vegeta only jobs to the best. Jiren will embarrass him.
Another spinning technique.

Hey. I have a lot of oneshots that were gathered sitting around, so I'll just dump a few every now and then. I haven't looked at any of these. The ones I'm posting now are all from Morning (pub raws, so probably a bit compressed).
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What's his endgame?
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It's not Thursday yet.
As much as I love the manga, the lack of anime and the difference between the release and the translation makes it difficult to discuss without spoilers and shit like that.
Shark best girl
Being Gay for Ohma.
Also, the waits for the raws for the next fight is making me nervous, I am hoping based Gensai wins.

Is this a better sequel than dragonball super?
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i couldn't stand it

Episode is out for people who can't wait.
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It literally blows my mind that even if you buy prime, then buy strike, you still won't get subs on time.
I don't like this kind of lie Ange!

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I dont get it
Comiket 92 anon
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hentai :)

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Would I enjoy Watamote if i'm not usually into anime?
I like things like Panty and Stocking, that are kind of west/international, don't usually get too much into very Japanese stuff.

How does the anime compare with the Mango?
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Go watch it yourself and see if you like it your time isnt that valuable

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It's that time of the week again.
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His eyes are really tiny.
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Ai chan is every one of my fetishes combined into one girl. I'm going to kill myself when she finally marries salary kun.
Instant erection.

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I s-summ, eh?
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I don't get it.
Monsters had rarely had effects, so all they could do was attack.

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Time to do stuff after dealing with shitty internet

[side] A Hina Doll festival for noisy little maidens!
73: White Day Capriccio
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[Side] When you think of the Hina Doll Festival?

"Okay... here we go!!"
"Looks like this is gonna be a long day...!"
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"Kogarashi-kun, good morning"
"Good morning, Nakai-san!"
"I'm sorry, I'm done using the kitchen now"
"No no"

"Today's white day, isn't it?"
"I'm sure everyone's looking forward to it"
"And thanks to this, I'm all ready now!"

"Oh yeah, I'll give this to you now..."

"A return gift for valentines!"
"Here are some tea snacks"
"Oh, handmade western sweets!"
"Thank you so much!"

"I'll just have a little taste..."
Thank you.

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I picked this up recently and wanted to ask those who have read it, what angle/ bias does this book seem to have?
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Would also like to know, bump.

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Ferry Faerie.jpg
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Was she right? What was the real right answer?
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The right answer was heterosexuality all along.

Sex is between a man, and a woman, for the sole purpose of procreation.
She's a woman, so she's wrong.

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Precure Thread
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Hime did everything wrong.
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Posting here because the Hime thread broke the rules.
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Who do you think is the best and why ?
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What did Illya mean by this /a/?
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I'm gonna take a wild guess, but I think that Illya has had her body switched with a pig's, and is trying to get back into her own body via mana transfer.

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