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Did anyone else notice Kumiko's shirt in this scene?
Also Kumiko thread
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>Did anyone else notice Kumiko's shirt in this scene?
Even if it's a cartoon, you can't expect them to just run around naked.
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Truly the cutest ice cream scoop

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Is this good, or is it just military propaganda?
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Only dumb burgers got triggered.
It was a nice watch.
It was okay at best. Worth a watch if you're bored.
Watch it and find out.

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I want to spoil him and buy him lots of snacks
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No replies in the DB for this post!

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>anime tries to pretend it has moral ambiguity
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>Asuka tries to pretend she's better than Rei
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>anon tries to pretend he has any good opinions
Ironically pretend sleep is important and just go to, because you are the man of your word.

Is there anything that compares to it?
Will the remake be shit?
Who is better? Space Stonewall/Hannibal or Space Alexander?
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not really looking forward to the remake

also English translation of vol.4 of the original novel is shit
Reminder that it's not a motherfucking remake.
It is an adaptation for the uncovered chapters.
>It is an adaptation for the uncovered chapters.
The flying fuck are you talking about? There are no such things as uncovered chapters. It will be a remake.

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Who is your armpitfu?
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no niggers.png
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Negro Miko Reimu

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Who was phone?
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Holy crap, Kobayashi's VA is the same as Kakashi from memeruto
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>another thred died for this one

where did /a/ go wrong?

Right about the time when seasonal feces-connoisseurs decided that having only one thread a week per show (排便) wasn't enough.

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What the fuck's your problem?
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>Astolfo is trap manwhore who fucks whatever girls or guys he wants based on his whims
>Summoned him purely so she could fuck him all war, and dominate him
>Astolfo doesn't care about her, she doesn't turn him on

He's bi, but he has his own whimsical standards for what he goes for.
Nice artifacts.
She is a female Bizon version

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Do door locks not exist in this series
Also why does this guy still call himself Tenma in public and not change his appearance either
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It's a bad anime that only hipsters praise. Don't believe me? Just look at the ending. It's enough to ruin the rest of the already mediocre show.
paper pacing works better for it
leave the animu to revisit the series in 6 years in case you love the story
Gurren Lagann, not so good

>this guy still call himself Tenma in public

There is a lot of laziness in the story but how halfassedly he did the fugitive life drove me insane.

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Based Agni got laid already

i wish i had a harem of pseudo-lesbo feminists
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I hope togat get reincarnated as Agni's baby.
author really nailed how wymen act IRL
>Based Agni got laid already
You are wrong anon. You shouldn't skip chapters.
Her baby is from a guy that raped her,
I think from the people Agni released, or the ones he killed.

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shhhhhhhh, CC is sleeping, you shouldn't wake her...
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oh, she's awake now! I think she wants something...
That's Bismark from Kancolle.

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ITT: Hidden gems
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Yume no Soko

I thought this was some standalone cute girls doing cute things show but apparently a show called luck and logic exists and came before this

How related are these two shows? and was it fun?
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Watch it faggot.

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Now that the dust has settled, what went right? What went wrong? And why is Hang Zhou StarQ the greatest studio of the last 3 decades?
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I too enjoy bait threads so here's a (you).
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can we not make this about Kyoani?

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