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Look at that butt.
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It has an official English title now you know, there's no reason whatsoever to keep referring to it using a language very few English speakers know.
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How new are you exactly?
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What would you feed her anon?

Why is writing in anime always fucking terrible?

Name me a series with good writing
you can't
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Gungrave. Good writing, terrible everything else.
Because Japanese is too different a language from English to be translated accurately without sounding awkward.

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>This was considered hot in 2011
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No it wasn't
It wasn't even considered funny.

Cue Nichijoufags rushing in.
Her voice is sex.

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I thought this was the news of it finally ending.
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Excited for all of 5 seconds before I remember the fact it'll be a year before anybody subs it.

Unless whoever comes along for movie 20 sticks around for this too.
Granted, I still haven't even watched Disappearance despite being caught up.

Looking forward to it. Curious if it'll be a complete re-imagining and be considered a true replacement to the original first episode (with minor spoilers).
It will be fun going back to nineties, despite canonically not even two years passed since then.

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>tfw Kill la Kill saved anime from moeshit
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>klk IS moeshit
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>Life Fibers save humans from Life Fibers
>Moeshit saves anime from moeshit

It's official artwork. What the fuck is wrong with you?

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Middle schoolers are the best!
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>Middle schoolers are the best!
Reminder to stop sexualizing aoba
Aoba is carrying my baby.
Get back to work, Hifumi.

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>Anime features a Half white half Japanese character
>It's always the dad being Japanese and the mom being white
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Can't have whito piggu taking their pure Japanese women.
>What is Nisekoi and Chitoge
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>Anime features a half white half Japanese character
>Dad is a very old, exceedingly masculine American who was just adding the mom to his harem

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Alright faggots, let's settle this. Who is the better composer of the two?

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damn tough imo love unicorn and kara no kyoukai ost both so much
sawano has this distinctive tune aka same shit
Kajiura had more good shows under her belt before she stopped doing anything new, but I liked AnE's soundtrack far more than any of Kajiura's stuff. Ultimately they're both repetitive shit now, but Kajiura maybe a little less so.

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it's time to choose
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Read the guide

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I was thinking about buying an Erio since I like her designs and her scales are cheap. I've narrowed it down to three, which do you all think looks best?
hot damn she has nice fucking feet
I like the last one cuz her stand is a desk

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Who would win in a game of Russian roulette?
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Izuru's hope is far greater
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You know why you know nothing.
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Not about me.

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Did you forget about her?
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You walk into work, ready for a hardcore debugging session and you see this. What do?

that debugging work is going to take a long goddamn time, i should get to work

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These are your semen demons today.
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Middle one first.

My wife-daughter Megu is so cute
chino's coming with me

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If there still any non faggoty non newfags get in here.

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Oh shit nigga.

Nice to see this.

This is one of the few times I wouldn't mind a reboot of something. And I mean a full scale reboot with adequate resources behind it. I feel like Tenchi could still be successful today, but they've built up too much garbage. The creator should also be kept as far away from it as possible.
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>Still no Kiyone

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