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Obscure waifus encouraged.
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Actually 40 min in Paint, holy shit.
I'm very sorry for this horrible drawing, miss Kunieda
A cute
I guess this is now a Beelzebub thread

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What is thy desire?
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To find the galactic lay line! Giggity!
To turn on the japanese audio
Should I watch Outlaw Star? I remember it being kinda shonen-ish. Is it any good?

Fuck you gay little girl and adult cowtits fat dyke anime
Give me more men like Akuma
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Would a Street Fighter anime work?
Here is men like Akuma.

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>Leiji Matsumoto is a good artist
lol no
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>the character is ugly so he's a bad artist
Nobody made good character designs during that period.

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That moment when a new anime officially won you over.

For me: I really wasn't feeling the first episode of Panty and Stocking, but then Panty got diarrhea, and I realized that this show is actually genius.
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PSG is new?
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When Focker checked out Minmay in the first episode in SDF, I really wanted to see his and Hikaru's Senpai/Kohai relationship play out.

They really felt like old buddies, and so I kept watching
Sluts usually have diarrhea problems. It's quite realistic.

This was Anno's last great animated work.
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He directs that and then chimps out. What a giant fagosaurus.
Imagine a world where Anno didn't fuck off from Kare Kano and anime in general for like 10 years...
>literally Chad and Stacy: the anime

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Did you like it?
Will you miss it after next week?
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It was cute and comfy
The mouse is my favourite character
No new bananya getting introduced? Fucking dropped.
Maybe they will do that the next week, or something more epic like the narrator is a Bananya

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>10/10 looks
>10/10 personality
>10/10 waifu material

How does it feel knowing you will never be in the 2d reality to feel her loving embrace?
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>generic KyoAni shit
Feels alright.
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I want my edgy autistic Reina back!
I can't wait for more Reina to be honest.

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What does /a/ think of Durarara!!
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it was good but not as good as baccano
I liked the first season a lot and then stopped really caring about it. The huge break in between seasons killed it for me.
Not as good as Baccano and then I also don't like it on a more personal level because it takes too much of his time away from Baccano.

Still pretty good though.

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Is Tomoyo the best waifu?
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no, kyou-chan is
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tomoyo [HDTV (1080)].png
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I want the anime adaptation of Tomoyo After: It's a Wonderful Life
Best girl

The original run of Armored Trooper Votoms is considered by many to be the greatest in the mecha anime genre. Do you agree, though?
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mecha is gay
Not sure if it was the greatest, but it was pretty damn great.
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I haven't watched it yet.
I'm planning on watching it during an upcoming deployment

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>Draw a boy
>Call it a girl
that doesn't even make sense
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There's almost no difference between prepubertal boys and girls though. If girls didn't have long hair, pink clothes and frills, you wouldn't be able to distinguish them from boys. And vice versa.
I miss Carol.
>if it wasn't for all the diferences you wouldn't be able to distinguish boys from girls
who would have thought?

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Is this really the best the isekai genre has to offer? You can do anything with "trapped in another world" being the premise and yet this is the only one that's good. Not even great, just good.
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You might like parodies.
There are plenty of older titles that were " isekai" before the term existed that blow any of the modern shows that follow the formula out of the waters
>Is this really the best the isekai genre has to offer?
Watch more than 30 post-2010 anime.

>[HorribleSubs] Mahou Shoujo Naria Girls - 12 [720p].mkv
At least one person finished it, I guess.
By the way, everyone died and was reborn as a genderbent version of themselves.
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>reborn as a genderbent version of themselves.
Damn it Anon I had a minute left in the episode. That's what I get for checking /a/ during the ED
>reborn as a genderbent version of themselves.

Now they can really charge their Naria!
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Screenshot (938).png
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Well to clarify for OP, only Urara got genderbent. Pretty sure they were talking about boobs or something.

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>Makoto Shinkai, director of the hit anime film your name., stated in a recent interview with the "Watching Japanese New Movies" announcer Shinsuke Kasai that he's a bit worried about what the film's success means for him as a creator.

>"The box office revenue exceeding 10 billion yen (US$98 million) is honestly frightening," Shinkai said. "This box office revenue is not exactly proportional to my own ability...I don't have "10 billion yen" worth of merit. I fear the assessment of my merit [based on the film's earnings] is becoming a bit unbalanced."

>Shinkai admitted his bewilderment that the film became such a huge hit, and expressed his humility in the rest of the brief interview.

>When asked if the film is a work he has confidence in, he replied that, "This time without considering anything, I thought I would probably get feedback that it was enjoyable; that's the kind of self-confidence I had."

I don't blame him. Shinkai was a known name but not 'this' known
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I'm bewildered too because I hate his movies.
I don't like his movies but I'm happy for him. Seems like a good guy.
Isnt this movie just sappy romance crap and only got popular because women?

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