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Which girl has the best eyes? (not just Monogatari girls)
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I really like her deadpan and tired look.
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Those dark circles tho

>Finally decide to get in HxH
>From the very first moment was dead certain Kurapika was a reverse trap
>20 eps in "any time now"
>Pic related appears "Finally her sensei will reveal she's a girl"
>Anime ends, nothing happens (watching the patrician 99' anime btw)

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What are you, fucking gay?
>watching the patrician 99' anime
Another sad soul fell for the '99 is good' meme.
Unless you've seen a character completely nude, you can still assume anything.

Anime is a bad thing.
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Blow the fuck out
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Shounen = Good.
Harem, Romance, Ecchi = Bad

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Pinky promise with a man eating lion.
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Wasting good character designs - the animation.
First thing that came to my mind was leomon from digimon
only 2 people still watch this.

if shinji masturbated while inside/had sex with unit 01, would that technically be incest?
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I thought Rei was the clone of Yui though. how is EVA related to Yui again?
Her soul is inside it

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Read The Guide: Buyfag.moe
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anyone waiting for this?
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This is gonna cost more than my life savings isn't it.

chapter just got translated


looks like a romance arc is coming up
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wasn't anno depressed when he mad evangelion ? why was the show full of fanservice?
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How is that scene fanservice if there's nothing about it that pleases fans?
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Why would the two exclude each other?
File: Neon_Genesis_Evangelion2-04.jpg (38KB, 640x480px)Image search: [Google]
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i actually fapped to that scene

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Help, I'm in love with a boy!
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>Kaname gets a happy ending

I'm ok with this.
Is Locon a boy or grill?

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He's not completing it, is he?
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Why would he?
He earns much more by making the youtube videos.
No, its why I gave up on him and the manga.
If he doesn't get assassinated by some fan, he'll probably just devote the rest of his life writing Idolmaster doujins.

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This anime is pretty bad, to be honest. I started watching it because it always got a fuck-ton of praise on here but after a few episodes I just stopped. It's boring. And I didn't find any of the humor and jokes funny at all and some of the characters were a bit overwhelming. I guess you can say that it was too "Japanese" for me.
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You didn't enjoy, that doesn't mean it's bad.
I really enjoyed it, but that by itself doesn't mean it's good.
>watching Azumanga Daioh as an EOP
You have a problem in your brain.

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>see this thing charging at you with a knife
what do?
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Take her knive and hold her hand.
Let her kill me
Give her some ice cream, if I'm lucky she'll forget that I exist

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Now you have to make an original anime based on your life, what genre would it be?

Pic not related
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Slice of Life, Psychological

It would be about a guy who stopped school after eighth grade and became a NEET
A show about nothing
Literally "turn your brain off if you want to enjoy this bullshit"

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Name a more worthless character.
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Shots fired
Goes without saying, at least Chiaotzu has the decency to kill himself.

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Does /a/ like anime girls who smoke?
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smoking is gross
In my case, i don't have a problem with that.
Kimi no nai wa has a smoking girl. The guy friend was hitting it off with her but decided to stop when he knew she was a smoker. She had no choice but to marry somebody else.

The guy friend was successful in evading a land mine.

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