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Reminder that nips genuinely care about what we think about their anime
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Reminder that I don't give a shit.
I don't understand

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Now that the dust has settled, was it an anime?
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Puru2 best girl.
Oh no. Oh fuck. Have we entered a fresh new hell of shitposting? I must warn you that if this continues we will experience a level of newfaggotry in posters that has not yet been reached before. You must not let this become a meme. Let it die, please for the sake of this board let it fucking die. This is the last thing we need, it's like some sick hell from /tv/.
Clearly not an anime

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Why is every male protagonist in anime allergic to girls?
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They want to make the main character relatable to the type of people that watch them
Relatable to people who go out of their way to not get laid?
Because they're normal, well adjusted kids (usually). They aren't sex obsessed 30+ year old virgins who can't even talk to women because their brains are constantly being filled with thoughts of lewd things, and they don't spend hours a day looking at porn and jerking off (which rots your brain and makes it even harder to function in social situations with the opposite sex).

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How old is Lust supposed to look?
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Late 20's to early 30's?
Old enough for my dick
too old

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I'm really having fun reading this manga
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its a shame we're at least 10 chapters behind in translations
How about you guys lurk the fuck more often.
Check archives to see based korean rough translator to catch up.

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Why does the Yurus doesn't have pupils?
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because they are aliens.
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Why does the OP doesn't have English?
Yurus are for cuddling

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She sees your bank account.
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Why would you request people to post reaction faces when its against the rules?
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I took the liberty of translating the one-shot Hokuto no Ken spinoff "Heart of Meet" for you guys, because it doesn't seem to be translated in English anywhere, not even in the Hokuto no Gun website..

Heart of Meet: The Promise From That Day (HEART of Meet あの日の約束) is a one-shot story published in the February 2013 issue of Comic Zenon and later collected as a backup story in the first volume of Hokuto no Ken: Ichigo Aji. It's essentially the origin story for Mr. Heart and what inspired him to become the fat bastard he ended up being later in life.

The later volumes of Ichigo Aji also have similar backup stories for other characters, which I'm planning to translate as well sometime in the future, but for now enjoy this.

Also be sure to support the official English version of Comic Zenon and let them know you want more Hokuto stuff officially translated in English.
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Bird: "chrip chrip"
Ken: "So it is a pig... Go back to your pen!"
Shin: "Kenshiro... Your martial art won't work against this man. Soon you will learn the greatest failing of Hokuto Shinken"
Ken: "What do you mean?"
Shin: " Hokuto Shinken is not as invincible or faultless as you think it is"
Ken: "What is this?"
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Shin: "Heart's body is a bit different. It softens and absorbs any external impact."
Shin: "Your punches will be covered in flesh before it can strike any vital point."
Ken: "Guah!"
Bat: "K-Ken!"
Bat: "His Hokuto Shinken techniques are no use."
Bat: "If Ken cannot use his martial art, then he's just an ordinary man. He'll be killed."
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Fist of the North Star: Legends of Outlaw
Heart of Meet: The Promise From That Day
Original Story by Buronson and Tetsuo Hara
Scenario by Yushi Kawata
Artwork by Yukito
Cooperation by Yukito's Sister

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violent barbarian drummer.jpg
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What the fuck is her problem?
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None, she's perfect.
Good character stuck in a shitty show
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Which Royal Guard is your favorite?

I have to go with based Youpi. The absolute mad ant.
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My bride Pitou of course.
I want to get in shaia's pouf

I want more chimera ants in dark continent
Neferpitou. The rest is shit.

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I will just leave this here
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Someone knows anything about the season 2 of Attack on titans? Cuz its been 3 years.
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Never so fuck off from my /a/ normalfag trash.
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Get your basic fucking stater anime off my fucking board you stupid asshole. Also it's never gonna happen so stop fucking hoping. Hope is for faggots. Now go watch some better anime.

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How do we fix moeshit?
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How do we fix the /v/ infestation?

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Have you ever seen the cover page of a manga series and known INSTANTLY, without a doubt, that it is shit?

Pic related. Take a guess why this series would be shit.
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Looks neat
>loli with next to no clothing for armor and a huge weapon
did you read it?

cause it looks like shit

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Please describe this child.
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Helix pomatia
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Always the same garbage threads every single days.

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