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please bin.
>package is in Chicago

This one was first, so the porkfags can fuck off.

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Place your bets on JOKERS

Princess Deluge - Controls the power of water
Princess Inferno - Controls the power of fire
Princess Tempest - Controls the power of wind
Princess Quake - Controls the power of earth

Prism Cherry - Can change what's reflected in mirrors (real life stays the same)
Filuru - Can sew anything with a magical needle and thread
Uttakatta - Can create bubbles (Size, density, strength can be adjusted)
Kafuria - Can tell who dies the earliest (doesn't know cause or time)

Lady Proud - Can change her blood to any kind of liquid (Dry blood doesn't work)
Umbrain - Can catch anything with her umbrella
Grim Heart - Can ignore rude opponents (If she doesn't give you permission, you can't do anything to her)
Shufflin - Can change her ability based on suits and numbers (53 forms. Spades - Attack, Diamond - Intelligence, Hearts - Endurance, Clubs - Stealth, Joker form, all suits on Ace level)

Marika Fukuroi - Can bloom magical flowers on her head (Powers vary depending on flower)
Styler Mimi - Can change your appearance
Stuntchica - Can create circus performances out of nowhere
??? - ???
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I'll go with the ??? - ???

Literally all in on it. What could even go wrong?
20% on SWRP guys!
Based translator-kun is actually a Magical Girl.

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CxH5jnHVEAApiQ7.jpg orig.jpg
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Episode 7 airs today.

Gaugastrikes, Shingan Crimson Z training camp, Cyan with Grateful King, and perhaps Tsurezurenaru Ayatsuri Mugenan?
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Anyone got a link to the livestream?
Is there a stream?
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And he's back too.

This hat right here. It bothers me. Not only it's out of perspective of the table, but it is poorly drawn too. What the heck? This is important, we need to discuss this right now!
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It's floating!
It's magic.
Maybe the hat was hastily added in at the last minute?

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This is your daughter from now on, take good care of her!

Remember to kiss and give headpats to Fuckofffag
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Saki is actually my daughter, I don't remember raising a slut like Alice.
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We need to be comfier to be a better hugbox for Fuckofffag. It seems like he has so much stress during the weekday that he just takes it all out on us. It's okay Fuckofffag, we'll accept you.

You can be Aki.
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Why is Alice usually depicted as the lewder loli and Mako is depicted as the purer loli? Isn't that all backwards?

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Cornucopia of Resources / Guide
Read the guide before asking questions.

Previous thread: >>149660878
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You done goofed.

#1734 >>149586018
#1735 >>149624597
#1736 >>149660878
#1737 >>149703670

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>just fuck my character design up, senpai
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>character design outsourced to deviantart
I was thinking the same thing, something about Vivio and Einhart just screams "babby's first character designs".
I think it's the heterochromia.
Heterochromia looks stupid in anime because of how fuckhuge their eyes are.

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What's an Oneesan for?
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Let me feel her
>Tfw no older sister to snuggle with

This episode was great.
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Evil Cult Guys wanna upload's people mind into computers to achieve immortality.
Consciousness can go faster back and forward through time which is why some people have precognition.
They killed tons of people to test their system and theories.
The original source material was the LN. The third volume was never published.

The LN started getting adapted to manga. It was actually being done in a super lightning pace.

The anime was announced. FBI-chan was announced. People got worried about her being an anime original character.

Third novel was cancelled. FBI-chan was probably (definitely) going to be in it.

Manga adaptation overtakes the novels. FBI-chan shows up in the latest chapter or two.

Anime starts.

It's the official manga.
why make a new thread, there's nothing else to discuss or theorize about

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Would you accept her contract?
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Stop creating new threads

we are here >>149672428
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Arc 4 Ch 58

Previous stuff

Arc 3 Ch 35 ⅔

For animefags looking to continue the story

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Times are changing people say
I don’t buy it
In the corner of my heart
It’s only getting darker
Day after day I go
Searching for why I have forgotten
But my journey is taking me far
So far from /ai/ - Idle Activities
I’m moving on
Moving so far away
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No, come back! I promise we'll make it bright again!
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File: ss+(2014-11-23+at+10.54.54).jpg (10KB, 166x164px)Image search: [Google]
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why didn't it happen?
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why kubo?

Let's pacefully talk about cards, gifts, and love for everyone.
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I have no idea how to make a christmas card and I still have to send 2 to some people. My handrwriting's very ugly.
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Maybe you can find some inspiration here.

Thanks, will gladly look into it

>no thread the day after airing

The hype couldn't be more dead for this show, huh?
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Previous thread died an hour ago.
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I enjoy watching both of the protagonists!
What's her endgame?

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Mankai Matsuri 2 starts in less than 24 hours. Season 2 and/or Washio Sumi is a Hero movie trailer is likely. All of the main seiyuus will be there and there's a chance that Suzuko Mimori's single for the movie will be previewed. Special limited edition tickets for the movie will be on sale, as will new merchandise.

All media: http://pastebin.com/2wvjCyrV
News: http://yuyuyu.tv/news/
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Limited edition ticket design.
Normal ticket design.
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Also, pachinko coming soon.

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