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What did you think of Zamasu as a character?
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He was pretty funny when he got to hang out with himself.
Wish I could save him ;_;
Misunderstood homo.

Gowasu should have shown him peaceful ningen to contrast the violent ones he saw

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Why is your waifu the best, /a/nons?
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cause jiggle
She's an alcoholic, like me.
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She's autistic, like me

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The nug lives

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Nobody cares about your meme hamster anymore.

Have you forgotten?
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we will never forget the greatest love story ever told, silly
That bitch deserved it.
She's the one who broke things up and hurt him first.
All girls aside from Saori were shit anyways.
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>All girls aside from Saori were shit anyway

You are my nigger.

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So why the fuck nobody is talking about this masterpiece? Seriously I haven't had this fun reading a manga in a long time
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We get a thread on new chapter release, if lucky.
Is it one guy who keeps making threads about "Why aren't you reading Golden Kamui," or what? I mean, it's a sort-of okay, mildly popular series, so it seems odd that there'd be threads every week or two suggesting it's a masterpiece that no one's heard of or something.
Tanigaki's flashback was so good

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What's wrong with this bitch?
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looks like u attached the wrong picture anon

don't worry though, I've got you covered ;x
There's nothing wrong with best girl.
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Let's not be hasty, anon. There are so many things wrong with that boys I don't even know where to start yet.

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>Yuri On Ice
>It's actually yaoi on ice
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>It's actually Shitijou
>its actually a social experimentation on how much forced animation people can take

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Who would win in a serious fight to the death, you or Shinka?
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Shinka is the type of girl who would kick your balls before the fight even starts to get you to the ground. If she manages a good kick, she'll have a roughly 30 seconds to do whatever while I grasp for air. I can see her gouging my eyes, after that it's game over for me. The real question is, what method would she use to dispose of my body?
She won't dispose your body.
Shinka is a lot more athletic than the average /a/non but I don't it she has it in her to kill people.

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The best Working!! girl has arrived
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Yamada is love.
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Is it fair that Yamada gets paid the same as the other waiters?

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How autistic is she?
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There's nothing wrong with her.

If you say so
Is this pin pon?

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Greetings from /tg/.

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Very nice, I'm jelly.

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Is this first PA Works show that best girl end up winning the MCbowl?
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Miunas will save the galaxy!
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>[HorribleSubs] Regalia - The Three Sacred Stars - 12 [720p].mkv
Thanks, Daisuki.
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It's been a while.
The show is kind of a mess.

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Is Nozomi a fatty or just healthy?
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Do you consider that to be fat, anon?

some people do
Absolutely healthy.

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I'm new to the world bitches series, but can I safely assume they will be nude in the BD? Why would they even carry mizugi with them?
What's this "mizugi" thing you are talkijg about? This is standard Fuso Imperial Navy uniform
I don't think so, this series has gone completely soft on the service.

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