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What did they mean by this?
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It is a retarded series but to pull this shit is equally retarded too.
The first season was pretty good. It's getting weirder though. Maybe I'm just stupid for waiting for DDY?
You first

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Winter is approaching. Pick your place to get comfy.
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>Winter is approaching.
The planet has two hemispheres.
I'm sure your education wasn't that bad.
>Winter is approaching for the hemisphere that matters

only one matters though

I just watched this entire 12 episode series and it seemed like a bunch of conflicts were being set up and then it ended with absolutely no major conflict happened, nothing significant at all. I feel really really cheated.
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>Anon's first SoL
Enjoy your stay.
This, honestly.

Have you never watched anime before, OP?
I'm sorry I don't watch anime I don't know what a SoL is, I tried this because I like anime's style but most anime is so fucking cringey, this one managed not to be.

What was in the bag?
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Fart inducers.
Used condoms.
a dismembered cock

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Why is she so shit?
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She ruined the whole episode
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Too sweaty.
Ruining a tomboy with cowtits should be a felony

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left or right
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why not both.jpg
Have you ever seen them in the same room together? That's what I thought.
Left, because Right left.

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<<It was a cold and snowy day...>>
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<<We're going to start over from scratch. That's what the dimensional weapon is for.>>
What was even the point of Mirage's existence?
Break the macross tradition of worst girl winning

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So I'm just gonna say it.

I don't trust this guy.
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>little girl willingly coming to your house

consider this chain already broken on /a/
Daily reminder Griffith will not turned evil if Guts don't selfishly leave the Band.
Damn Guts.

Having his own ambitions and shit.

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If your waifu does this, what does it mean /a/?
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She's reading something very lewd and she's about to ask you if she can have sex with you. That, or she wants to see your dick, and is just too shy. Sometimes both
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>having a shy waifu
She likes reading manga in the balcony

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ITT: Concept Art
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cheep cheep
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anime on steam.jpg
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There's Anime on Steam. But why in the hell should I buy it? The prices are shit. And it's not even a file, but a stream. Yes you spend 14 dollars to stream a movie. If I'm going to spend money, I would buy the bluray. Perfect quality with zero compression, extras, and a physical copy that never goes away.
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>buying anime
Okay buddy

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Akari is my favorite anime character!
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I don't know why you posted a picture of a television, but the best Yuru Yuri girl is Chitose.
File: 1473365636796.jpg (89KB, 1280x720px)Image search: [Google]
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Shitose and her stupid fucking nose bleeds are the only things that prevent me from considering YRYR as a true 10/10
File: 1474682960314.png (915KB, 1820x1080px)Image search: [Google]
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I used to hate them but on a rewatch I saw that her fantasies got more ridiculous so I forgave her. Chizuru is better though.

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Find a flaw
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He got cucked in the end.
no flaw

i'd take his dick to the back of my throat

no homo

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This is Shiro, say something nice about her!
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Shiro is the red man!
s2 when, more hmanga when?
That isn't very nice

Why didn't they just ask Shenron to make the sayans spaceships malfunction in deep space?
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How would that help anyone?
Why didn't they wish for the location of Gero's lab? Not only could they have still gotten to fight the androids like they wanted, but they wouldn't have had to wait until people died first.

and if Supreme Kai wasn't a shitter, he could've gathered the balls and wished either to have Buu's ball transported wherever he wanted or he could've made Babidi appear right in front of him and Kabito. He wouldn't have even needed to get any of the others involved.
Why didn't they just wish for Goku to be automatically stronger than any villain that ever appears in the future?

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