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Show just ended, no thread???
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I'm posting in one, Anon.
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I should've known.
I don't think I even like her any more.

Say something nice to her
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I'm still OK with her despite her original voice being better.

I wish to operate the Bagger 288 with her.
She's as cute as those flowers she is holding.

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Am I alone in the fact that I just can't stand anime humor? I love all kinds of anime, from action to drama, but whenever they try to be funny, I just can't help but cringe. And when they try too hard or too often, I just gotta' turn that shit off. It sucks, cuz there are some shows that have great art direction and/or a really interesting underlying plot, but the silly, wacky, japanese-desu jokes kill the whole thing. It ruined FLCL for me, and I could never finish Fullmetal Alchemist because of its bipolar swings between telling a story and telling shitty jokes.
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Japanese humour is certainly different from western humour but I think the more exposure to anime you have the more you get used to it and begin to appreciate it for what it is. It doesn't help that the jokes you are getting are often being retold by the translator or the english voice cast and sometimes completely changed because the Japanese joke doesn't translate.
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>Am I alone in the fact that I just can't stand anime humor?
Where do you think you are? People on here make it a full time job not getting the Japanese humor in anime.
Nip culture simply can't grasp show don't tell
You build resistence after a good 3 years don't worry

What is the definitive battle Shounen of them all?
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You have to be at least 16 to use this site.
>if he was 10 when most of the manga in shounen jump came out he'd be 27 or older
Are you 12?
That's like asking which shit smells the best

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Left or right?
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I'm so tired of these stupid fucking threads
I'm really sick and tired of these terrible threads.
I'm so tired of people who are tired of these threads.

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"Mix two unlikely genres together" edition.
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A story about how anime and manga gets banned by the Japanese government under the context of it killing today's youth.

All the studios/publishing companies becomes a mafia like entity, rivaling the Yakuza and operates underground.

MC is a shut in NEET who together with other NEETs in his apartment complex saw this opportunity and form a small gang who works for these studios in smuggling and selling their products on the streets.

The story is basically the MC, his NEET neighbor and a third character who is a Yakuza enforcer who under the orders of his family boss are trying get into the manga/anime business. They go around selling them to clients in which many of the deals will go well but some of them will go wrong like dealing with a couple of otakus who wants to rip them off, nearly getting caught by an undercover agent etc. Hijinks ensue.

Towards the middle of the show, MC becomes an incredibly rich gangster but something still doesn't feel right and his curiosity leads him to find out about the real reason why anime and manga were banned in the first place.
MC was just a regular high school studen untill one day a transfer student joins the class... Just your classic Love Triangle, Mecha Pilot, Time Travel, Magical Powers, Demons, NEET, story of finding oneselves in a world filled with tentacle rape.
Cyberpunk Slice-of-Life show.

It's literally just cute girls doing cute things, but you have things like soldiers and armored robots on the streets, girls removing their prosthetics before onsen time, futuristic, but also gritty looking backgrounds.

Is Kiznaiver a modern classic?

There's no denying its status as a masterpiece, but will it hold up against the test of time?
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They really fucked up that scene, was so corny.
>Mari Okada
Choose neither.
its visually very well done, but no other part of it is above average.

but you already knew that didn't you.

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This is My wife, Illya!
She seems to be having a fun time on the waters today with her friends Miyu and Kuro.
Say something nice about them!
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I swear these threads are always so fucking pathetic.
A proper woman should be indoors doing housework.
"Say something nice about" should be a banned phrase.

She is form Boston.
She is fan of RedSox.
She is Assistant Language Teacher.
And on English-language textbook in Japan.
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I'm still mad the artist didn't draw anything when the sawx were eliminated from the playoffs this year.
Will she still be in textbooks this next few years?

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me on the right.png
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What do chuunis do on Christmas?
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They probably go to fight Santa or some crazy shit like that.
Me on the left. The one with the wings.

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Let's be honest.
All the other manga on /a/ are poop
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Are you the only one making these threads or are all TWIM fans this obnoxious?
I am the only one left
That looks nice, how is it?

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>all the idiots getting excited for code geass
I remember liking it as an edgy 14 year old, but even back then, I was smart enough to see how bad the second season was, and here you fat neckbeards are doing your absolute best to hype this horribly written garbage up.

This show was tailored for morons who don't think, and you're eating it up like a dog's breakfast. Pretty funny.
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>>all the idiots getting excited for code geassI remember liking it as an edgy 14 year old, but even back then, I was smart enough
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Sorry OP, I can't really understand you with that giant cock in your mouth. Didn't your mother ever teach you not to talk with your mouth full? Or was hers never empty?
Hello idiot.

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Because the party does not stop, and neither does the booze!

Requests are open as per usual. Please include a link if they're not in the database.

Also something something google r/a/dio
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You're supposed to let the other thread archive first my dear newfag.
>new thread at page 8

Let the DJs make the threads, they do it as soon as the old one dies.

Play some kill la kill

Is it agreed upon that Komari and to a lesser extent Hotaru carry this show hard? At least the first season
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Komari was best girl but the show was just great overall.
So far the first eight episode really lack in memorable Ren and Nattsun moments
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I would argue that Hotaru and, to a lesser extent, Komari carried the show, but we're on the same page here so whatever I agree basically.

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I'm the sexiest.
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Who are you?
Best girl from citrus.
>that Punpun

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