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Welp, failed again this year. No for lack of trying.

I'm pretty sure I'm still the only one trying?

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You're not.

But is going to the park supposed to be on Christmas Eve or Christmas night?
Fucking normalfags.
OP Here,

It's supposed to be on Christmas Eve, packing some Rolo Hot Chocolate and a bundle of Ai Yori Aoshi to read on the bench.

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Happy birthday, /a/non-kun !
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Really makes you heart warm huh?

Merry xmas OP and H-bday to that anon
>screencapping your own post and then wishing yourself happy birthday

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H-happy birthday to me

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lolis are so perfect
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Can you ban the false flagger next time mods? thanks
Lolis are perfect, true
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and goburins are the perfect lolis.

Merry Christmas you fucking faggots.

I love you /a/. Please don't ever change.
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okay thanks for another thread that just says merry christmas
really happy you posted, don't know how I could have gone on if I didn't see yet another substanceless merry christmas thread today
even though it's christmas eve

also don't save sample
Merry Christmas you fruit
I'll make another one just for you.

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the best of 80's.png
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Boy, 80's sure was a great time for anime. Not that many shows, but when they got it right, they got it fucking right.
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>Kimagure orange road
When I think 80s I always think of the movies. Like there are some solid shows too, but who gives a shit when you've got stuff like Totoro or Akira or Night on the Galactic Railroad or whatever?
Yeah, no.

>started out as a lesbian
>that aspects of her personality was completely dropped about midway through the show

What happened?
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lesbianism is a sin
>started out as a lesbian

She's just innocent.
>Admiration for her elder
go back to /u/

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ITT: Wish your waifu a merry, merry christmas!
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I wish my Gārufurendo Ritsu a very merry, merry Christmas.
I wish Miia a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year!
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merry chrismas to the best esper, hero and waifu to ever exist

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Based Oda
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This reveal if true, would explain a complaint I've had about the wedding. If Big Mom were smart, she wouldn't have agreed to marry her daughter to the unwanted son that ran away that she should know has no value as a hostage and would inherit nothing; in other words the wedding itself doesn't benefit her in any way, she should have just done a regular alliance without going through a pointless marriage that just gives Germa a hostage.
If she were really serious, she would have insisted on Ichiji in order to have a grandchild that will inherit Germa.
I love Sa-Na. I'm so happy for them.
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I could totally see Pudding singing this, the dub should give her the same VA as Lord Dom.

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Why is this mouth not being used more often?
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Nice trips :<>

Because it was the classic thing around mid 2000s and before
Working s3
Season 3 never.

>AKB producer X Sony Music X A1 Pictures (ex-KyoAni staff)
The Love Live killer is here.
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I hate AkiP
Jesus christ it looks terrible.
Right-tail is best girl.

Which one, /a/?
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For fighting mechs? AP clearly.
HEAT or go home.
Both would work. With so much complicated parts and weaknesses it would be easy crippled with HE.

Off course if show goes with mecha show logic it will not work, but AP will be ineffective either.

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Time to eat Christmas cakes!
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Can Sawa-chan ever be saved?

They should have given Nodoka more screentime.
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Best girl

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>h-hey guys, remember me?
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Yamada's career is over.
>Your Name clone

Who cares.
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>tfw haven't watched it yet

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Why haven't you watched Aim For The Ace?
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Who told you that I hadn't?

They were lying.
character designs will give me nightmares
You must have a weak constitution.

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Hibike! Euphonium 2

Merry Christmas, /a/
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>not DiU
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>Not Rakugo
>K-On! not even runner up for 2009
>New Game somehow better than Flip Flappers
>no Shirobako for either 2014 or 2015

Become an hero, OP.

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