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I want to put a babby into Ryuuko and take responsibility
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>fucking a lesbian
She's dating Annoying Bowlcut. Didn't you hear her get asked out on a date the last episode?
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Ryuko is perfect.
Delete your post.

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>this kisama is 12 years old
>with those curves

Is this even possible?
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Reminder that Biba ruined everything
If you are asking real life yes just google Saaya Irie.
Blame GMOs

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Greatest series of all time? Yeah, I think so.
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It was okay. Ending was shit and Ed was fucking annoying.
Whatever happened to her? She just left to go with her dad? That's it?
I don't think she went with her dad. Her dad ran off with his friend to follow asteroids and left Ed behind again. I think the point of that ending was to show Ed taking Faye's advice: to go out and carve her own destiny.

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Name a bigger Gary Stu.
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someone who isn't in jail
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someone who doesnt wanna fuck 14 year old girls and someone who actually gets laid
Heh. His sword looks like a penis

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And he gets angry....sometimes.
Lupin is a good boy who didn't do anything
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A fire girl.

>Shao May didn't grow up to be a huge panda
Shit adaptation.
0/10, would not recommend.
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It's fucking Alchemy.

I ain't gotta explain shit.
Why was May Chang the worst?

And why was Greed the best?
>tfw no adventures of Al in Xing getting Panda pussy
>Don't get the many adventures of Ed and Al around the world
>We'll never know if Selim will live a normal life
>Mustang x Hawkeye while heavily implied, it was never truly confirmed.
It hurts. But I guess its better this way. The alternative could be Super Fullmetal GT.

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>He self inserts into Natsuki Subaru. It's not Natsuki Subaru fucking Rem, it's him. It's not Natsuki Subaru or Negi Springfield who's the haram master who fucks all those girls. It's him. And he does this by "self inserting".

>He self inserts his penis into Natsuki Subaru's ass. Pushing in against his thighs, through up into his prostate until his penis is inserted through into Natsuki Subaru's penis. His balls are inside him. He watches him fuck Rem and Ram all the other girls. He cums inside Natsuki Subaru and Natsuki cums inside them.

>He can't any watch any anime without generic shits to self insert into, because it's how he gets his dick sucked, through some other guy's dick

Waifu fags are cancer. Self insertion is gayer than traps or yaoi
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You wrote that out.
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wut. I self insert as the little girl. weirdo.
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>waifu fags
if a character appeals to me for specific reasons that's literally the deciding factor for me to watch certain shows. this classifies me as a waifufag

i dont do any of the self-insert business you just said and yet people call me a waifufag. how does that work?

I grew some interest in Kinnikuman, should I watch the anime or read the manga?
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Personally I'd recommend the manga.
The anime is mediocre and the pacing is all out of wack due to them adding more gag bits in the middle of fights. I also dislike how the artwork never really tries to match the look of the manga, unlike the Ramenman anime.
The voice cast and music is great though, just sort of gone to waste

Although a few things to note if you don't know already.

-The series starts out as a really corny gag manga. It's ok for what it is but it eventually hits an experimental phase where the authors are trying out different tones and themes, as well as visuals. It can be hit or miss.
Kinnikuman starts to find its place at around the battle against Warsman.

-The translation for the last arc is quite awful, especially towards the second half of it.
It's incredibly stiff and fill with redundancies, a bit rough to read since it's about the same as a polished google translation. Plus the translator thought it was a good idea to include long walls of text bitching about the story.

-There is a current arc going on that started in 2011, some fans are hard at work translating volumes of it whenever possible. They've got 9 of the Revival Series volumes out so far and the translation quality is a hell of a lot better than the series has gotten so far.
Look for Hercules Factory on tumblr

The series is one of the forefathers of battle-shounen manga, so it's definitely worth a look.

And buy figures and merchandising.
Would be nice if they made some games for it that weren't pachislot or mobile.

I'd love to support the series with some of that.
Looking forward to getting that S.H Figurearts Terryman though

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this show isnt really good its kinda boring
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If you don't have the attention span for episodic shows, you might as well stop watching Nipponese moving pictures.
What a faggot
Failed for the same reasons filp flap is failing now: Episodic lol so random style over substance shit.

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So this show would not have bombed if they were guys right?
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Fuck off IRC
Anyone replying after this post is an IRC cocksucker
Pretty much. Still doesn't mean that sales=quality though.
it was from lack of promotion you faggot, stop posting bait like this when we already have enough autistic shitposters in the threads

It this the ultimate shonnen?
>massive battles
>carries itself seriously despite being reduculous
>quality OPs and EDs
>quality animation
>quality voice acting
>literally ever character is a fetish
>meliodas is a top tier husbando
It's just great. I'm hyped for season 2.
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I have no excuses for my bad spelling
>quality animation
More like QUALITY

Perfect villains don't exi-
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Perfect threads don't exi-
Manga Black>>>>>>>>>Anime Black
The guy having Majin edgy eyeliner and going SSJ2 were enough to BTFO anime Black.
It's funny because he doesn't exist anym-

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This shit hits a little too close to home desu.
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You're three years late for the party my man.
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somebody stop the close to home meme
I bet you didn't even send her your penis, nerd.

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Started watching pic related for first time. What am I in for? Loving the 90s feel so far.
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Shittons of filler and monster of the week.

>not watching CCS instead

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What's in the backpack?
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another backpack
Young Araragi, she kidnapped him

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