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What makes busty blondes so amazing in 2D?
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Because they are made to be ideal
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what makes /c/ unsuited to this purpose

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Fuck this cunt. She's a worthless piece of shit that should be forgotten about like the scum that she is.
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>Fuck this cunt.
Don't mind if I do.
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That's a nice Yamada. She looks really soft.
Okay, what ghost turned you down?

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Is Subaru the hottest magical girl of all time, or is she the hottest magical girl of all time?
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>over 10 years old
Your sex drive is faulty.

>no fire related powers
>no explosions
>no gravity powers so powerful that your atoms get fused together and release lots of thermal energy

How does it feel to be so wrong?

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200% fabulous.webm
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>dad walks in
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*this plays* https://youtu.be/-Tdu4uKSZ3M
>that cam shake
>putting hands on hips is gay now

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Aya Hirano
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Hirano Aya
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wtf since when Miura is a lolicon?
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Why does Miura always make 10/10 lolis?
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>told my parents me and my girlfriend will finally get married
>sent them pic related and inform them that she's an anime game character
>they strongly disapprove

Should I have picked other waifu or are they just have shit taste?

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I liked her VA, she should really get more roles.
she's best girl you weren't wrong

disagree her seiyuu was miscast imo. she should have had a seiyuu like miyuki sawashiro or someone who do a bit deeper (but not too deep) or husky voice
Maybe first try to not act like autistic faggot who just come up with highly unbelievable story just to make shit thread on /a/.
It might help.

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It's that time of the year, say something nice to her.
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Too old
Almost 30 and still not married?

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Has she fucked Hayama?
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I think the question is who hasn't Hayama fucked?

Reminder Yumiko is probably the best girl for Hachiman considering he wants to be a househusband and she doesn't want to do any cooking or cleaning.

Same digits of repeating order confirm.
I'm okay with this, Sugawa ending was great in OMK.
He's too busy being a faggot so no.
8man said that but works harder than anyone. Yumiko said that but she'll do it for the guy she likes.

8man will be working husband and Yumiko will be qt housewife.

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His name was Tada Banri.
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TADA BANRI thread?
Even though the series was kinda lame in the end with the whole retarded amnesia shit, I really enjoyed the university student atmosphere.

I wish there were more series with that vibe. Preferably something were the worst girl doesn't win.
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>Yui Horie will never voice a girl this cute again

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Your mom
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Ajin thread

it's another satou gets away episode
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I've been putting off the anime for a while since I mostly don't like how the characters movements look but exactly how far into the manga have they adapted? I own volumes 1-5.
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Why is Izumi a miracle of the universe?


I wonder who's going to win.
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>it was me who fucked up everything
>i'm not telling her, you tell her
>go, chase after her while i stand here
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The best girl, of course.
>gets an anime


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Well this took an interesting turn of events, what does /a/ think of Fire Punch?
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Hi hi hi edgy
Bait and switch edge
It a nice premise could be done better

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>Now that the dust has settled..

Was Josuke gay?
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He's not gay,he's just flamboyant as hell.
fucking thicc

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