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The other thread was made by a pro-Emilia Ship-autist. Ignore and redirect discussion here

Last chapter posted by Summary anon:

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What an awkward confession
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First for Crusch making Lugunica great again!

Hafu elf communists need not apply.
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Every thread until Crusch-sama gets her memories back.

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Flocke was right.
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I won't get tired of saying it, fucking BASED Flocke.
Flocke a shit
Flocke is a meme and will soon be dead

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Smelly Melly being sexual and all but I still want to MARRY Marika!
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>Wants to marry a flower
I wanna marry the soft loli.
I want to deflower Marika

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Fapping to your waifu at all, or fapping to anyone that isn't your waifu?
you can't say both
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None of these makes you a degenerate.

You don't understand what waifu and degenerate means.
Being a degenerate is a good thing

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Why would you give little girls weapons of mass destruction?
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So that they can be captured and raped by the opposing side.
I would never let my lolis get raped by anyone but me.
Bad things happen to adults who pilot evas like going insane, dying, or getting absorbed into the unit's core. Source: my ass.

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What did you think?
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His stick was very hard.
They tried to get ratings by offscreening any violence which made it harder to follow, still got the same age rating as Bleach however so that sucked. Nice going into series blind though. Didn't see that coming.
It's a show with big ideas we rarely see in anime that fumbles them down the stretch. That said, still 8/10.

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Better question
Could saitama beat her?
She is motivated and just played with a stick and poo.
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Literally no one can beat Saitama. Just saying.
King did beat him
lots of times
Literally no one can beat Arale. Just Saying.
I would say Arale wins, because despite both being joke characters, Saitama is slightly more serious, thus loses automatically.

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D Lovers.jpg
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I was told this was up there with things like Toradora and Zero no Tsukaima. Could this be true?
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If you're a huge masochist maybe
>up there with things like Toradora and Zero no Tsukaima
What did he mean by this?
I would assume "up there" would mean as good, or as well rated.

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Kyon-kun answer your fucking denwa
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I will smack you 15,532 times if you give me lip again
Stop, you're triggering my PTSD
I started watching Haruhi from a guide that said to start with season 2 I think
I saw about 7 of the same fucking thing but changed slightly and dropped it, this scene was in it

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This is your nanny.
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>just a single ok doujin with her
I want her to breast feed me!
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>we will never have a relaxed/chill opening for an action series ever again

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F nujabes. great beats

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Best girl.

Aki a shit. A SHIT.
Uh, no. That's a proper lady who puts thought into her every action instead of relying on crutches like pantsu to cover her mistakes.
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53 minutes, are you happy for the new episode?
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Do you think Goku could stop him?

It's the Movie 12 timeline. The strongest beings in existence currently aside from gods would be Gotenks, Gohan, Goku, and Pikkon. Gotenks would most likely be around the same strength, Gohan maybe slightly stronger than before, whereas Goku at this point would probably be well above them both and Pikkon would logically be equal to him. 5 years after Buu is defeated, could angelic Goku and Pikkon defeat RoF Frieza? Let's say Yemma alerted Goku that Frieza was back, he and Pikkon were granted 1 day on Earth. What happens?

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>Its another "evil goku" episode
he wants to Blow Zen-chan away

>using loli Hitler's upcoming struggle to taunt her
Being X is a dick and he deserves to be shot multiple times.
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I want to dick Tanya multiple times.
You better take responsibility

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