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succubus shop.jpg
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Hello /a/nons Welcome to the succubus shop. Today is Valentine's Day so we're holding a special event for all you lovely people on this board. Tell me your fantasy and I can make you experience any kind of dream you want. Dozo~
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How much do you want for that service of yours?
I want a loli harem. And they should all be meganekkos.
Give me white SUCC. I like white SUCC. White SUCC is best SUCC.

H-happy Valentine's day friends!
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Did you just save a thumbnail from deviantart?
>Implying a skull would be that clean

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She spends valentine with another girl, with her aunt! Let's laugh at her.
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I'm sure it was a comfy time.
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Papikana best girl.

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Isit strange to never fap to your waifu?
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>the two villains of the series have a meeting with one another
>the right hands/bodyguards of both villains develop a rivalry
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A babygirl results from the rivalry.

Why does her magic seem so weak in the Anime compared to the Manga?

Tanya doesn't deserve this.
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Why did the anime not follow LN or manga character designs?
Why did the anime chose to not use WW2 uniforms and guns?
Why did the anime ignore all comical misunderstandings between Tanya and other officers?
Why isn't the anime giving enough attention to the mental corruption and slow conversion of Tanya?
Only 12 Episodes, simple answer.
Why is Tanya so ugly?

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I'm going to dump this occasionally until you cry
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Not that I was going to buy any of their shit, BUT GET THIS:

We are sending this notification to customers who have recently purchased anime titles.

Unfortunately, Avex Pictures, the publisher of popular anime titles such as "Yuri!!! on Ice" and "Osomatsu-san" and others is restricting exports of Blu-ray, DVD, and CD titles.

This restriction has been applied to all online shops within Japan, including CDJapan.

In accordance to the restriction, majority of titles published by Avex Pictures will become unavailable for shipment outside of Japan as of the following time.

Restriction begins to apply at:
6:00PM (Japan Time UTC+9) on February 15, 2017

After the above indicated time, it will no longer be available for any order to be shipped outside of Japan.

To clarify which items will be restricted, the following indication will be displayed right on the product page.

ATTENTION!!! This product will no longer be available for any order to be shipped outside of Japan starting at 6:00PM (Japan Time UTC+9) on February 15, 2017

However, all existing orders as well as all orders placed BEFORE the above indicated time will be shipped normally.

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There are already 3 threads talking about the same thing.
Fucking neofujoshits
I only see two.
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>buying anime

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>some school uniforms have awfully small shirts
Why is that? Isn't it uncomfortable? Or is midriff fanservice really that important?
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Fanservice is always that important. Why do you even ask?
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Kaga schoolgirl 2.jpg
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Kaga looks great in any outfits
I want to know.

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What were your introductory animations that first ignited what is probably now an addiction?

Spirited Away was my first and at that time I didn't have any interest in where it came from. Later in my teen years it was late night Adultswim dubs like Big O, Samurai Champloo, and Cowboy Bebop.

sorry about the "dubs" and non-moeshit
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>post otaku-hating Miyazaki studio
>expecting responses

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What are you doing this Valentine?

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Making blog thread on /a/ because im a normalfag.

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Hibike Euphonium is the greatest show of 2016.
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Why don't you prove it, tough guy?
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Greatest love story 2016.
This is officially and objectively true.

i'm really enjoying this
also kanna is best girl
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Fuck off, streamfag.
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I came here to say that I have to leave.
Kanna a Cutie by the way.

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So what kind of punishment did Satania get for this?
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Forced to walk around with a vibrator up her butt in public
Finger in butthole.
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how accurate would you say this is?
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I think mapping magical girls to political believes is fucking retarded.
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yryr compass.jpg
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How about Yurus?
>Politicians closest to Me
>Ron Paul and Farage
top meme

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