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>final arc
>seven dungeons to conquer
I never knew how much I wanted this.

Are you following, /a/? What're your expectations?
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I guess I spoke too soon. Hope at least some of them will be actual dungeons.
>Short fights with Sinbad at different points of his life that are won by answering questions
They're not really dungeons.
Yeah, fucking bait and switch. I was so excited for it.

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>looks like we really were Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu
are you fucking serious?
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This stopped being funny when Family Guy made this joke
Leave it to redddit:zero fags to make shitty, overused jokes

Take a guess!
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Nothing at all.
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gatchaman hajime.webm
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My penis in his mouth
doesn't matter, shapeshifter.

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It's eight of clock!

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The 3rd of October can't come soon enough.
morning koume <3
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Almost missed it.

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What could possibly happen in 200 chapters once they land in the DC? Finding some human area where there's a war between democratic leader and autocratic one? There must be some shit like this
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Fighting monsters, trying to find Don Freecs, infighting among explorers.
a hiatus
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>implying we will ever get another chapter

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It's Tob/a/cco Tuesday once again, and we're finally going to find out just what is going on.
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You will never feed her pancakes for Valentine's Day Morning.
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>romance genre
>ends in MC getting cucked

Why is this allowed?
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Is it written by a woman?
First time hearing about cloudporn?
It's about moving on, anon.

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No thread? Lets fix that.
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>it's not wednesday yet
Just one more day!
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CS04zWLCm3o the ED is so nice~

Is there an anime where the MC is totally 100% okay with having a yandere girlfriend?
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I don't think that Riko is the yandere that Chika has to be worried about.
Can't remember the name but there's a manga like this where the girl follows the guy around and gets a house next to him and basically rapes the girl who was his first kiss to get the kiss back and a bunch more really strange shit. And he's totally fine with it the whole time.
Koharu no Hibi?

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How did Andrew lose his Yay!?
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Claiming this thread for Diana.
All Hail!
He was born without via his father being absolute cunt.

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So I just finished watching date a live and I was pleasantly surprised. I am usually super critical, and only try to find the best of the best. And date a live was really bad. But I really enjoyed it (mostly for a certain reason that I can't say here). It kinda became my guilty pleasure. I had fun the entire time. The girls were all really fun. Thouka was the best, but after season 2, kurumi is starting to grow on me.

But there is something that really fucking pisses me off. It's another one of those shows that adapt only half of the material and then just stops. It's really fucking annoying. Why do they keep doing this? How
Hard is it to finish a fucking show? (And I know that the LN is still ongoing, but there is enough material for two more seasons).
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Good girl.
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Boring girls.
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Annoying girl.

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OP by nano.RAPE
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OP by gay.FAGGOT
Havent heard much about them now in anime OPs/EDs. Already replaced by whatever new group/idol needing promotion in town I guess.
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>OP by Konomi Suzuki

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post deathflags
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I dont get it

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>bred and born as a weapon
>used and treated as nothing more then a living weapon
>is deployed to watch over and to kill a target under the guise of being his younger brother
>target emotionally manipulates him into being faithful
>time after time he saves this target, with the ever growing knowledge the target intents to kill him after he is no longer useful
>target is going to die a very deserved death but he saves this target
>pushing his Geass past the breaking point and killing himself in the process
>he knows his target was only using him and was planning his murder but even a fake brotherhood was the most important thing he had ever experienced

God dammit. This show is hit and miss and a nice mix of KEIKAKU and fanservice and mechs but this actually got to me.
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Rolo was the worst thing to happen to Code Geass.
I was more or less fine with this piece of shit until he killed Shirley and then he planned to kill Nunnaly

still cried tho,CG is good at making me give a fuck about sb's death
Sorry was meant for OP

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It's Twintail time.
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Twintails S2 never
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>being a heathen
>hey look i'm an otaku like you
>hey look i literally became a girl with twintails
>don't you wish the same thing would happen to you?
>please buy BDs

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