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Winding down to the end
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The quality has dropped sadly, not as bad as DM scans did though
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Just discovered the Berserk manga and have been reading it lately; it's pretty good. I've been trying to find the perfect fantasy anime/manga for ages now but always thought berserk was to be avoided, but it's actually really good.
What is /a/'s opinion on Berserk? Where is it up to with new issues, I've seen some conflicting information on that. What are some other fantasy anime/manga that are worth giving a watch?
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don't bother
Fuck off, /a/ is not for newfags and requests.

Even more rape edition.
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Everyone already dropped this?
The most underrated anime of the season.
Yeah no thanks.

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>Elder God Tier

>God Tier

>High Tier

>Great Tier

>Good Tier

>Alright Tier

>Shit Tier
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After volume 11 I actually thought that it was going to end with Kyousuke confessing to Sakurai, I guess that Kirino was also a valid option.
He literally rejects her in that volume. What the hell are you talking about?
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That is surprisingly correct actually. Well done.

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How does this make you feel?
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Read the fucking subtitle you retard.
Fucking do something about it, you faggot. No one cares about your autism.
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BD version without nipples? ...again??

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What did this series do wrong?
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The medium (both VNs and anime) have a serious problem telling a finished contained satisfactory story.
Turn into generic harem shit.

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What was the first time you've been bamboozled?
Pic related
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>Tumblr still insists that Chihiro is a girl
>his whole character arc is about wanting to express himself as a male

I hate the internet.
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Get lost newfag
bamb what

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Would you like to see the return of Oozaru elements in future saiyan lore and design?
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No because Oozaru a slow, lumbering monkeys and they can't afford to animate anything that has a punch that consists of less than 1 frame.
It would be nice if some of the Monkey stuff came back

I wonder what the reason for completely dropping the tails was irl

It was such an iconic part of Gokus original design
Well someone wasn't paying attention.

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Beerus wishing he hakai'd Goku from the beginning
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Or about he hakai'd Goku on BoG
Or just never going to Earth at all finding that SSG
Goku is getting even dumber
>Hakai Goku
>Beerus gets Hakai'd by Zen-oh

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Report it.
Thank you, OP.

i have just started this series and will try to finish everything in entirety. So tell me, will i make it? What should i expect?How did you all enjoy it/not enjoy it.
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It's pretty good. Started it last week currently at Nisemonogatari. The dialog can be a bit much at some times but overall very entertaining
thats how i feel aswell, the characters seem enjoyable and as for dialog it hasn't been to slow or too bombastic as of yet. i'm excited for more charcter development.
Well, if you're ready to focus on the characters then Monogatari will deliver.

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The new chapter of everyones favorite chuni chronicles.
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Yue is cute.
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Sure is.
How far is the Manga? I just got to the part where Hajime is training the rabbits.

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How do you make Senpai notice you?
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Shave my cooch and shove it in his face.
Have sex with everyone he knows but not him

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