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What did you give her?
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A piece of one of her relatives. The rest will come soon.

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Who the hell thinks this is somehow intelligent or deep? I wasted whole day watching this because "it will get better and it has so many levels".

Like holy fuck, if you think this is somehow deep go actually watch some sort of show with actual plot. Or actually don't since you wont get it.
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>Or actually don't since you wont get it.
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It really is a pretty smart show and a lot of thought actually went into it, it's just that most of this isn't seen unless you delve into it deeper.

But I'm with you in that I found the show boring and not worth the time I spent watching it because while I appreciate and acknowledge intelligence in a show it still needs to be entertaining for me to give it a high rating.

We need more Tiny Chariot fanart
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Are you prepared for what is to come?
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>inb4 some time travel shit where Chariot got her confidence from Akko at the start
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Constanze winning the Andrewbowl? Then rejecting him?


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If she didn't pull that from her ass, I don't want it.
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Hi, this is my first time in a DOZO! thread. What happens now?

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What do you think of plunderer /a/?
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Did they fuck?
Scanlation when?
>My number is higher than yours
>Haha, you see that actually wasn't my real number and I actually have a higher number that I was hiding.
It's shit.

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Something came up and I couldn't finish. Continuing from
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Is this series any good?
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How much of the manga does the anime adopt?
Watch/read it and find out.

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Would you give her an explosive Valentines day?
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No, I'd date Darkness because I'm not a huge pleb.
Explodiing in Megumins butt! Pulling out tufts of her hair! Licking the tears off her puffy eyes! Eating the chocolate I bought for her right in front of her stupid face!
I love mEgumin!
Megumin is cute, but imouto.
Darkness is sexy and cute, but she's a red flag having nothing beyond indulging in masochism and serving as team tank.
Aqua is an annoying shit, but she's your annoying shit.
Eris is ok.
Wiz is questionable, but seems well-intentioned.
Yunyun is Yunyun.
Luna is also ok.

>it's not okay for McGillis to kiss his 11 year old fiancee on screen
>it's not okay to imply that Atra had her own clients at the Martian brothel
>but it's okay to show him naked after being fucked in the ass and beaten by an old man who bought him from a shota brothel

why the double standards, Okada?
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>why the double standards, Okada?
It's not double standards, it's about maintaining the moral high ground for the protagonists.

By allowing gay shota shit but not allowing any lolicon shit?
Getting raped is not generally seen as a sign of being a bad person.

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A reddish droplet from the fresh wound makes a splash sound as it falls into the bowl.
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Wasting no time, the girl holds the bowl still and starts stirring the thick, goopy contents with a spatula-like object.
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"Soon this will be inside of you… guhehe."
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I can feel in my body that something has changed.

Something is different about the world.
As I breathe, as I inhale and exhale, I sense that the air is lighter and easily flows in and out.

Even the dust lingering in my room seems cleaner.

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Is it because after years of the same type of characters and stories now everything feels like generic garbage?
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Too much action, not enough cute girls doing cute things. They were always shit.
The same can be said about moe and slice of life, so I don't thank that's the cause because those are selling like hot cakes.

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Will /a/ ever discuss the actual show instead of their own lives? This show is a masterpiece and your lives are boring as fuck.
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how can one girl be so best?
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Best girl wins thread?
She's ugly.
Do people actually fucking argue over a best girl in this show? Every character is absolute scum (hence the name of the fucking show)

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This is Neptune and her girlfriend. Say something nice about them!
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I want to impregnate Neptune in the missionary position on top of Noire's face
But Noire has a boyfriend
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I want to marry Neptune!

What do you think about relentlessly enthusiastic personalities? I like them, especially Tanabe.
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I prefer them on the verge of mind-break, personally.

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