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What was that?
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A very low QUALITY ride

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Reminder that Squealer did nothing wrong.
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He did, did you even watch the show? He even acknowledges it.

He lost.
He was wrong he wasn't human
He lacked empathy and even tried to betray everyone and in the end got what he deserved.
He did everything wrong, but he still wasn't the worst character in the show.

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This is your waifu. She's taking a bath, so no peeking
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>posting CP

nothing to peek at anyways, I don't get hard from no tits.

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>We gonna do a international sale office in US to sell ourstuff to stream and CDs in the way that we can get some good money


Now you guys can shut up and wait Avex International comes up
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seen that.

how many of americans even bought the game of throne series in blu ray? now, anime is even more a niche market
You're not that good at this whole "words" and "expressing yourself in a clear way"-stuff, anon.
it's more for CDs and Online music stream

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Ladies love mustache rides.
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Never got to see screens of this western show before (I even thought it was an anime, when coming across fanarts), and I got pretty surprised by the fact that I can tell in a glance on the screenshots that this is a western animation, despite not knowing why. What are the points that set anime and anime-inspired animation apart IN A GLANCE?

I think it's mainly the polish of lines, shot composition and use of light, in Voltron's case.
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in voltron's case (and I think this should be in /co/ maybe?) it is the usual color palettes and general chaarcter design, (outside of a few traces in the main characters eyes and faces). The thinner lines are also a thing too
and bump for interest in where this will go
Yes, the thinner lines are probably what gives the origin away, they're sharper and more opaque, too. Anime lines generally look noisier and desaturated.

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>Maho spent her Valentine's day all by herself working on papers
>Couldn't bear to contact Okabe or think about Kurisu

How does that make you feel?
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I'm sure Leskinen will show her how to have a good time on Valentine's Day.
Go back to your Japanese shaman girls, Alexis.

If you did not blow at least three loads to this scene, you are a pussy
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It made me uncomfortable

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Is Yui actually retarded?
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no she's just realized people will go easy on her if she acts dum so she's living it up while she's still cute and young

She's cute so it's fine.
No, just has attention problem, is lazy and very innocent, but not retarded.

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Too subtle?
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>wearing graphic t-shirts

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Skip parts 1&2 there boring
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You can get away with skipping the Bruford fight in part 1, but everything else is fucking awesome

>skip key plot elements to the story so the rest makes no sense
Dude, Jonathan sucks compared to the cool Jotaro character.

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how many times do you think Takumi's gotten laid?
Who needs girls when you have automobiles
You stole this from /o/.

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I hope the boypussy has a good VA

Listen /a/, I just happened to be baking chocolates on Valentines Day. I had some extra chocolate left over, so I thought I would give some to you. Don't think it means anything, ok?


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At least post a Tsukasa's picture if you're gonna post a Tsukasa's song.

Konata is similar to /a/, but she isn't /a/
Kill yourselves.

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Why are villainesses so sexy?
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Because you want to hatefuck 'em more.
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It's either that or I want them to dominate me. That's why they are no bad female bitches.
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Because they were made that way.

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