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God damn this anime was gold

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Post a character without posting said character.
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Chapter 25
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But where's chapter 22?
"Broken PC"-anon told me Crossbreed is still working on it
Nice. I hope we will finally have regular releases.

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So... when are we getting that stalker anime?
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the real thing is already perfect
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The one who is making the VN, god bless his heart.
I've already downloaded Call of Chernobyl but I've yet to reinstall my Stalker folder.

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don't forget to share the 12 minute preview we got too

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im hype

been too long since new SAO, i'm glad it's gotten better

alicization never ever
Soo who is the best girl?

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inb4 butthurt garoucucks
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new chapter when?
Murata tweeted 23rd.

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Absolute madman.
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Get Aqua-sama to patch those goddamn underwear, man.

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Anime video Games from the 90s early 2000 you wish had anime series.


I vote Rival schools.
Hell just look at the Intro.
Tell me it would not be the best Battle shonen ever?
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I do love me some Rival Schools, but no
why is the gyakuten saiban guy mad in that pic?
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I'm sick of all this autism. Which team has the best GDO subs, the ones that don't shove shitty jokes into the translation.
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Dumb tripfag.
There are no alternatives.

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Not the same trip because no normal computer.

Sorry, I haven't updated since last update, and I can't for a while, but I'll make sure I try to have one during the afternoon. Anyways, it's actually Valentine's Day now, so do your best for her anon!

A few guidelines:
-Have your submission be 4:3 ratio (not doing so will make it harder for me and make your submission look shittier).
-Your submission should be about your waifu. Nothing more. Nothing less.
-Also, put some effort in your submission, please. Your waifu would like to be presentable, you know? Treat her like the special girl she is.
-Have fun!

Deadline for the collage will be sometime morning of February 15th PST. Deadline for the video will be TODAY 2PM PST/5PM EST unless stated otherwise.

Time is getting a little bit thin, so ganbatte my lovely anons. I expect good things from you. And always remember, your waifu is beautiful!
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>2pm PST
Could you please wait until 5pm pst? I'm still at work and can't have dinner with her until later. ;_;
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I love my waifu and I hope you all have a wonderful time today, thanks collagefag for all your hard work.

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Damn it my heart...
>giving a shit about poorly written high school romance drama
I love hazuki

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what the fuck did I just watch
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A good animu with faces that were throwing me off all the time
You don't seem to understand
Not Boogiepop Phantom.

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Why are tuesdays so shit? It's been a few season with only shit anime airing on tuesday and maybe an exception exists (this time it was Ai-Mai-Mi) but it's still a horrible day to watch anime.
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You have shit taste.
>he isn't watching this season's kino
>3DCG shit

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If Mika and Gaelio ´become friends to fight Mcgillis don't get too surprised
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Friendly reminder: Bael can turn invisible, that is the suit's gimmick and why people in Gjallarhorn consider it godly.
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>Them GAINS!

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I am watching this for the first time. What am I in for?
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Something great.
For a shitty adaptation.
Read the manga.
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You don't have to make a thread for every show you watch anon...

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