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What was his endgame?
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He got cucked by Gendo so hard he coudln't get enough so he decided to join him and watch as the woman he loves gives birth to the child of another man, gets dissolved in LCL and other cool stuff.
The betterment of society
just keep doing fucked up government science shit because he can

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After watching Big Order, I found out the author had another series under his belt. I started reading and was keeping up with Mirai Nikki until the part where the character that can control all of japan's signals because his dad works at Nintendo shows up.What the fuck is going on? This series held so much promise in the beginning but now it's like a shittier Death Note, but with more creative powers. Where did it all go wrong?
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Big Order is shit
Does the big order anime even cover the whole series? How is the manga not translated yet?
Mirai Nikki is better than Big Order just watch it to the end.

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Assuming this is accurate, some surprising upsets.



1位 薙切えりな 3350票
2位 新戸緋沙子 3081票
3位 薙切アリス 3042票
4位 幸平創真  2795票
5位 田所恵 1862票
6位 四宮小次郎 1669票
7位 小林竜胆 1353票
8位 タクミ・アルディーニ 1207票
9位 水戸郁魅 743票
10位葉山アキラ 737票
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Honestly, it seems too influenced by the west side.

But it's okay I guess, meat and pajeet still there it's shit tho.
dont understand anything...

Name a better intro that actually fits the message/story of the show

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Here you dumb TTGLtard


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So what was the best anime valentines day episode? I nominate the Setokai no Ichizon OVA.
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These are gross.

Anime/manga related of course. P.D.: Should I get a Joestar birthmark or a Sheer Hearth Attack skull on my left hand?
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You should get a gun and shoot yourself.
Guns are expensive, and you shit up your head, I would just inyect air bubbles in my veins but we're not discussing that, keep lurking other threads
Jojobronies once again showing eveyone how stupid and cancerous they are.

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I'm still mad
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it's all shit anyways

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Anyone else drop Naruto then pick it up again?

I'm on 436 of Shippuden and I want to finish it, though I'm having trouble bringing myself to push through all the filler. I love Naruto and it literally saved my life at one point, but after finding better anime I just find it difficult.

Anyone else in the same situation as me?
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Naruto is shit. You should read the manga and then never look back if you want to watch it so badly.
How did it save your life? Im curious.

I'd genuinely say Jiraiya may have been a super pervert, but i always enjoyed the fact that he was legendary for his skill while still remaining quirky and funny. I aspire to be something like that.
I was really fucked in the brain as a preteen and it was just about the only thing that stopped me from doing some pretty stupid shit. I'm way beyond that now, but I wouldn't be surprised if I wouldn't be here if I never found Naruto.

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Next episode in 5 minutes.
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>Next episode in 5 minutes.
Is Park Guide daijoubu?

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Fun fact: Shoebills are actually related to pelicans
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I really want Shoebill to blush. She really pushes my buttons for "pretty but prickly girl" moe.
>we want to mimic the japanese thread spam

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How can other girls even compete with her?
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All himecuts and Yamato utsukushii are best. Especially that absolute territory .
/a/ doesn't seem to agree when it comes to her.

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Danganronpa thread

Thoughts on the series?
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>Thoughts on the series?

2 was the best and also a fluke.

But real Chiaki > AI Chiaki.
>2 was the best

definitely. much better ending. might've cried a bit.

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I think Rin has something for you, /a/
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I have something for her *unzips dick*
Rin who?

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Post what you are reading.
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im reading shamo for the 5th time and hito hito futari
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tried to make a Viper's Creed thread on /m/ with no luck, so I'll make one here
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Never heard of it. What's it about.
Motorcycle bots, dystonia crime future, lots of renegade robots, conspiracy theory plot, very dark end, ridiculously fappable women with no rule 34, and a solid first episode
The dark skinned chick with the big rack was nice.

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