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itt: best episode of their respective show
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This probably is the best episode since the only time Naruto ever brought me joy was shitposting about it on /a/

Find a flaw.
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Gash Bell is one of the best battle shonen in existence.
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A bitch
Try THE best

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Is there no Blu-ray of the British dub?
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>not speaking nip
Just encode it yourself. The timing is the same.

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Tsurezure children anime adaptation confirmed. 2017 summer season.
The studio is Studio Gokumi
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>literal who studio and literal who director
It's going to be trash, sorry to say.
It's Yuuki Yuuna and Kin iro mozaic stuio. Sounds decent.
Official twitter

Character designer is the one who die Yuri kuma and Sangatsu.


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Character Cosplays
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Was this show meant to be watched weekly?

I feel like the plot could have been resolved in 12 episodes. By episode 22 I felt like the plot had dragged on too long and the themes they were introducing didn't mesh well with absurdity of the show.
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Isn't every anime meant to be watched weekly, aside from OVAs?
I don't think so? I can enjoy shows by watching them in one sitting pretty easily
The first half definitely aimed to be watched weekly.

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Reminder that Valentine did literally nothing wrong
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>Only attacked those who came after him
>Only betrayed Johnny at the end as he put the needs of his country above his own pride
Literally nothing wrong

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Do you like magic /a/?
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I just want to give her a hug and tell her everything is going to be alright
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i want her to give me a hug and tell me everythings going to be alright
I want to touch her JC butt
Why would you lie to her?

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Hard work and guts,

no fucking shortcuts
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no shipping below this post
special needs akko > canon akko
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Tiny Chariot is pure

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So is there a way to read berserk with music and/or colored?

IS this even a thing?
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>needing music or color

just watch the show/movies, pleb, if you can't use your damn imagination
I saw the show and movies. I like them, but want to know more about the story.
Read the manga, loop Gattsu in the background.

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New Hinamatsuri chapter, things are getting out of control again
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Being Mao is suffering.
This is a different kind of hell she is experiencing.
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maybe i'm too late but..What the fuck is this shit? i was expecting a Idolmaster/kyoukai no kanata idol episode level of dance animation,they give us a still image bullshit instead,this is supposed to be the climax goddamit,why anime studio nowadays can't maintain the animation quality for shit !?
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Because the idol shit was never the focus.
now that's just poor excuse,how come Kyoukai no kanata have good animation then? that's not even the focus of the show.
You've been spoiled by Kyoani

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What went wrong?
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so the dog becomes a black chick
idk what you're talking about,this started for as utter trash and ended as above average so quite the improvement
it could have been above average the entire time

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Why is it that all mystery/supernaural anime have such shitty endings?
The first half was pretty good, and then everything went to shit and the rest of the show was just gore. What happened to mysterious deaths, secret rules, creepy dolls, and cursed doll eyes? Why the fuck is the main antagonist of the climax LITERALLY a bullshit slasher villain that appeared out of nowhere?

I'm not even asking for a genuine mystery, but could things have at least stayed creepy? Why does this always happen?

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stop having shit taste
>mystery/supernaural anime have such shitty endings
Because people that didnt like it call it shit.
Yeah, Another was an absolutel perfect show with no equal. Completely flawless in evrey way, the greatest anime ever made by human hands.

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