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What was that old british television show that featured a scene of "Legend of the Galactic Heroes" and laughed at it?
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No idea.
I am more interested when we get information on that remake.

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pick a date for tonight
also rate my paint skills
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>also rate my paint skills
this looks awful OP
You should really just kill yourself.

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live action
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the catalog, newfag

What is the difference between a slave and a love-slave?
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The amount of snu snu

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Megumin pleases old men for money!
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Lets use this thread to drop sexy lewd characters
Why is the gallery deleted?

God fucking damn now I can't find any other sources
how long will potion testing be a meme, ffs
>also sage for this meaningless thread

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What did you guys think of Keroro Gunsou's episode 100-102?
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Shit that was a long time ago. I watched the whole series. Is that the episodes with the Garuru Corp? If it is that was hype. True frog kino.
i was following the fansubs as they were being released years ago but stopped for some reason or another.

what happened when that countdown thing got to 0?
How is the anime? Does it follow a manga or what?

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Have you made a poor girl feel special today?
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Is that an invitation to have sex with Kokona?
No one will ever make me feel special so why should i do it for anyone else?!
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>It is delicious cake, I must eat it.

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I said discuss, you fucking cuties.
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O-okay, please don't beat me anymore
I agree with the pic, nothing to discuss.

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Who is your daughteru?
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And why is chuuniwho
Chapter 62 when? The raws are already out there. I guess there must be a script, too.

63 is coming out later this week or next week, right?
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Where do you get the raws from, Baidu?

Althought for me there is no point in looking at raws for a comedy series.

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Why can't we have more Caucasian historical lolis? They're simply the cutest.
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What's that?
Google only gives a 1975 anime that looks very different.
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It's the translation of the novel with Japanese illustrations.
Who here has seen the live action show?
Nellie wasn't that bad

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If there would be a reboot of the Bleach anime by other studio, how many chapters would be?
The SS arc barely had some filler content and it lasted 63 episodes, so I calculate that, without fillers and animating too the last novels, a new anime might last between 200 and 250 episodes.
What is your opinion? Are there possibilities of a Bleach anime reboot?
It would be great to have the Bleach anime without fillers and more accurately adapted from the manga.
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Does Pierrot still have the Bleach anime rights?

I'm not sure if they are who make the Bleach Brave Souls game and the Bleach Gree cards. The character designs look similar to Pierrot style, so I suppose Pierrot has to do with it.
>more accurately adapted from the manga

this might be worthwhile if the manga were actually good
The manga is very good until a little after the SS arc, but they did some awful changes even in that episodes with respect to the manga.

And, in the whole, most of the fillers and added material are bad in my opinion. Of the fillers I only liked the Zanpakuto rebellion arc,which was pretty good.

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If it's legal loli is it still loli?
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I think loli shit is mainly about the proportions and not about the actual age.
Yes but she's a garbage loli.
Where is that image from?
Google and Yandex did not give usable results that included the image.

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Who the fuck is Erwin? All I know is UMI DA!
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Pedofag pls. Why you post baby pics?
You know exactly who Erwin is. Now stop this foolery.
Go away pedofag.
New thread when?

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