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post dem god-tier one shot characters.
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>hottest girl in the series
>only appears in the first chapter/episode
Looks like an old hag.
Do I have to talk like a nigger while doing so?

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What is his power?
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How about Dragon mythical zoan fruit?
Bad parenting.

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the new isekai.png
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Which did it best?
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No replies in the DB for this post!

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Waifu 3x3 thread
Post em weebs
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Kill yourself. Please. The world will be a better place without you.
4x4 waifu thread?
What the fuck is wrong with you?

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She's a miracle of the universe.
Stop bumping your dead thread OP

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This is a Japanese male idol.
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I would fuck that Japanese male idol.
Feminine enough for me.
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These are minerals (male).

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If she doesn't like it, why does she eat it?

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I really doubt that bullet scar was an excuse to just push the story onward. I think something is happening with Goku, something is making him weak (maybe disease from all that time traveling?). If not that, then why make Beerus notice it too?
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Also, him and Vegeta have kind of changed in personality? Goku is more disrespectful of Beerus, while Vegeta cares more about his family than being strong than Kakarot.
1.Goku is an idiot who is not respectful to literally anyone he treats everyone the same. He has not changed.

2.Bulma in BOG that is all. There's even a line where Vegeta begs Beerus to do whatever hes gonna do to bulma to him.

We are 3 arcs in and you are expecting a deep story. It's your own fault.

There are no good plot twists in this show, it's Db for 8year olds. And the most obvious answer is usually right.

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Anyone still reading or waiting for updates?
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Jesus fuck it's been ages since I read this.
which guy do you think is the more decent one?
It's been so long I don't remember much. Mc's Co worker right? Did he get cucked or something?

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Why are most animus set in small, empty-looking suburbs? What's wrong with big cities and skyscrapers?
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go watch overlooking view.

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Let's fix that
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>No Youjo Senki Thread
That's wrong and you should learn how to use the catalog.
However it's about to die so it's a non-issue.
>over 500 and sunk to page 10
Dead already
I wasn't complaining about OP not using that thread. Even if it had 200 replies and were on page 3 I wouldn't have demanded that he join it. 2 or 3 threads about a currently airing show are fine.
I was just pointing out to him that he sucks at looking for threads.

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Of all the ways for her to go, why did she have to get beheaded?
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This shit went garbage fast
I agree. I loved the series at first (even with the shitty genderbending stuff), but it seems like the author just went for shock value at the end. Shit, I wouldn't even be surprised if Shut Hell was actually still alive, though I'm fairly certain she's deader than dead.
There's literal magic that's already been reanimating her corpse the entire time, so I don't know why you'd assume this is permanent, especially since the mangaka's said she's going for twenty volumes, so we've got a whole lot more time for things to happen.

I do agree, though, it's really lost my interest ever since the confrontation with Genghis Khan.

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She should've been main girl and you know it
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No, His body symmetry is rare and his hair is ugly
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Is 9 the best age for a MC?
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10 is.
It is 7.

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Garbage, also not a NEET.
Not garbage. Good ED.
It was pretty decent. It's pretty standard LN fare except it has more character than normal. The characters are very distinct, the setting is really charming, the conceit of the show is pretty fantastical. It really sets itself apart in that way from being just another cliche high school club show.

The plot has a number of big issues, the romantic interest chick should have died, obviously, I read the novel synopses and there's a whole amnesia arc with her, so thank fucking christ they didn't continue it further. Also the mystery of that chick who became a dude was so painfully obvious so early on that it defused an otherwise decently crafted story.

And if any show ever didn't need a baseball episode, this was it.

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