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>[DeadFish] Onihei - 07 [720p][AAC].mp4
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mp4...I can't even..jpg
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I refuse to fall for this bait.

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"anon, here's the show you've always wanted. what do you think?"
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I'd Phantasm her Moon if you know what I mean

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Why do I always cry at anime movies?
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Because you're a little bitch.
It means you have a good heart.

Empathy and strong emotions are to a certain degree important to be a human being - as far as we understand it today in western society. You should value that.
One of the many things still unknown to science. We have a few theories on why we cry, but the ball is still pretty much still up in the air.

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Marine life is fun!
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That world sure is mountainous for being oceanic.
Living on the Gargantia could be fun.
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There aren't mountains at the sea

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So... We're all ok with XENEC doing the 4th season of "Full Metal Panic!" this year?
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XENEC dropped the series a few months ago for some reason. They don't seem to be doing anything else this season either.
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>doubting the studio responsible for the best mecha show of the decade

Yasuhiro Takemoto is still pictured as Director... So it will go to Kyoto Animation again?

The only thing sure are the audio episodes by Lantis on youtube...

she builds magic dildos and sex machines for all those vaginadusty girls in the academy
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The dedicated Constanze fag in LWA threads makes her so much more cuter with all the good caps.
Doing a good job making Constanze hateable by memeing up her own thread. Good job cunt.

Dont forget Reiko Amano.
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At least she didn't have it as bad as the girl next to her.
>drugged and lobotomized into a living breeding station for mole rats
>gave birth to a weapon of mass destruction used for crimes against humanity
sounds alright

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Let's talk about the pure beacon of light that is Chiya and her cute friends.
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For real this time, we have synchronized periods.

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MS picked up Yona

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Soo-won did nothing wrong
fuck off
What the fuck?

Have you bowed down to your new overlord, /a/?
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She can hold my penis in the palm of her hand.
>'Throw a homer will you, lady?'

This is why you should learn to wait for fffsubs.
FFF uses the exact same script

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What did you guys think of platinum end? Looking forward to the next volume?
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Thought it was one of the better manga that I have read in a while.
Wish I had a better creative premise; but it's been doing good for a by the book series so far.
Utter dissapointment

It's absolutely nothing like you'd expect from the authors of Death Note

They even used the same basic premise, and yet completely fucked it up

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fairy tail.jpg
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Fairy Tail is coming to an end
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bout time, shit series
真島ヒロ 総合プロデュース!連載開始から10年――
FAIRY TAIL(フェアリーテイル)の最終章がここから始まる!!
『週刊少年マガジン』で連載中の大人気コミック「FAIRY TAIL」 の新たな物語がスクリーンに刻まれる。2006年に連載が始まった「FAIRY TAIL」は、幅広い年齢層に愛され、TVアニメは全277話という長期に渡り放送され、さらには海外からも高い評価を受け、全世界累計発行部数6,000万部を超える大ベストセラーとなった。そして、今回の劇場版は、原作者・真島ヒロが自ら描き下ろした約200ページに及ぶ渾身のネームを基に創られたオリジナルストーリーだ。
断崖絶壁に囲まれた孤島・ステラ王国を舞台に、ナツやルーシィたちおなじみのメンバーに加え、魅力的な劇場版オリジナルキャラクターたちがスクリーンを彩る。連載中の原作は既に最終章に突入!! 興奮と感動が加速する中、その起源(ルーツ)が、スクリーンで遂に明かされる!?
Good. How many chapters left?

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Doi gives in.
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I don't get the point of this series.
Get him on a porn mag.

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At what point did you realize that you care far too much about which anime characters kiss each other? For me it started years ago with pic related. I have yet to find a way to stop caring. If you notice anyone close to you getting overly agitated over shipping, please do the kind thing and execute them.
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Matt & Try where my first couple too OP. I know how you feel.
my ship was killed.
Tai and sora will never get with each other
Hikari belongs to her brother you degenerate.

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